Talent flows into the blockchain, crypto and web 3.0 industry

Are we about to experience a change in the labor market and technology? In any case, the arrival of the disruptive package consisting of blockchain, cryptos and web 3.0 has changed the situation! In fact, more and more talents no longer hesitate to abandon the traditional industry to embark on this new adventure.

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The mainstream technology industry has increasingly deserted in favor of Web 3.0 and blockchain

If GAFA still exists and always has, it no longer makes people dream like it once did. In fact, studies show that more and more highly qualified tech profiles are now turning to Blockchain and Web Domain 3.0. Many decide to start a startup or simply join fintech and/or crypto companies.

1) This change is the result of two main factors. First of all, cryptographic technology (and in general blockchain) is More and more mature. The ecosystem continues to grow, so it makes sense to see a lot more opportunities emerge than in the past.

2) The second factor is more realistic but no less important. It also means a more mature blockchain ecosystem More money available. In other words, the blockchain space has a financial strike power that hasn’t existed in the past. As a guide, just take a look at the many fundraisers, some very impressive, that are made in the field. With this influx of funds, this sector has now been able to offer very attractive salary terms that rival or even exceed those of the traditional and GAFA sectors.

Some of the talents who embarked on blockchain and cryptos

Enough with the theory! Discover below some of the big players in the traditional industry who have recently decided to embark on a blockchain adventure.

Roger Bartlett, formerly of Goldman Sachs

After 16 years at the famous investment bank Goldman Sachs, Roger Bartlett joined the crypto exchange Queen Piece. As a reminder, Coinbase is the largest and only crypto exchange in the world currently listed on the exchange. When taking on his new role at Coinbase, Roger Bartlett said, “It is time to embrace the crypto economy.”

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Faryar Sherzad, formerly of Goldman Sachs

Like Roger Bartlett, Farrier Sherzad is a former Goldman Sachs employee. Worked for 15 years in investment banking before joining… a cryptocurrency exchange Queen Piece ! At Coinbase, Faryar Shirzad is particularly responsible for lobbying (crypto) with regulators and other experts.

Sabrina Wilson, formerly of Citi

Its transfer is very recent since March 2022. After working for twenty years at major banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Citi, Sabrina Wilson decided to join the crypto company copper. The Copper Platform is a provider of encryption technologies to enterprises.

John Kaplan, formerly of Pinterest

After working at Google and then on Pinterest, Jon Kaplan joined the crypto platform Falcon X. FalconX provides the infrastructure to support major organizations in their adoption of digital assets.

John Dalby, former member of Bridgewater Associates

John Dalby has over 20 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer of large corporations, most recently at Bridgewater Associates. Then join the crypto company New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG).

Sandy Carter, formerly worked at Amazon

Sandy Carter quit her job at Amazon as Vice President of Cloud Computing at AWS to join the company Unstoppable areas. Sandy Carter is known across the Atlantic for being listed among the “Tough Women” by CNN and Fortune. Unstoppable Domains is a web 3.0 startup based in San Francisco.

Brett Harrison, formerly at Citadel Securities

Brett Harrison quit his job at Citadel Securities, a Wall Street firm, to become CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange FTX.us. In addition to being a Harvard graduate, Brett Harrison holds a master’s degree in computer science. Its mission is to develop the FTX.us exchange created in May 2020 so that it can eventually compete with US crypto-exchange giants such as Coinbase or Kraken.

Chris Lehane, formerly of Airbnb

Chris Hahn, who was formerly at Airbnb . joined Crypto Capital Fund Based in Silicon Valley. If the name of the company is not announced, the company supports emerging Web 3.0 companies in their growth.

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More examples…

Generating the full list may be too long but we can also add the following people:

  • Amber Baldet, formerly of JPMorgan who joined the crypto startup Clover ;
  • Alan Chang, a Revolut alumnus who joined a crypto company;
  • Konstantin Shulga, the former CEO of Sber, one of the largest banks in Russia, has joined the crypto space grooming markets.

This quick name form helps understand the transition that is about to occur. We see there are very qualified people who do not hesitate to do so Leave the “standard” companies to embark on the crypto adventure. GAFA and other large conventional finance companies are not about to disappear. But they lose their splendor, as the other says…

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