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World challenge (decentralized finance) interest you, blockchain who accompanies Web 3.0 It makes you want to try your luck. I’ve seen many people on networks do this luck through these environments. Well, today we will tell you about a file to cheat Available on tomorrow’s web.

Cryptocurrency and related articles

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked to you CryptocurrencyIt’s always my pleasure to highlight this new technologyto talk about it, to explain it because it is still very little and understandable.

Here I have prepared for you a small selection of articles related to decentralized finance. Understanding the stakes of this remarkable technology that opens the doors to a new world is becoming more and more important:

The other version of cryptocurrency: shitcoins

Despite the brilliant idea, a new almost improved financial system… With the adoption of cryptocurrencies, we will inevitably find from Tricks, deception and cheating… With complete anonymity, it becomes difficult to create scams, but even more difficult to seek redress.

As part of this article, we want to show you another aspect of decorating. Specifically, in cryptocurrencies, you have all the cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges like Binance, Crypto.com, Kraken…

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There are variants with cryptos not included in Brokers / stock exchanges. It can be accessed publicly with the extension MetamaskOften chetcoinssmall cipher … (Explanation will be available soon in a future article).

The scam we picked for you

shitcoin can be accessed through platforms like dexscreener.com and is fully adapted for web 3.0 and Metamask use. These Chetcoins will attract many investors because they allow it x2, x3, x10, x100 … There are a large number of cryptocurrencies that can explode at any time and allow “go to the moon“.

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Behind this great potential and this allure, there are also many scams, all made for them Enrichment of a person or group of people. Today we will tell you about a type of fraud that can claim a lot of victims.

For the purpose of the explanation and the article we will use Chitcoin: SAMSUNG / WETH on the trading platform Uniswap.

Find out most of the tricks

How do you know it is a scam?

In our example, you will have a file curved almost exclusively in green, constantly upwards. The real cryptocurrency that is being traded and traded… will have upward and downward movements. So if you see a perfect curve, then wait and find out you or Avoids This encryption.

watch the Purchasing and Resale crypto, if the amounts invested correspond to the amounts withdrawn. In our example, you can see that sales times correspond only to very small amounts compared to purchases.

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on the podium dexscreener For example, you have access to “olfactory symbolIt is completely free and allows control of the respective token/cheetcoin. As you can see, you have a file warning message That this chitcoin is dangerous. You will also find a test on different key points of the cryptocurrency/token.

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Now, let’s imagine that you bought this token long before it was found suspicious, at a very low price. The only thing you can do is Watch your investment grow tenfold without being able to get it back. It would be too late for any maneuver to retreat. This is why you should always inquire before investing in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and chitcoins…

Our investment example

To give real attention to this article, when this cipher was released, a file Friday 11 March 2022We exchanged the equivalent 10 euros in this cipher (20 euros with gas fee / transaction fee). At the time of purchase, we bought 25956 Samsungg for the unit value of the token $0.0030. What seems like a ridiculous amount is a real investment.

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At the time of this writing, on Sunday 3/13/2022, the value of the token has exceeded 6 dollarsIf we can exchange this token in our decentralized wallet, it will be a gain 156000 dollars. Compared to the 10 euros we invested, this amount seems to be a dream, which is an added value +15,600%.

However, as said before, since this is a scam, we will never see €10 invested again, and above all, we will never see the color of $156,000. We discussed selling transactions earlier in the article, here is a closer look at the same token sending its tokens to another Defi wallet. So it is Token generator that recovers all investments. So in the end, no one made any money except for the groups of people who did this scam.

Big group news waves

We voluntarily chose this symbol as an example because a few days ago, the Korean manufacturer announced its presence in metaverse. The wave that made people talk about it and thus was born A bunch of tricks About this topical information.

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We want you warning On cryptocurrency issues with a warning of what is out there and what can affect you. Before investing, especially when there is information/news like the one on display, Code VerificationAnd Learn about codingThis will prevent you from falling into traps…

It remains only for me to wish you good hunt And Good luck with your investments!

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