“Our schools lack resources and our children are always pushing.”

Parents of Villejuif students were mobilized on Friday in front of all the schools in the city. They are asking for more substitute teachers and AESH and are standing against the announced closure of many classrooms.

Teachers are not replaced, students sacrificed !“, where repeatedly”Or we get angry! Since Friday morning Villejuif’s parents have been waving several banners in front of all Villejuif schools in the Val-de-Marne. They congregate in nearly 26 primary schools (Kindergarten And primary) And 5 colleges in the city to request more cadres in institutions.

The essence of their anger lies in the lack of substitute teachers, but also in the support of students with disabilities in the municipality, AESH. Finally, they oppose closing the 10 or so classes planned next September while schools in Villejuifoises must welcome new students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Demonstrators oppose the closure of ten classrooms in Villejuif by September 2022. We are told that classes will be closed as the city welcomes new students to each school for the upcoming school year.‘, explains Aurélien azanThe father of the student and a member of FCPE 94.

In fact, the announcements of classroom closures come as city institutions will receive an additional 151 students at the start of the school year next September, according to figures from the municipality of Villejuif. Sad situation for some parents. This is amazing It’s our kids who pay, because the closures combined with the reception of new students mean we’re increasing the number of students in other classes. Then teachers have less time for each student“, Confirms.

This is particularly problematic with regard to differentiation in learning. Children need special adaptations for certain themes. When the classes are too full, the teacher does not have time to make this differentiationAurélien Azan concludes.

Parents are also requesting the replacement of absent teachers. “Across town, our children have already missed the equivalent of 1,000 school days” , protests Lionel Barr, co-chair of FCPE 94. In Villejuif, there is a shortage of 30 substitute teachers to make up for absences in different schools.

Faced with this situation, concern is growing about maintaining a certain stability of the educational body. “Continuity of learning cannot be guaranteed when certain classes miss several hours per week due to a lack of substitute teachers“Chloé Terrier, coordinator of the parent group at Villejuif, worries. Educational continuity is one of this mother’s concerns.”The health crisis has put our children in precarious educational situations for two years, and we need to replace absent teachers so that our children can strike a balance.“Emphasizes.

On the topic of AESH, the packing is outdated. In Villejuif, about forty children with disabilities in preschool and primary school do not have a daily classmate. “In the school my children go to, there are 23 children who need it, 18 of them do not benefit from it ‘ Chloe Terrier regrets.

She also points out that a lack of support can accelerate the instability that some families are experiencing. “In kindergarten, when a disabled child is not accompanied, this forces his parents to adapt in order to find solutions for childcare. Socially, it also has an effect on the child who can be marginalized quickly‘, she points out.

Other gatherings are planned by parents of Villejuif students after spring break. WLThe ne Nuit des Écoles will take place in front of the municipal schools. Goal : Ask about “emergency plan for schools. ”

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