A mother of satisfied large families without her children, her words shocked the web

A participant in the show Great families, life in XXL He was heavily criticized on social networks. In fact, Audrey Poisebout is a mother of six who shares her life with her husband Hervé. But, this one has only one desire… to go to work to get away from her kids! It was enough for netizens to consider her an unworthy mother. tell you.

large families: A mom running away from her home angers viewers

Every day of the week program lovers Great families, life in XXL Discover the daily life of these extraordinary tribes. To their delight, Santoro is back to start a new season. In fact, the latter had taken a short break after the birth of their youngest, Alba. In addition, in the cast, new faces such as Laëtitia Provenchère appeared. And this image affected viewers a lot, because she takes care of her children alone after the death of her husband. Then there’s also Audrey Boybisut, a 37-year-old mom who is currently attracting the web’s fury…

big families : Is the mother who loves her work not worthy?

Audrey and her 41-year-old husband, Hervey, head a large tribe of six children. First, you have 8-year-old Maul. Then the children follow each other with a general interval. 6 year old Camille, 5 year old Ebani, 4 year old Pia, 2 and a half year old Foucault and the youngest Hildegard who is barely 1 year old. In addition to having a busy personal life, they also have a busy career since they are both bosses.

Indeed, in the Boibessot clan, we have independence and trade in our blood. The father is a barber and his wife runs a gift shop. The least we can say is that the mum is very happy to be back in her shop and ditching her family responsibilities for a bit. This is not necessarily taken into account by Internet users.

during a loop big families On April 20, 2022, the mother was happy to go to work on Saturday. ” I am discovering a whole new life. This means that I will only spend one hour there doing the housework. And then I go to work. I’m going to do two washes while I’m out! All day, I’m not there. And Hervey, running all the kids, and the house chores… Honestly, it’s a very good lifeShe said. Then Audrey explained that for six years it was her husband who lived the life of a pasha. In fact, the latter came home from work and everything was clean. ” I can’t wait to go to work‘, she pointed out. Are the roles reversed and it’s his turn to take advantage?

Saturday: The worst day of the week with his six kids

Audrey Poipesot didn’t stop there and explained that Saturdays were in her old life” A little bit of disaster dayIn fact, she had to take care of all of her tribe.” To have many young children, it does not stop. I was doing every Wednesday and Saturday alone so it was full days with the six. There were times when I wanted to put a cartoon on them to sleep on the sofa. But they won’t let you sleep, even five minutes‘ says mother big families. These discoveries angered netizens…

So why do the same thing if you can’t actually support whoever you have?“,” Nobody told you to have 6 kids at the same time. What are you complaining about? »You had 6 years of dreams. But he was going to look for the money, huh. It annoys me’, Can we read in the comments… for now, Audrey hasn’t answered… the case to follow up!

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