Slovenian literature, Ukraine and French postage rates, in “Atout timbres”

“Having been given, last month, the identity card of Ukraine and revealing its history through the centuries”, asset stamps Dated April 15 – May 15 he continues to explore this country through his stamps: Natural resources, sites, architecture, and national defense are the themes shown. Thus we find postage stamps on “borscht” (“Traditional Beetroot and Bacon Soup”), on the highest peak in the country (Mount Hoverla, 2061 m), in the Askania Nova Reserve of UNESCO World Heritage, or in the space industry (with a Zenit-2 missile).

Monthly went to meet Yang Lu and Clement Levallois.

Yang Lu, a Chinese student from Shanghai who has been residing in France since 2016, defended his thesis at EMLyon Business School (Paris Campus) on January 6. He chose to work on a database relating to postal rates from France from 1878 to today, under the direction of Clément Levallois, Professor specializing in Internet Marketing and co-director of the Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Marketing and Data Science.

“positive sign”

Yang Lu says he already has a French baccalaureate and a general diploma from the Issyk Business School. I discovered the profession of statistical analyst during an internship. This is how I chose to major in a master’s degree at EMLyon and it is quite innovative as it introduces programming, for the technical side, but also an introduction to the e-commerce system. »

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Having started as a philatelist in China himself, he realized that although there are many websites on the subject, there are no “Databases that deal with definitions at a large scale and develop many ramifications”.

Clément Levallois explains that he welcomed the subject of this letter “With a lot of surprise because this is not a typical topic when pursuing students in digital marketing and data science. In my experience, surprise is a positive indicator. Whoever says surprise says it’s likely to be an innovative, quirky, potentially risky topic. And it all turned out to be true. “.

The starting point of the thesis, 1878, refers to Yang Lu, which corresponds to the creation of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the successor to the General Postal Union (UGP) created in 1874. “This will be the start date for the first deliveries to the site, but it is not inconceivable that we will expand our study of postal rates in subsequent deliveries.”

The student describes his curriculum: “The manual entry part, then the data is organized, put into the correct structure, and finally, the rates are highlighted in an interactive tool that provides visualizations.”

This subject is unfamiliar to Clément Levallois, Yang Lu enlisted the services of members of the philatelic club of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, and worked on the monthly bulletins of the Post Office at the time, using the works on postal rates by Jean-François Brun, Dirk Richardson or the work of Olivier Gervais. For the latest prices…

Upon arrival, Multiplying all the factors, we arrive at possibly millions of possibilities. Confirms.


evokes presenting a model letter, “Who traveled in 1938 from France to Argentina. The sender paid the amount of the worker’s monthly salary at the time. One of my goals was to put postal history in the context of history. Often, it is difficult to perceive what the stamp represented in terms of purchasing power. Hence, from Surprising to see that an airmail letter can reach this amount of price (…)”.

He joins Clément Levallois who insists on the importance of “Highlighting a part of our social history”, The classic approach is to compare the prices of everyday things, such as a loaf of bread or a car. Character also becomes an indicator of social and political rupture. »

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Yang Lu says he prefers free access to his database “To promote philatelic to the general public” which he plans to publish online in three or four months, before being translated into other languages, “In English, Chinese or Dutch for foreign collectors to have access to”.

Sealed news: La Poste will go on public sale, on Monday 25 April, a set of four stamps sold for 6.60 euros, dedicated to the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, designed by Alan Boldwer and engraved by Laine Velhun.

The monuments illustrating this block are the work of architect Jože Plečnik (1872-1957), or he remodeled it (like a castle), included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Distribution of 400,000 copies for this set of stamps designed by Alan Baldauer, engraved by Line Felhoun and printed in offset and embossed.  Public sale on April 25th.

For La Poste, Fabienne Azire explains it “The charm of Ljubljana is largely due to the architectural styles coexisting harmoniously, oscillating between Germanic, Latin and Slavic culture. The capital of Slovenia, which was incorporated into the Habsburg Empire in 1278, enjoyed prosperity, especially from the seventeenth century onward, including monuments in the style Baroque, such as St. Nicholas Cathedral. depicted on a stamp.

Franklin and Nicolas Loufrani

This offer is an opportunity to asset stamps To publish two pages on “The spread of the Slovenian language from Tropar to Pahor” A writer from Slovenia.

Primus Trobar (1508-1586), Founder of the Protestant Church in Sloveniabest known as the 1550 author of the first original texts in the Slovenian language, Catechism (catechism) and Karim (Abhidnik). Slovenia was not stingy with stamps in his honor.

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finally, “Today, the Slovenian edition works well and many books in the Slovenian language are translated into French. Thus our booksellers distribute the novels of Boris Pahor, born in 1913 (…). In their shelves there are also works by Drago Jankar, born in 1948, but also Brina Svet, born in 1954 (…) “.

There are stamps on this literary subject with statues of France Presérine (1800-1849), “The greatest Slovenian poet”Ivan Kankar (1876-1918), It is sometimes presented as a precursor to proletarian literature.O Mira Mihlik (1912-1985), author of historical, psychological, and children’s novels. She also worked as a translator and headed the Society of Slovenian Writers. »

Four of the twelve brochure stamps of public sale on June 7.  Design and layout: Smiley © 1971 - 2022. Number of prints: 3 million brochures.  Selling price: 13.92 euros.

Constantly in tune with current events, the Monthly went to meet Franklin Loufrani and his son Nicholas – the first creator of “smiley” (©) 1972 world known today, second at the helm of The Smiley Company (©) – a French invention that La Poste will commemorate on June 7 in celebration of its fiftieth anniversary with a pamphlet of twelve stamps distributed in all post offices.

Trejunc and Saint-Denis-en-Val

“Stamps are to me the most wonderful tool in common culture,” Announces Nicolas Louvrani who saves “Fantastic memories of picnics at the stamp market” Where he went with his father. “Today, it is a great honor to receive emoji stamps.”

Among some of the information mentioned on the pages:

– An art competition organized by Philapostel on the occasion of its general meeting in Trégunc (Finistere) from 12 to 15 May. Application deadline: May 6th. Rules and entry form at Information: Pascal Bruno, at 06-71-67-50-20 (2, La Log Maniere, 18360 La Celite).

– The Philatelic Club of Saint-Denis-en-Val (Loiret), celebrated Sunday 1Verse May, the centenary of the opening of the war memorial in the village, personalized and a temporary post office. Information, orders: Philatelic Club of Saint-Denis-en-Val, or Frédéric Coudray at 07-71-82-25-43 (

20 euro collector of eight stamps.

During the Stamp Festival Dunkirk Philatelic Club issued a collector of eight stamps, each representing a town in the department of Hauts-de-France TER (Amiens, Beauvais, Laon, etc.).

– Stamp trade: The 4 Days of Marigny that will take place from May 26-29, at the Philatelic Market in Paris, will be located under the sign of Napoleon IVerse.

“Atout timbres”, No. 281, April 15-May, 32 pages, for sale on newsstands, €2.50. Gift seal: “Rabbites” (Sylvilagus floridanus, Sylvilagus audubonii, Oryctolagus cuniculus) from the Federation of the Comoros (2011). Subscription to the publisher, Yvert et Tellier, 2, rue de l’Etoile, CS 79013 80094 Amiens Cedex 3. Tel. : 03-22-71-71-87. Email:

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