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It comes as no surprise that Prince Harry says he has a special relationship with the Queen.

We all know there is something magical and unique between grandparents and grandchildren: unconditional love.

Harry risks ruining the special relationship between grandfather and grandchildren with the QueenCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Jane with her grandfatherCredit: Jane Atkinson

I know I adored my grandfather, who was a fun-loving and straight-talking Yorkshire farmer.

He took me fishing and helped me ride my bike, and we loved nothing on a Saturday afternoon more than watching a little Big Daddy vs. Giant Haystacks wrestling.

And when I got older and my grandmother passed away, we became friends too as he struggled with grief and loneliness.

We spent hours in front of its open, roaring fires talking about the past, present and future.

Harry at a party with his friends in Holland - without his brother William
Learn about the future of the royal family - from Prince George to Mia Tindall

So when I was offered a dream job in New York, it was one of the main reasons I turned it down.

I knew a guy who only went abroad to serve in the war wasn’t going to buy a Virgin Atlantic ticket anytime soon — and my American vacation rights with the new job were slim.

I’m not holy, it was just a choice I made. But if you make choices, you also make sacrifices — and you can’t have your cake and eat it.

The deluded Harry doesn’t seem to understand this.

He chose to go to America and has hardly come back since she left.

However, he is now arrogantly trying to pretend that the Queen is finding it hard to live without his guidance.

Since becoming king of Montecito, he’s done horrific damage to the royal family, often by interviewing the despicable Oprah Winfrey.

He then failed to attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s memorial service due to “security risks”.

A few days ago, there seemed to be a glimpse of an older Harry when he secretly returned to visit his grandmother with Meghan for the first time since stepping down from his royal duties.

It was a passing visit as they were on their way to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands, where they had important filming to do.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have signed a £112m Netflix deal to produce documentaries, children’s programmes, script shows and feature films, but they haven’t finished producing content yet so these were lively sequences.

I’m sure that despite everything, the Queen – who turned 96 – was happy to see them and hear the news of her grandchildren and their lives in America.

So Harry sitting down with NBC for an interview on US TV and talking about that special meeting days later is a stored betrayal.

The TV interview was about dynamite stuff – exactly what Netflix itself needed for a blockbuster movie, and it would be a surefire way to convince American viewers to sign up.

He had it all – a true blue-blooded prince with a mysterious history and secrets about our king.

Harry Al-Murr said he had visited the Queen “to make sure she is protected and around the right people”.

Talk about their “special relationship.”

Not the most dangerous pencil in the box

He claimed that she had spoken to him about things that she could not tell anyone else.

Does he really think that when he ran away to America, the rest of the family couldn’t have been there for her?

Does he really think she can’t talk to Charles, Anne, Edward, Sophie, or any of her grandchildren.

No, I’m sure he doesn’t. I have no doubts that it is about making the most of the situation for individual gain.

To give his cat extra traction, he added, America was his home – which Americans would love.

Then he brought Diana into the conversation and gave her brother William a sly search, saying, “It is as if she has done her part with my brother and now she is of great help to me. She installed it, and now she is helping me to install it.

It’s been said before that Harry isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, and if he thinks people can’t see his plan, he really is a moron.

But Harry, who takes advantage of your grandmother, with whom you have a special relationship, is inferior.

Of course, even after that, Her Majesty will still love her, but there is no doubt that she will be hurt.

If I had done the same, I know that my grandfather called me in many ways, including “idiot”.

Those wouldn’t be the words the Queen would use at the moment, but I’m sure the sentiment would be similar.

I hope her Harry stays away from the jubilee celebrations because his presence will overshadow the whole event.

Neither the Queen nor the rest of the family knows what he will do next for his own good. They cannot trust him.

It’s almost as if he’s lost his mind in La La Land – and honestly, that’s where he should stay.

You’re kidding moose, Leela

Lily Grace, Kate Moss’ 19-year-old daughter, says when she started high school, she described her mother as “old and boring.”

