In Blinov Val Andre, the cave of happy children!

Les Ricamouches, a children’s toy store open all year round in Val-Andre. © Sacha Drut

When you knock on the store door, the smoothness of the wood, the brilliance of colors and the delicious variety of things immediately inculcate an irrepressible excitement that goes right back to childhood: you want to touch everything, everything you look at, to browse, to search, to caress in the direction of hair, to browse, to scratch, And return …

We don’t know where to go in this happy mess and the last thing we want to hear is: “Go and tidy up your room,” he shouted from the bottom of the stairs!

Clamps and roller skates

This is what makes Les Ricamouches so charming, the brand-new boutique that Amélie Carfantan has just opened in Val-André: all this bric-a-brac of bags, balloons, clips, books and mini cars cleverly flipped across 45 square metres.

“That’s the point, throw up,” Emily heartily said.

I didn’t want anything too square. I wanted to make the decor make people want to explore and search…

Amélie Carfantan at the head of Ricamouches

And to find their happiness! Because it’s at the bottom of the basket, at the end of the shelf, at the top of a pile or even in the middle of the table, we’re sure to find it!

At the back of the shop there is even a hut for kids to play! © Sacha Drut

From colorful little pearl bracelets for under €2 to pretty frames, super fun hats, vintage pickups, funky roller skates or cute sponge bathrobe…we have to crack.

“I made my selection of products based on what I like and what I myself was looking for elsewhere for my children.”


Because Amelie wasn’t always Mrs. Noel.

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“I worked in events for 15 years: organized seminars and corporate trips, the young woman recalls. And then I had two children. Then I turned forty. And then there was a virus. “

A little earlier, Amelie had already decided to change direction. “I don’t have fun anymore. The pace just doesn’t fit my family life.”

For many, confinement allowed him to ripen a project.

“It’s a period when a lot of moms like me interchanged. Many of them were creative and did things that I really loved. And at Christmas time, I realized that I often went to Rennes to find the toys or decoration I wanted for my daughters.”

Emilie Carvantan
PLENEUF-VAL-ANDRE. Amelie Carvantan created her shop with the toys and decorations she loves for her children. © Helen Herault

The sale of No. 10 Saint Symphorian Street was a revelation for Emily.

I have always loved this store. I expected myself. Everything was clicked.

It will be a toy store. But not just any old person: the one who directs us into the hallways of happy days.

In memory of grandfather

Like the name of the store, Les Ricamouches, very evocative of Amélie’s memories: “It’s a totally invented word and only known in my family, she smiles. We laughed all the time with my sister and that’s what my grandfather calls my cousins.”

The Cousins ​​are none other than the Commault twins from Jum’s Factory “who helped me with the concept of the drawing.”

and from Maison d’Eugénie, a young decorator who had just moved to Pléneuf, who imagined the shop and window scenography.

local designers

Within the store’s walls are also several local designers: children’s books by Celia Colora, adorable wooden puzzles by Emily Bricol, beautiful skirts by Delphine Boulet, all three by Blinov; Watercolor rabbits by Benedict Delanoy in Helion and vintage posters by Marie Constantin in Saint-Brieuc.

“I loved the work of all these women and I am glad to be able to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves a little more!”

On all shelves, a favorite, for sure!

Les Ricamouches, 10 rue Saint-Symphorien in Val-André. Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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