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hypothesisInfiniti, is that this seemingly thick division between science, religion, or even philosophy can only be construction. As a reminder, the series tells the investigation about the discovery of the body of an astronaut who was found on Earth in a strange situation.

However, it seems that the latter is still alive, since at the same time it sends distress messages from the International Space Station (now in an unfortunate state), supporting the images. Solve the paradox of living and dead astronauts at the same time, That is the goal of Anna Zarate, the French astronaut who was expelled from the space program, and Isaac Turgeon, the Kazakh policeman whose hierarchy has disavowed him.

And when it comes to navigating between philosophy, science and religion, the series excels. By showing the poor wretched who became Zoroastrians in the midst of the radiant Kazakh steppes, or by showing the madness of men for whom the conquest of space has an almost mystical meaning, Infiniti It attracts our attention and nurtures thought. It is no longer just a crime to be expected to solve, but an informed reflection. Why would we go to space, and what would we look for there if not ourselves?

Infiniti has managed to look good consistently

However, this puzzle is difficult, and is further enriched by the many characters in the series, and the subplots that they maintain. While Isaac questions the outcasts of Kazakh society (with all that it refers to in terms of patriotism or, conversely, corruption with Russia, the country to which Kazakhstan has long been affiliated) to solve the mystery of the body of astronaut Anthony Kurtz, Anna tries to persuade the space program to send it to Space to check if the International Space Station is actually empty.

These two parts, when combined, contain other plots, executed in an organic manner. Isaac’s colleagues are unwilling to anger the Russians and will put rhetoric on his wheels, in the same way that the space program, made up of representatives from different nations, must deal with the geopolitical differences of its members.

Infinity: Photo by Celine SaletteNo doubt making sequences in space look like a green screen

And with many compatible plots Conclusion between philosophy, religion, science and imagination Infiniti It imposes itself with a very unsettling endingwhile recalling the best hours of series such as Missing: The Disappeared. The spectator is not ready for the surprises that the program holds for him.

For some, it will be complete amazement in the face of incredible discoveries and a dimension still not visible anywhere in the series. For others, it would be the opposite of a lack of coherence to be resolved by forcing the lock. From an illusion where the occult rational merges with the imagination, to allow the series to fulfill the role of the force of holding a very interesting proposition from the beginning of the narrative to its end. As far as we’re concerned, this ending acts and acts as an apotheosis to confuse species Which totally justifies watching the series.

Infiniti: photoIn this desolate situation, the army is nothing but the bearers of arms for greater interests

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The act of faith in accepting being somewhat naive to not allow the series to progress is, on the other hand, regularly problematic and above all, a bad idea. In addition to its ending which is a real experience with fire if you do not agree to play the game, The series takes some liberties with its consistency in a recurring manner in the sequences or dialogues.

We can observe characters switching from one language to another to be understood by the interlocutor who knows nothing about them, or hijacked heroes the moment after the resounding revelations by the latter, or even rogue cops who trust enough strangers to let go of their guns (workable) to get out of complex situations).

Infiniti: photoThe Kazakh steppes were never so lively

While the mystery remains only in its assumption, Anna and her colleagues’ discussions about the International Space Station are subtle (and frankly not entertaining) for starters.. On the contrary, the discovery of Isaac, the incorruptible cop willing to do anything for revenge, who seems straight out of the David Fincher movie, is a breath of fresh air.

The result is a feeling of inequality during The first half of the series is based almost entirely on the character of Isaac And his journey into the lowlands of a society that has lost all hope since the fall of the Soviet Union.

To make matters worse, the romance between Anna and the astronaut whose body was found (which was announced so early in the plot, we promise we won’t reveal anything to you) is ridiculous, not to mention hasty. And it does not benefit his narration by means of flashbacks, because at times it obstructs other sequences.

Infinity: Photo by Celine SaletteIf Celine Salette is credible, she gets a love story that’s hard to bear

No steppe fault

Fortunately, it will be necessary to focus (not say picky) to notice some shortcomings in the cohesion of the chain, thanks elegant organization. We’re thinking here of certain transitions connecting Anna and Isaac (a helicopter dropping its payload suddenly turns into ice cubes dropping into whiskey), or the majority of the action in the Steppes (where Episode 4 stands out as the best in the series).

Its artistic direction is devilishly attractive.. In decorations, first of all, we must note the ability toInfiniti To connect the Kazakh steppes, space (never like cardboard or green background)The endless offices of the space agency are conducive to all betrayals and intrigues.

Infinity: Photo, Celine Salette, Daniyar ChenovDaniyar Chenov, our nugget

And if these honors indicate the ambition of the series, then the latter is universal in all respects. First, in terms of stakes, since many countries cooperate in the framework of the space mission (allowing to pass some geopolitical sub-plots that are not without interest), but also in its formation. Vlad Ivanov, Celine Salit, and Daniyar Chenov play characters of the same nationality as them, vacillating between French, English, Russian, and even Kazakh.

If the three performers manage to give an excellent performance, Daniyar Chenov in his silent role as a desert gunslinger for his special unit stands out as the best addition From this series we can say with a big smile that it is definitely a great version of the Canal + series.

Infiniti is fully available on MyCanal since April 4, 2022

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