That was eight years ago, when Kate was 40.

Laila Grace says when she started high school, she described her mother as
Lily Grace says when she started high school, she described her mother as “old and boring.”credit: Getty

If her kid calls Kate Moss bored, there’s not much hope for us.

How will he cope?

This week, we’ve been welcomed into the world of superstar Will Young.

He first revealed that he was so afraid of lollipop sticks that talking about them made him sick.

Will Young revealed that he was so afraid of lollipop sticks that talking about them made him sick
Will Young revealed that he was so afraid of lollipop sticks that talking about them made him sickcredit: Getty

Then he went on Radio 5 to talk about his new book.

During the interview, listeners could hear the Pop Idol star’s fire alarm constantly ringing in the background.

Will admitted that he beeped for two months and asked for advice on how to change it.

Fortunately, “How, champagne” showed him how to use a screwdriver and change the battery.

The new book, by the way, is a self-help book.

I don’t think it will be a bestseller.

Children are the real victims

The drama The Thief, His Wife And The Canoe on ITV, starring Eddie Marsan and Monica Dolan as John Darwin and his wife Anne, has proven to be a hot topic of debate.

First, their Hartlepool accents came straight from Newcastle, the family home was shown in the wrong place, and there was an element of contradictory slapstick for what must be a very serious story.

Monica Dolan as Anne Darwin and Eddie Marsan as John Darwin in The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe on ITV
Monica Dolan as Anne Darwin and Eddie Marsan as John Darwin in The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe on ITVcredit: PA

I met their two sons, Mark and Anthony, after their parents were imprisoned.

For years they believed their father was dead, while their mother lied to them.

Then she refused to admit guilt, so the poor boys were forced to testify in court.

Can you imagine their pain and anguish?

They were thin, beautiful young men who had gone through hell and said that they felt their whole life was a lie and that their parents had “trampled” their lives for money.

The worst thing about this drama is the portrayal of Anne as a victim – because the only real victims are her two sons.

Blame the Easter Bunny

Glad to see the hot hell of Easter return for another year.

My son is old enough to have eggs, but he is too young to realize how many eggs he has eaten and not eaten.

So when he lost a whole bag of his little eggs, along with an adorable Lindt white chocolate bunny last weekend, he didn’t wonder where they were.

Of course, she blamed the Easter bunny and thought he was the best parent.

After all, no one likes a super sugar baby, right?

Married and convicted

I’ve always found the madness of men spending decades in prison very strange.

Yesterday, this article revealed that trained dental nurse Rebecca Short, 26, married her death row boyfriend after becoming obsessed with serial killers.

Rebecca Short flew to the United States to marry double killer Manuel Ofanti Jr.
Rebecca Short flew to the United States to marry double killer Manuel Ofanti Jr.

Rebecca – from posh Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire – married 35-year-old double killer Manuel Avanti Jr. in an Arizona prison.

They cut out a black wedding cake that read, “Till death do us part!”

His family took pictures. She was – unsurprisingly – stunned as she told them she was away on vacation.

Now she has about five years of marital bliss before she receives a lethal injection.

It seems to me that she also needs to be locked up.

Grape news

You should always look on the bright side of things, and this week I’m raising my glass on global warming.

A vineyard on the shores of Norway’s largest fjord is preparing to sell wine to the world.

Because of climate change, they can now harvest ripe grapes there.

As the Norwegians say, the skål!

ride with?

Liam Gallagher would really roll if he didn’t get under the knife.

The Oasis star says he needs a hip replacement due to arthritis, but would rather suffer than undergo surgery.

Liam Gallagher said:
Liam Gallagher said, “It’s the stigma, saying you’ve had your hips replaced.”credit: Getty
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He said: ‘It’s the stigma, saying you’ve had your hips replaced. And yet? »

Well, a wheelchair, I imagine, Liam.

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