How to Create a Website Easily (5 Tools Without Code)

Today, creating a website is not as boring as it was a few years ago. You no longer need programming to provide a powerful, elegant and fast interface to Internet users who visit your pages.

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“No token” is a term that has spread in recent years. As the name implies, it is the practice of creating a website, application, or other infrastructure that generally requires knowledge of how to program. Companies that provide No-Code services are numerous, and therefore allow democratization of the creation of interfaces on the Internet.

So if you want to create a website for your project, an e-commerce to sell a product or a page for an online resume… you can easily do it in a few days (even a few hours for the daredevils, or less committed to design).

But all of a sudden, what are the ways to easily create a website in NoCode? In this article I will present 5 solutions to build your future device in just a few clicks!

Definitely the #1 platform when it comes to creating a website without coding. If there are dozens of alternatives on the Internet, web streaming It is definitely the most complete and easiest to use. It provides all the basic services you need to build a site: a content management system (CMS) to easily manage its content, a design dashboard, an e-commerce component for selling products, SEO solutions, and many more. one more time.

But the most interesting thing when you want to make NoCode is the templates. It allows you in one click to recreate an entire website and you simply have to modify the design by making a few modifications. For this, web streaming Offers hundreds of ready-to-use hot templates. With these, you can easily create a blog, e-commerce, portfolio, etc.

Price-wise, you can get started for free, but you obviously won’t be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the platform. However, the premium versions remain very affordable for quality service as provided by web streaming. You can build a canon website for just $16 a month.


  • great craftsmanship, web streaming Very complete in many aspects: design, SEO, speed, hosting, etc.
  • Usage facility
  • Accounting with many other web tools
  • The large community that allows you to easily get answers to your questions in the forums for example
  • The price

❌ What we like least:

  • Not much at the end (maybe the fact that some features are still in development like ‘organic’ for example)

Doric It is also one of our favorites, as the platform is mainly aimed at beginners. Like its counterparts, it offers many templates to help you easily create your website. You can use stylish design templates to create a beautiful interface without having to have any crazy web design skills.

You will also have the option to integrate a full suite of third-party applications such as Zapier, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and more. Very practical to optimize your website (SEO, Growth…) and all again in NoCode.


  • Simplicity: for beginners who want to create a website quickly and without a lot of unnecessary options that can mislead them
  • Price: One of the most accessible on the market (Free with a subdomain, then $49/$99/year).
  • The complete toolkit for creating an online business

What we like least:

  • unknown tool. It can be difficult to find answers to your questions in forums for example. However, the tool is so simple that you shouldn’t have a lot of it.

Square It is definitely the easiest and fastest solution to create a landing page website, online resume, personal website or something more complex. Although this platform is the most accessible on the list, it is just as powerful for your creativity. It integrates several tools that allow you to customize your pages such as Mailchimp, Stripe, PayPal, etc.

But the big plus Square It lies above all in its price: it’s free and if you want to upgrade to the pro version for more options, you can access it…for $9 a year!


  • The simplest tool on this list
  • The price !

What we like least:

  • It offers fewer customization options than competitors, but if you want to create a small site quickly and efficiently, it will be more than enough

Rhino It is a NoCode platform more specialized in creating landing pages for businesses, be it a startup, a mobile app, or a SaaS. It offers basic services for the latter, such as accepting payments, integrating forms for capturing emails, communications with third-party applications (Google Maps, etc.) and a blog for content creation (ideal for SEO). In short, everything you need to create a website when starting a business or company.

The price is also attractive, because you can start and launch your site for free. If you want more options, you will have to subscribe to the premium formula which is also quite affordable.


  • Ease of use
  • An ecosystem for creating landing pages for startups
  • Standardization of available options that prevents you from getting lost in many settings that you cannot make
  • The speed of launching your site

What we like least:

  • It may still lack some features to be in its full potential
  • The fact that it is geared towards “startup”

Here we enter NoCode++ with adalo ! Instead, this platform allows you to create apps without programming. It targets more companies or freelancers who want to flesh out their idea for a mobile app, but all this without having development skills. That’s beautiful!

The tool is well implemented, it allows you to get an overview of the different application pages, link them together, create forms, integrate third-party services, etc. adalo It allows you to easily publish your app in different stores (Apple, Android).


  • Easy access to develop your own mobile application
  • The numerous features that allow you to accept payments, integrate digital signatures, etc.
  • Templates to avoid starting from 0 and quickly launch your app
  • Price: Free with a subdomain (then $50 per month with the pro version)
  • Very useful if you have an idea of ​​an app you want to run

❌ What we like least:

  • While the service is in NoCode, it’s not necessarily suitable for complete beginners (even if you’re sure you’re resourceful!)


Here we have presented the five NoCode tools that seem to us the most interesting, and most important of all, each with a different goal according to your profile. Of course, today there are many options for creating a website in NoCode, including WordPress and it is definitely the king in this field. However, setting up the latter is more complicated, as you will have to host it on your own server and may require some additional skills.

Moreover, if you want to discover and buy complete and effective themes for your WordPress site, I recommend you to take a look at jungle theme He is the reference in this field. that it WordPress Templates Market Which provides several thousand references.

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