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Many NFT-based projects are turning into full-fledged metaverses, and Sandbox is among the leaders. This project allows users without technological knowledge to create, sell, use and monetize their own NFTs.

The NFT It changes the way people collect arts, build communities, earn money and play. The brainchild of Pixowl founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Bourget, Sandbox stands out from other metaverse projects. In fact, its ecosystem of user-generated content makes it easy and intuitive for players to contribute to the metaverse.

Sandbox: Presentation

Sandbox is a file A 3D game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It was founded by Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Bourget in the year 2011. In fact, these two mobile gaming experts are also the founders of Pixowl.

Sandbox is available on IOS, Android, and even PC. The platform is important More than 30 million users. In August 2018, a company ofIt was acquired by the blockchain gaming software called Animaco Brand.

The Sandbox has been transformed from a free 2D game to a 3D decentralized game to play for profit. As a result, its players get to the metaverse where they have the opportunity to play and create games based on 3D technology. In addition, they can perform Mint from NFT to earn real money.

Sandbox experienced a Huge success in the field of cryptocurrency. This explains the fact that in November 2021 the company received $93 million for fundraising. This group is led by SoftBank, the Japanese mobile phone giant.

Sandbox: Features

Sandbox ecosystem consists of Three integrated products and services that facilitate the creation of user-generated content:

  • VoxEdita program for creating NFT game assets.
  • a the shop To buy and sell these assets.
  • games makerwhich players use to create their own gaming experiences without coding.


The basic building blocks of the Sandbox game consist of 3D pixels called voxels. This term is not project specific, it specifically refers to the development of virtual reality. In The Sandbox, players build their gameplay experiences with these blocks using the free Sandbox tool VoxEdit.

Characters, items, or other game resources created in Voxedit are called assets. They can be converted to NFTs, which are the ERC-1155 standard. This standard allows creators Multiply an unlimited number of copies of the same original. In this way, they can create a single NFT compatible with ERC-721, and at the same time make multiple copies of it in the same smart contract.

the shop

It is essential to understand the difference between asset creators and players in the Sandbox community. Single Creators Recognized by Creation Fund They can display their resources in the market. This platform allows players digital asset investing that they have created by selling them to other Sandbox players.

Before uploading assets to this portal, creators must upload them to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Through these certified creators, players can purchase assets to develop their own gaming experiences on the platform metaverse.

games maker

The Sandbox is not limited to one game, it is made up of many standalone games, environments and other experiences. The team left the universe free so that the creators and players could finally Build, own and invest the metaverse.

Game Maker allows you to Create 3D game experiences in the metaverse. No prior programming knowledge is required, so even inexperienced game designers can start creating games.

The experiences range from adventure games and puzzles to art galleries, homes and social hubs. These are only the starting points, users can try other types as well.

Sandbox: a blockchain-based gaming platform

The Sandbox uses several types of tokens for Real circular economy guarantee Among all types of users who will interact with the platform. These players have access to these assets using the Metamask login option. The latter allows the use of a hardware wallet from Cryptocurrency.


sand is ERC-20 code. This cipher acts as an intermediary for transactions and exchanges in the Sandbox ecosystem.


Earth represents A virtual real estate Within the Sandbox metaverse project. Users can purchase them to add digital content. Each LAND is a unique (non-replaceable) token based on the Ethereum blockchain.


This code is designed by players who have created items online. These icons FOperates according to ERC-1155 It is tradable on the stock exchange. Its primary use is as a creative support in The Sandbox’s Game Maker.

Sandbox: the main functions of SAND


Users holding SAND tokens are entitled to participate in the management of the platform. that they Vote for or against changes or upgrades Offered for Metaverse Sandbox. Voting rights include users’ opinions on essential elements. In particular, they can prioritize roadmap features and award foundation grants to creators and games.


It is also possible that Participate in SAND Coins to earn more SAND in contrast. This caching is divided into two phases in the Sandbox. The first stage is to extract the liquidity by putting the SAND tokens into the Uniswap liquidity pool to earn more SAND. The second stage expects the introduction of multiples of yield based on the SAND NFT property.

Staking allows you to get stimuli and gems needed to create assets.

average exchange

Since SAND is The official currency of the Sandbox ecosystem, Players use it to play. As for the creators, they use it to buy and sell land and assets. Artists can use the market to buy NFT using SAND.

Transfer fee

5% of all transactions on the network using SAND tokens will be split into two parts. Half of this amount will go to token holders who bet on SAND coins, and the other half.

How to buy The Sandbox (SAND)?

Choose a broker or exchange

It should be noted that to get the Sandbox, you must first buy ethereum (ETH), then use it to pay for the Sandbox. For this purpose, it is necessary Go to a platform or place of exchange Allow converting Euros to Ethers.

A trusted broker or exchange is the first step to buying a SAND. The ideal option is to choose a platform that is easy to navigate and does not charge high fees for purchases. If you don’t know where to start, just check out the platform we recommend.

Account creation and financing

After finding the right platform, all that’s left is open an account. To do this, is Need to provide some information the basic. Regulated platforms are more likely to require documents such as ID and proof of address. After creating a trading account on an exchange that trades on Sandbox (SAND), one needs to transfer bitcoins to that specific exchange.

buy sandbox

The last step is to make the purchase. You have to look for parts and Make sure to select the trading pair that matches the deposited currency.

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