Alex and Matthew are still a couple? The adventurer throws it all away!

Alex and Matthew together constantly appeared on the Web. And this is even before their romance was formalized. In fact, whether in publication or in storyMatthew was not far away as Alex spoke to his subscribers. However, for some time now, concerned subscribers have realized that Matthew has a tendency to fade. Of course, the adventurer didn’t take long Koh Lanta She finds herself overwhelmed with questions about her relationship. Netizens want to know if Mateo and they are still together or if they broke up. Fortunately, Alex’s franchise reputation is well established. The latter is direct and does not care about literature. So, in this way, on April 18, she made things clear on her Instagram account regarding her romantic relationship.

Alex never had time to waste, even as an influencer

Athletic coach and then an adventurer in Koh Lanta Twice, Alex wasn’t really lethargic. But today it is part of the upper circle of influencers. So you may be tempted to slow down. But no, sports are part of a young woman’s life forever. Likewise, she doesn’t seem to get tired of the idea of ​​taking on challenges. There is a common point she shares with Mathieu, a huge lover of sports, travel, challenges and excitement. But do commonalities make the couple strong? Objeko It won’t make you say it can’t be an advantage. In fact, the sharing of common interests can be a factor of complicity and cohesion between spouses. But there are also couples in which love is king, and solid and old husbands, but they have very little in common.

In fact, you will have understood it, Objeko Not here to reveal the secret of love in a few lines. This is a giant project and we are convinced that there are as many forms of love as the people who love them. Therefore, identifying this very special feeling won’t let us know if Matthew and Alex are still in a relationship. We will not be able to reassure ourselves about the strength of their relations by focusing on their many common points. Especially in terms of heart stories, only major interested parties are best to talk about. A proven fact that Internet users understand. For this reason, and for the slightest doubt, they put their questions directly to Mathieu or Alix.

And as we told you above, like our colleagues in the magazine hereAlex took the time to answer her fans’ questions. Especially one who came back a lot. Which, you can imagine, was related to his love affair with Mathieu.

Clear and precise secrets

With Alix, there’s no need to read between the lines or make far-fetched guesses. She is indeed a young woman who does not like hypocrisy. Therefore, be sure to take the tweezers to reveal the truth. Be sure to take the four paths to saying what you think. And even less to hide her feelings when she decided to expose her. Stubborn and assertive, Alex makes her almost unable to lie. However, the fans Koh Lanta She was able to see that she also knew how to practice strategies to achieve her ends. But life is not a game for the former adventurer. They are too short to waste time straining their brains.

Therefore, when her fans insistently asked her if Matteo broke up. You will answer them without detour. It will also add some explanations that justify the questions of Internet users. Because Alex won’t justify her behavior, she simply reassures her subscribers by telling them that she understands their suspicions. “We are H24 together 90% of the year. I find it good that everyone is aware of their challenges and adventures. I think sometimes it is necessary to create imperfection and to have a certain independence. On three occasions, brands have closed their doors in my face because my image was too attached to that of Matthew. We A two-person force, of course, but it’s good for everyone to have their own identity.”, I explained. No more lingering doubts, Objeko I tell you, lovers are still together!

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