“You will no longer be able to decide if we can spy on you” warns the whistleblower


After denouncing the Facebook violations before the US Senate, and then before the British Parliament, but also in front of European MPs, US whistleblower Frances Haugen intervened on Wednesday before MPs and then members of the French Senate, according to La Voix du Nord newspaper.

As a reminder, Francis Hogan is a former Facebook engineer. At the beginning of October, supporting internal documents accused the company of harming teens’ mental health, but also of jeopardizing democracy by favoring polarizing content that generates more clicks.

In short, it accused Facebook of choice “Profit, not safety” of its users. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg denied the accusations before the US Congress.

“The company knows how to make these activities safer, but it won’t.”

And she repeated before the French parliamentarians what, according to her opinion, constitutes a danger: “Facebook has the ability to bring out the best in us, but Facebook products right now are harming children, fueling divisions and weakening democracies. The company knows how to make these activities safer, but it won’t, because it always puts its massive profits before the safety of its users.”

algorithm He always chooses the most contentious and violent content.”Francis Hogan explained. Algorithms push teens to extremesevolved. If you are looking for healthy content from eating, you will be pushed towards anorexia content. »

“You will no longer be able to determine whether or not Facebook can spy on you”

As she said to herself ‘Very worried’ From the projects of the American giant in “Metaverse”, this virtual parallel to the physical world, where the company sees huge commercial potential.

“Let’s say you work from home and your employer decides to become a metaverse.” from Facebook. “You will no longer be able to determine whether or not Facebook can spy on you…”warned.

According to her, the metaverse will allow Facebook “Collect a lot of new data about you”by setting “sensors” or some “Microphones” in the user’s environment. “It’s an important problem because it’s a consent problem.”I noticed.

For social networks “at the human level”

Frances Hogan especially defended social networks “at the human level”Disposal of mechanisms ‘hyper amplification’ that feed misinformation and the spread of hateful content.

“We can take social media back to the human level, back in 2008 or 2009, when our news feed was made up of content created by our friends” Wow We didn’t talk about destroying democracy.Francis Hogan said.

“Facebook has been experimenting with this over the past few years: If your family and friends make up more of what you see, you’ll have less hate speech, less polarization, less nudity, and less violence.”I explained.

Whistleblower Protection

The Facebook whistleblower in a bill also welcomed French lawmakers’ desire to strengthen whistleblower protections. “Any form of support you provide to the whistleblower will be helpful”did she say.

This text, which was adopted Wednesday in the committee, should come first reading in the blood astronomer on November 17.

The bill provides for better defining the status of whistleblowers and directing their actions, better protection for them and those who assist them, and facilitating their financial and psychological support, among other things.

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