Ertha’s Inter-Metaverse Gateway NFTs were purchased for $60,000.

The passionate game community has already spent over a million dollars. 60 thousand dollars on NFTs, although their purpose has remained a mystery until now.

Legacy players will instantly travel between their home planet and moon – Brand new metaverse inspired by science fiction.

Portals are an easy source for passive income. Players will have to To buy tickets to travel through the pay duty To transport goods to their destination. landowners earn income for each transaction.

Buying a gate in Ertha is a smart investment. Each gate goes in both directions, so the owners of Ertha receive an NFT gateway into the moon -. Free (vice versa)!

This new tool also aims to increase the value of the land around each gate. Due to the ease of transferring players and resources, they will also earn passive income to the owners through the fees players pay to borrow them. Portals will constantly have a high volume of activity.

Much like Ertha’s NFTs, the Gates is a unique trading opportunity to earn income not only locally, but also interplanetary!

Portals continue to raise the image of a legacy. This news comes after registration $120,000 sell rome, $59,000 For Tokyo, and most of Sweden, bought by one buyer $50,000.

What is a legacy metaverse?

In Legacy, humanity stands on the brink of extinction. World leaders have failed in their last attempt to save Earth from rapid climate change, and in the years since countless natural disasters have devastated the planet.

Players have the opportunity to fix the mistakes of the past by building a new world from scratch. Extracting resources, developing lands, rebuilding economies, and reforming countries and their governments as they see fit. Each player’s actions can have a lasting effect in the ever-changing metaverse.

play a legacy

The world of Ertha is a complex and intricate gaming space, ready to create new governments and economies and fragile alliances between players. The Metaverse is divided into 350,000 purchasable plots, each of which collects taxes, fees, and other forms of revenue from transactions that take place there. Players must balance production, trade and financial budgets, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

For those looking for an introduction to Metaverses and Play-to-Earn games, Ertha represents an opportunity like no other.

What is an inheritance token?

The ERTHA token will play a vital role for anyone serious about entering the Erthaverse! As a game of economic and political intrigue, our token has many uses for players. Use $ERTHA to influence game policies, land purchases, property development, and more.

However you decide to use them, the ERTHA Tokens you own will have a real impact on your impact in the Erthaverse!

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