Ethernaal (NAAL), a decentralized platform serving the tattoo industry

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Ethernaal, NFTs in service of the tenth art

Like many other industries, The tattoo industry suffered from the health crisis full force all over the world. Once the first booking was announced, reservations were discontinued and the artists found themselves unable to live with their art.

Therefore, the idea was born from the desire to allow artists Keep their tattoos in a museum forever And they may continue to generate income, even when their main business is affected by a crisis.

This is how Ethernaal was born, in March 2021, when two tattoo specialists were Meet the world of blockchain. Unlike most blockchain projects, Ethernaal has a community of crypto novices.

And for good reason, the project aims to build decentralized organization Bringing together and submitting independent tattoo artists New artistic, creative and financial opportunities. Currently, more than 70 artists have joined the project and many of them are on hold.

Firstly, Ethernaal aims to be educationalBy offering artists, designers, and other industry professionals a gateway to the world of blockchain. They will accompany you around tattoo transformation process In non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Any part of their daily life can be digitized, from the image of their living room to the instrument of their trade. After that, artists will be able to display and Sell ​​their NFTs in a dedicated market.

But that’s not all, Ethernaal wants to take advantage of the emergence of metaverses to create A true virtual museum of tenth art. Currently, Two metaverses under construction Including a museum on AltspaceVR, but new use cases should arrive during the first quarter of 2022.

In the end, why not imagine an NFT tattoo application On the avatar of the Sandbox blockchainfor example?

Metaverse Ethernal on AltspaceVR

At the time of writing, Ethernaal It successfully launched its market From tattoo nft. Some famous partners They have already joined the adventure:

  • Stockdaw,
  • sushi swab miso,
  • unicrypt
  • the enemy ,
  • Ternoh.

👉 To learn more about the project, visit the Ethernaal website

NAAL, the backbone of the Ethernaal ecosystem

Judgment symbol

Ethernaal’s primary desire is to bring together tattoo artists from all over the world within one organization. Its mission: to identify the best works, document the history of this art to create a cultural database, adjust and improve the regulatory framework, create intellectual property rights, etc.

Once again, the blockchain appeared as The best vector to make it happen. The Ethernaal platform is based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and is managed by NAAL holders.

NAAL is an ERC-20 token, available only on the SushiSwap exchange, which has a total cap of 40 million tokens. With The current supply is 4 million tokensNAAL has a market capitalization of $700,000. Currently, the bulk of tokens issued through IDO are locked into a liquidity pool on Unicrypt.

It works in the coordination of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), i.e. user interface, cash management, development strategy or even team member selection Go directly to NAAL owners.

The use and role of the NAAL token in Ethernaal DAO Source: Ethernaal White paper

Ethernaal DAO consists of two entities: Council and union. A syndicate is a meeting of all NAAL holders who have deposited all or part of their tokens In the staking . pool. In particular, they have the right to elect or remove a board member by vote. As for the council, it is made up of artists, ambassadors or major investors in the project.

Desire for a fully decentralized market, operational and strategic decisions I fully return to DAO. Thus, NAAL owners will be responsible for regulating the marketplace by identifying inappropriate content and copyright violations. In return, they will receive more NAAL tokens.

Utility icon above all

The NAAL code is The cornerstone of the Ethernaal ecosystem. In addition to a simple market currency, it is designed to be a must-have for all users, whether they are artists, investors, or DAO members. Thus, the token is scheduled to be held, consumed, and redeemed without interruption.

Regarding tattoo artists and artists, this will be a must Possess a minimum of NAAL To display his work on the Ethernaal platform. If the guild validates the request, a small portion of the tokens will be burned and DAO management costs will be funded. From there, artists can be supported to instrument their NFTs and offered for sale in the market.

The token also gives access to Exclusive events and servicesPartnership opportunities or even funding if the DAO agrees.

Also offers Ethernaal Staking option for NAAL tokens. This will allow you to receive shares of the organization’s profits. Of course, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, this will provide access to the guild, or even a seat on the council, depending on the amount there is.

Finally, it will make him eligible for airdrops and other exclusive rewards while developing Ethernaal.

👉 To learn more, go to the Ethernaal white paper

How does the Ethernaal platform work?

The Ethernaal offer caught your interest and you want to discover it How to use the platform ? In the rest of this article, we’ll help you see it more clearly.

To get started, go to the Ethernaal website. During your first visit, you should Login. To do this, click on Register » located at the top right of the screen. You will be redirected to a page that asks for your email address and username.

Once you have entered your email address and nickname, click “ Register as a user The site will open automatically Your digital wallet (If you don’t have one, don’t panic, find our tutorial explaining how to create a MetaMask wallet) and all you have to do is Signing the deal In order to link your Ethernaal account to your Ethereum address.

Note that it is not necessary to register to browse the Ethernaal platform, but you will have to do so to take advantage of their services. On the home page, you have three interfaces: Gallery “,” Artists ” And ” case “.

The Ethernaal platform and its various tabs

in the tab ” Artists ” And ” case », respectively find all artists who use Ethernaal and their works. bit ” Gallery » corresponds to the market; This is where you find it All tattoo NFTs for sale.

On Ethernaal, it works Categorized into very specific categories. In the previous image, you can actually see 3 of them: NF2T, flaNFT, and eNFT. They correspond respectively to non-pattern tattoo code, Ethernaal-class NFT and Flash-class NFT. In fact, There are about thirtywhose properties are detailed in the Ethernaal working paper.

As you can see in the previous image, each NFT is listed with the name of the business associated with it, the alias of its creator, current owner and selling price. If you like one of them, you can click the button ” Buys to buy them. The platform will automatically open your wallet and prompt you to do so Transaction validation. Please note that you must have Sufficient amount of ether To complete your purchase and free you from transaction fees.

Here you have your first NFT Ethernaal! Now it’s up to you to keep working or arrange an appointment with the artist Bring this tattoo to life.

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