Interview with Tom Graham, CEO of Metaphysic: The Hyperreal Metaverse is owned and controlled by users

Deepfakes technology has increasingly dominated discussions since the explosion of TikTok and the metaverse. In light of this, the Korea IT Times spoke with Tom Graham, founder and CEO of Metaphysic, a company that is developing artificial intelligence for hyper-realistic virtual experiences in the metaverse.

Metaphysic, the company behind popular deepfake Tom Cruise, recently announced a $7.5 million raise from major technology and creative investors including Winklevoss Capital, Logan Paul Division 32, 8VC and TO Ventures. The company also worked with Gillette (P&G) to recreate the excitement of Deion Sanders’ iconic 1989 apparel.

What follows is an interview with Tom Graham, developers of EveryAnyone, a Web3 platform and community dedicated to creating a highly realistic user-owned and controlled metaverse.

Tom Graham

With discussions about the Metaverse raging, why is hyperrealistic content the necessary next step to bring the Metaverse into the mainstream?

We believe that hyperrealistic content is the necessary next step in popularizing metaverse content for several reasons. The first is how ultra-realistic content opens up a new era of authentic and immersive virtual experiences where you participate as an avatar just like you do in the physical world. Not many ordinary people want to interact in the metaverse via stylized avatars or animated versions of themselves. We believe that to get billions of people into the metaverse, hyperreality will be key to helping them feel comfortable and connected across different services and experiences.

Hyperreality also allows metaverse users to replicate themselves without having to fiddle around endlessly and model a rough, but almost unconvincing, version of themselves as seen in many role-playing video games. Using your personal data securely, AI models can seamlessly transform us into virtual spaces, while allowing users to creatively modify ultra-realistic avatars or in different metaverse contexts.

How does metaphysics pioneer the use of synthetic media to connect influencers, the entertainment industry, and brands to their audiences in innovative ways through artificial intelligence?

Metaphysic is the leading company working on AI and hyper-realistic artificial content, our technology is the foundation of Every Everyone, a web3 platform that allows everyone to create their own avatar using AI and its own data. We work with a wide range of organizations, including leading brands, advertising agencies, artists, and entertainment studios to help them harness synthetic media to delight audiences and create innovative content. As more society begins to realize the huge potential of technology when it is used ethically and responsibly, we have been pioneers in showing how this potential can be realized and thus, we are approached daily by organizations and companies from all sectors and from all around the world.

Can you tell me about your Metaphysic journey so far and what’s in store for you over the next few months?

Chris Ohm, co-founder of Metaphysic and the world’s leading synthetic realistic artist, created the viral character DeepTomCruise on TikTok that gave the world a first taste of what ultra-realistic synthetic media can do. Synthetic media has been on my radar for a while as an incredibly powerful technology that can move the metaverse forward. So when I saw Chris’ work, it immediately made sense to build a Metaphysic and realize the future of superreal content together.

We’ve had a lot of requests for our work at Metaphysic since we launched and raised our seed funding round in late 2021, led by fantastic investors like Bill Maris in Section 32, Winklevoss Capital, and many more. With the launch of Every One, we are also paving the way for a hyper-realistic ethical metaverse that accommodates billions of people who will be able to create their own photorealistic avatars and secure their biometrics data. We’ll have a lot to share about everyone and our NFT signature in the coming weeks – watch this space.

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