Olive game with his sons near Fliers: a father was sentenced and set free

The case was tried by the Argentine court. © Le Journal de Lorne

The patent was issued on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 by Argentine court against39 year old father who would give up, with his sonsto olive game. If he saw it as just a game, it was different for his two children. The incidents took place near Flers (Orne).

Putting a finger between the buttocks of a companion

On February 4, 2021, a woman filed a complaint against her ex-husband. She explains that her children no longer want to see their father who has visitation rights since then They announced their divorce in 2010.

She explains that on February 2, Punished by her daughter Because she surprised her as she put her finger between her brother’s buttocks while shouting “olive”. His daughter did not understand this punishment as she explained that their father often did the same thing. When he questioned his brother, he confirmed that. This would have happened several times.

This is an olive game that consists of Put a finger between the buttocks of the companion over his clothes and made him shout “Olive” He was seen as a toy for their father and not for him Two children aged eleven and thirteenNot from their father. They understood that this was not done.

“I didn’t mean any harm”

The father is qualified A loving father, a chicken father who takes care of her children. He recognizes this toy that his children brought home. He always did it On clothing and always in the context of this game. He believes his children acted on their mother’s impulse.

For me it was like a friendly slap on my kids’ buttocks, and I wasn’t aiming for the anus. I didn’t see the sexual nature, it was my kids who brought this toy home, playing with their cousins.


“Have you ever seen other adults play this game?” asks the chief. “No, it’s true, but I didn’t think of evil.”

He never saw his children again

“When did you know that didn’t happen, thatIt was an intimate area ? ‘, the chief resumes. ‘As soon as my children told me this had not been done, I stopped right away“.

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The chief states that at the time of events, he was appointed Under the electronic bracelet Since December 2019 as part of a file Conviction for sexual assault.

“Where are you with your children?” the chief worries. ” I haven’t seen my son since his birthday, last July 29, when he came to get his presents, and my daughter had not seen her for several months. I have no explanation.”

The mother added to the Bar Association that her children suffer greatly from this situation. “From the need to be with their father, they came no longer wanting to see him.” His son would deceive himself and his daughter would have suicidal thoughts. She is a civil party to her children and demands compensation of 1,500 euros for each child.

Prosecutors demand a fine of 1,000 euros.

“There was no intention of a sexual nature for me, but However, it is still an inappropriate gesture.The mother answers the defense attorney’s question.

What is this olive game? Is it sexual assault? The legislator did not anticipate everything and there are no case law. So we’re going to make these case law. If there really is a gesture on children that no one disputes and a limitation, is there an intention?

The prosecutor

For this judge, in this case All elements of sexual assault are fulfilled : “We do not touch the intimate areas of his children.”

He requests a fine of 1,000 euros with the registration of FIJAIS (automated judicial file for perpetrators of sexual offenses or violence) and clarifies that he is not asking for a prison sentence because in these acts there is no sexual connotation, There is no pursuit of pleasure.

‘No activity of a sexual nature’ for the defense

As for the defense in this file “there is no activity of a sexual nature, It was a trivial game“.

According to the lawyer, we wanted to turn things into mayonnaise. He read a newspaper article relating to an absolutely identical file sentenced by the Court of Tours (Indre-et-Loire) and ended with a statement. After a brilliant course in law, he believes the elements of the crime have not materialized and demands her release. His client had no sexual intent Regarding his children, he doesn’t understand why he’s making up for the mother who gets to know him.

The father will eventually be released by the court holding that the intentional element was not sufficiently demonstrated. The civil action is declared admissible but rejected in connection with the release.

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