The stopper: renews its flame by making a fire

A man returned to prison for three years yesterday after setting his former apartment on fire. Throughout his appearance, he denied the facts, after describing them accurately during the sessions.

1Verse In March, when he was released from prison for five months, Charles F. returned to the residence where he lived with his ex-wife, in Le Tambon. Annoyed by her exit, he climbed onto the balcony and set the blinds on fire, setting off a fire.

He finds himself in police custody, but his court appearance is postponed, it’s time to establish psychological expertise. This reveals that he is able to respond to his actions in court.


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On the podium yesterday, he denied lighting the curtains, which caused the fire. However, he admitted the facts and accurately described them during the hearings. “I answered yes in police custody because it’s not fun, but I didn’t”. His presence on the scene today? “I was suffering from moral fatigue […] I was on the street and slept in the car for a month.”

After many digressions about exes and past lives, we understand that a man cannot break the bond of this romantic relationship, even though his ex-partner so desperately wishes.

On March 2, you told me that you were going back to France to settle with Madame.It reminds him of an expert who listened to him the day after the accident. “You knew she didn’t want to see you, though. You raised a banister in 2021 because you drink too much, you’re violent and you’ve already set a fire”quotes the chief, taking up the words of the lady from whom she apparently did not know how to escape.

In short, at the end of this long relationship, the result remains the same: it comes back. Try again. insisted. Always look for a message to convey, and details to iron out. And finally, lighter weight. No injuries, but a miracle: the unborn neighbor, bedridden, miraculously managed to get out. She remains in the hospital to this day.

Annoying profile

His disturbing profile becomes clearer in light of psychological experience, examination of his past and reading of his record. After a difficult childhood, he took — and still takes — various psychoactive substances, lived on the streets, and had 20 criminal record entries related to theft, traffic violations, damage, violence, insults or even death threats. The psychiatrist describes the absence of remorse and guilt, the tendency to lie and manipulate, and the irresponsibility in the face of the consequences of his actions.

For the defense of civil parties – the family, the owner and the elderly neighbor – Mbe Eric Han Kwan and Severin Ferrante rise to the top. “He is in denial, when he took everything from the family”sorry to the President, attorney for the three tenants victims. “They watched their lives burn, this is fire, all the memories burn in smoke. All because he avenges her leaving. The neighbour, a 90-year-old woman, could have stayed there. The little eight-year-old girl, there was nothing left of her, Her school stuff, her toys.. She asks 3,750 euros in material damage, after I managed to collect some bills, and 5,000 euros each for moral damage.

His colleague M.And Eric Han Quan, advocate for the landlord and elderly neighbor, requests €5,000 in moral compensation for the germon plus €4,400 in rental loss, and an estimate of €36,122 for repair work to the owner.

The deputy attorney general, for her part, regrets his choice of appeal, which deprives the victims of the excuses needed for moral reconstruction. The reversal was even more curious that he described the facts with great accuracy in front of the inquisitors, going so far as to mention the color of the conqueror. Emily Pettijn requires 4 years in prison with continued detention.

MAnd Ben Ali Ahmed overcomes the obstacle of his client’s silence by pointing to the flaws of the investigation: “If we remove his confession, there is nothing in the file.”. Requests release.

The judges sentenced him to three years in prison with continued detention. He will have to pay €5,000 in material damage to the ex, triple €2,000 in moral damage to her, the child and the other tenant, and €7,955 in material damage to the building owner.

The case will be subject to civil follow-up on October 14 at the request of Social Security and Qaramoun, given the costs of treating the poor woman in hospital.

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