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Widely reported in adults, sleep apnea also affects children. Specialists especially harm their development, demanding early detection. The diagnosis is made by La Maisonnée in Francheville, which specializes in child care, and Woman’s Mother Child Hospital in Bron.

Children are the unrecognized victims of sleep apnea. Its prevalence in children ranges from 2 to 5% in most studies, sometimes more.

On March 18 I signed Twenty-second National Day of Sleep. According to Inserm data, the percentage rises to 8% for those aged 20-44, and more for older adults.

However, the Alpine Society, Ideas, which promotes care for young patients, estimates that sleep apnea affects at least 1 in 20 children, 100 times higher than those called rare diseases.

Nocturnal snoring is a clinical sign of a possible obstructive sleep syndrome. However, they are not sufficiently taken into account according to specialists. A recent survey by the OpinionWay Institute, which was conducted on a thousand parents, revealed that 6% of children suffer from snoring.

“I often hear it say,”See, he snores like his grandfather.” no child Whoever snores, this is not normal.”reassures Patricia Franco, head of the pediatric sleep unit at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (HFME) in Bron, near Lyon.

Occasional discomfort, such as a stuffy nose, is possible. “But if a child snores every night, in a prolonged and intense way, you should consider sleep apnea,” insists the doctor, whose “message is not sufficiently communicated in families.”

André Stagnara, director of rehabilitation at La Maisonnée, a pediatric follow-up care facility located in Francheville (Rhône), confirms the extent of the apnea. Harms.
To support the evidence, he broadcast the nightly recording of a 4-year-old: the air entering the lungs is hardly audible. Then the sound decreases and breathing stops for about twenty seconds. This phenomenon is repeated several times an hour.

“He does this all night. However, during REM sleep (dreaming) we record the daily learning: the small awakening associated with low oxygen will alter the psychomotor development of the patient. The child,” sums up the practitioner.

“You can’t imagine the missing potential. To learn how to hold a spoon well, articulate, tie shoelaces, read, write, etc., you need a good sleep, so that the brain can do its job of sorting and sorting.” Archives abounds by Dr. Lavi and “In order to sleep well, you have to breathe well.”

Other things that can alert parents are snoring, restless nights, difficulty waking up, dark circles in the eyes, pale skin, daytime tiredness, lack of attention at school, hyperactivity or some form of anger are all signs of turmoil in children. Parents should not hesitate to consult.

Nasal drops or anti-allergic therapy Removal of enlarged tonsils or adenoids Maxillofacial physical therapy to reposition the tongue Nasal septal surgery or orthodontics ‘CPAP’ respirator… Answers Sleep apnea, more or less heavy, varies Depending on the situation.
It is still necessary to reach a diagnosis. There are two children’s dormitories, each with three registration beds, in France. One is in Paris (Robert Depres Hospital) and the other is in Bron (HFME), where the waiting time before a diagnosis can easily be made is up to one year.

Since 2019, Patricia Franco has been working to create a regional care network to better meet demand.
An inter-university diploma has existed since 2011, and annually 20 laureates are trained in sleep, mainly in pediatrics. The number of specialists is still small.

For André Stagnara, the solution includes opening extra beds and using remote monitoring for children with hearing aids.

The structure of Franceville is implementing a project in this direction, the financing of which has been approved by the Regional Health Agency for a year of trials. Inadequate According to the practitioner, “We found a female pediatrician, who is a gift from heaven, and we will not offer her a one-year fixed-term contract!”

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