Filecoin (FIL) – Decentralized Web 3.0 Cleaned of All Misinformation?

All implementation of projects in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency is not easy. A fact recently collided with the Filecoin (FIL) project. But the difficulty of moving from theory to practice is not necessarily a sign of failure. Especially when it comes to developing a completely innovative show. Or the art of the tightrope walker, that is, falling on the right side.

The Filecoin Network (FIL) Official Launch It was a success commensurate with the delay recorded in its development. Mad hasn’t known a break since the initial coin offering (ICO) record which nonetheless still dates back to 2017. Decentralized data storage project That had everything from a small digital revolution.

Unfortunately, things did not work out. Didn’t go as expected. And soon what was supposed to be an implementation of an innovative show turned out to be miserably. To the point of raising the question of the feasibility of its economic model. It is all done by a community of miners whose benefits have not lived up to their expectations. The latter, however, Mainly in China.

Towards building web 3.0

This is what makes this type of investment Risky investment in the form of bets In the future. Because despite the current difficulties, the Filecoin project still stands ambitious proposal. But this is by no means a sign of its long-term viability. Because innovation is only effective if it complies with The necessity of its time.

In any case, the founder of the project – Juan Bennett – opened up about all this in an interview on this topic. Intervention confirms that Miners continue their operations, storing their data and proving that they are storing the information. All this by adapting the growth rates during the FIL cryptocurrency.

Filecoin Cycle – FIL

He also highlighted the aspect of Web 3.0 of which the Filecoin Project is a part. All this in the service of specific Internet applications is so far limited to central environments. Especially in this field Broadcasting or social mediabut not only.

Filecoin offers for the first time a real possibility of owning native Web 3.0 applications at scale. This is in order to be able to do things like stream videos or complete social networks. – Joan Bennett, Protocol Labs

Starling Project

The launch of Filecoin is also accompanied by the creation ofrelated app In the name of Starling. A decentralized formula is also still under development, the purpose of which is to allow Ensure and verify the authenticity of the file. This is done by creating a monitoring system for different types of media such as images.

We see a lot of these issues today, with disinformation campaigns, manipulation and so on. It will only get worse. (…) Unless we can build systems – which are technological systems and human systems – to properly validate and maintain this information.. – Joan Bennett, Protocol Labs

A tool that can be of great use to Control of stored information on Filecoin network servers. Which can only be useful for The quality and seriousness of this offer The long-term. This is to avoid some abuse including Take advantage of malicious actors Because of the freedom of action it allows creating a decentralized environment.

Decentralized hide and seek game with the Securities and Exchange Commission

This offer is only availableIn addition to mining activity Already effective on the Filecoin network. It must be done the old fashioned way, because Not yet benefiting from support To facilitate installation or operation.

Whatever problems the Filecoin project faced It seems to be evolving. And your presentations outline – on paper at least – a potentially revolutionary Internet vision. This is while respecting and benefiting from private datadecentralized independence Very promising.

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