A famous reality TV couple getting back together?

A famous reality TV couple would have provided the cover. The young woman is photographing her ex-boyfriend on her social networks and seems to confirm that they are a married couple again.

A famous reality TV couple about to get back together?

Between Adixia and Simon Castaldi, it’s a rollercoaster. If everything went like clockwork at the start of their relationship, the past few weeks have been too trying for the lovebirds. It all started when Simone Castaldi was photographed in a nightclub kissing another woman. At least, that’s what the user shared photos suggested. Finally, after a clash on social networks, the two candidates reconciled in private. Furthermore, as a couple, they have already combined filming for a movie Trained adventurers in Thailand.

Unfortunately, this adventure seems to have put their relationship on the line. On April 19, Simon Castaldi captured on his social networks: “Now we are in a very complicated situation with Adixia again. Unfortunately there are a lot of good times but there are a lot of problems that are too complicated to fully deal with at 22 tomorrow.. A few hours later, his sweetheart’s bid on his story: “He who loves you does not harm you, does not lie to you, does not use you, and does not cheat on you. Because before he loved you, he respected you.”

Despite the icy atmosphere between the former two, Adixia still wished Simon a happy birthday with a heart-shaped emoji on his social networks. Could this be a sign that the couple didn’t quite say their last word?

The famous reality TV couple are back together.

The celebrity couple is back together after cheating

Simon Castaldi and Adixia are far from the only famous couple that are driving netizens crazy. It’s also hard to keep up with Felicia and Majd Saklam. While everything was going well between the two lovers, Felicia declared in tears on social networks that the man who had shared her life with her for a year had never loved her. “I am with a man who is cheating on me, who sends messages to women with his fake account” I also accused him.

The lovers then broke up, then got back together before they went their separate ways again. In short, it is clear that the candidates no longer know where they are. Although they have been somewhat conservative lately on their social networks, Mujdat and Felicia have been spotted together multiple times.

Recently, the young woman probably accompanied her ex-husband to the hospital. In fact, Majdat’s father was hospitalized there for several days. If we do not really know whether they are in a relationship, then the young man can in any case count on the support of his ex-wife.

A famous reality TV couple on a break?

And speaking of the hard-to-follow couple, there’s one more that’s being talked about a lot at the moment. In fact, they trained on set 10 perfect pairsThis duo was one of the two candidates spinning the perfect love until a blogger announced their split. But on social media, the two influencers are unclear about their true love status.

Obviously, we’re talking to you about Anthony Matteo and Romain. Recently, blogger Tweet embed They announced their last break: There is still water in the gas between Anthony Matteo and Romain. They got confused last night. Anthony wouldn’t give Roman enough affection. I’ve made hints in the story and they are both unfollowed. »

A revelation confirmed later Tweet embed : “Currently they are ‘breaking’. Roman is home, Anthony has the flu, and they are using this moment to recharge their batteries. It will affect their decisions.” When asked all day about her relationship with Anthony, Roman ended up explaining in a story: “Next week I’m going to do a Q&A for my first YouTube video. So ask me all the questions you have to ask me, I’ll try to answer everything without jargon as usual. I’ll talk to you (…) about my fusion relationship with Antho. By the way I’ll take back the facts.”

A famous reality TV couple getting back together?

While waiting for this popular video that is supposed to answer all of his fans’ questions, netizens still don’t know on which foot they are dancing. Are Anthony Mathieu (who would have been unfaithful) and Roman still in a relationship? Well, according to the young woman’s latest Instagram post: Yeah.

In her story, the nominee shared a video of Anthony Mathieu participating in an event. In the caption, the filter adds: my life is stronger Accompanied by a heart shaped emoji. There is no longer any doubt, Anthony Mathieu and Roman (who were to be engaged) are still madly in love with each other. Perhaps this break would have brought them the greatest benefit.

Anthony Matteo and Romain: The couple's last breakup?

Anthony Mathieu and Roman are officially separated. While the couple became involved in the group La Villa, they decided to end their relationship.

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