Maya Hawke contemplates Robin’s exit

On the eve of the release of the fourth season of Weird thingsMaya Hawke, who plays Robin, is back in the magazine Sound effects About the meaning of his character’s appearance in his story series is not strange.

Demogorgons, Mind Flayer, Telekinetic Powers, and Russian Black Ops: Weird things It used to turn the brains of Netflix viewers everywhere. But in the small town of Hawkins in the 1980s, the outburst of lesbian Robin Buckley had its own surprising effect. With the first part of the fourth season appearing on our screens on May 27, followed by the second part on May 1Verse In July, the actress who plays Robin, Maya Hawke, spoke in the latest issue of Sound effects On the importance of showing LGBTQI+ personalities even when you are Something weird Not the centerpiece of the story, according to Pink News.

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The young woman admits that she is not comfortable with negative reviews and tries to distance herself from public comments: “I am very sensitive and when [les critiques] Bad, it’s really affecting me.” Therefore, you might also expect any comments about the benefit of incorporating a queer character into the sci-fi series. “The story Robin belongs to is not necessarily an LGBTQI+ story, She willingly surrenders to the magazine. It’s an adventurous story, as with everyone, their sexual orientation is only one aspect of their personality.” The actress is convinced that at the same time, “There have to be stories about homosexuality and homosexuality, that we explore and express. But there also have to be gay stories and characters that are action and sci-fi stories. That seems very important to me.”

Painful and touching exit

The Season 4 trailer doesn’t tell us more about Robin’s character development. It focuses on the various characters’ efforts to resume normal life, apparently in vain, and draws our attention to an unknown location, a mansion that appears to have some connection to the Upside Down… But if science fiction takes precedence, Robin’s exit isn’t dealt with. Over the top too but a very strong emotion conveyor on the part of Robin as well as Steve, whom you trust. It must be said that the current passed well between these two things, which may indicate the beginnings of a romantic relationship. Besides, Steve was clear about the feelings he started to develop towards the young woman. unless people are gayAnd Steve. And Robin’s exit, while they were both sitting on the bathroom floor, the Russians still drugged to them, confirms the trust and friendship that developed between the teenagers. Maya Hawke confirms that this relationship continues to grow in season four: “They are really there to protect each other and take care of each other. Season three was kind of the story of them finding that friendship, and season four, it’s definitely one of my favorite friendships that I’ve played.”

In addition to the importance of organizing a friendship between girls, the way Robin talks about his homosexuality says a lot about his state of mind and the outlook of his time towards lesbians. Fear of rejection appears first. “You don’t know the girl I am. And if you really knew her, you probably wouldn’t want to be friends with her anymore.” When she comes out of the closet, she doesn’t utter the word “lesbian” but rather makes Steve understand where she’s coming from in a devious way. “Do you remember what I said about Madame Click’s class, how jealous and obsessive I was? It wasn’t because I liked you, She finally left. That’s because Tami Thompson kept staring at you. I wanted her to look at me. But she only had eyes for you and your damn hair.” Who knows, maybe that first step allowed him to take a step toward self-acceptance between season three and the season we’re about to discover.

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