Anima, the Synaps decentralized identity protocol that revolutionized KYC

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Synaps introduces the Decentralized Identity Protocol for Anima

Anima is a protocol for creating a decentralized digital identity (dID). This can be used to infinity On various services that require identification or process Know Your Customer (KYC).

This web 3.0 protocol was developed by the French company clampsitself is already specialized in providing KYC solutions.

Synaps has as many clients as the French just mining And Discoin It accompanies many operating platforms such as PolkastarterAnd solaniumAnd SolstarterAnd starterra where with a hero To take just a few examples.

So we will see how the anime progresses Save time and extra convenience in use When interacting with blockchain applications. In addition, thanks to encryption and decentralized storage, this protocol provides Protecting our personal data and respect our privacy.

The current problem of KYC

Existing KYC checks are not pleasant to the user or the service provider.

It represents the cost of the application that must implement this control. Running cost of course, but above all additional cost of customer acquisition. In fact, having to constantly repeat this procedure to submit identification documents, proof of your place of residence and take a selfie to confirm that you are human can frighten people.

Once this is done, you will then have to wait for the entire process to be validated before you can fully interact with the protocol.

Moreover, as a user, you can quickly Feels spying on him We legitimately wonder what will be done with our data when Web 3.0 is supposed to regain control of it.

And all of these restrictions could become more severe as the regulatory framework around blockchain and cryptocurrency tightens.

The solution provided by the anima

Big time saver

Anima is a decentralized identity based on the basic requirements of KYC. This approved identity can therefore be used to instantly verify KYC and you no longer have to review it again. So the first advantage that Anima brings is Big time saver.

Take for example Florian Le Goff, CEO of Synaps, it is as if we only passed one control at the airport. Valid for all of our web 3.0 activity. In other words, we can also see his anima as a bracelet, which is provided to us at the entrance to a festival and then shows us a new watch for tickets.

By creating one’s own anima, one somehow creates the anima digital duplex Representing our identity on the Internet.

This brings convenience to the user who will no longer have to redo all KYC verification steps for each new protocol. And since the anima is authentic, decentralized applications remain like this According to the regulationswithout scaring potential customers.

How to create your decentralized identity with Anima?

First go to the Anima app, then at the top of the page click on “ Create anima“.

Figure 1: Make your own Anima

You will have to make a first signature using your MetaMask wallet, then you will be directed to the list below where you will have to click again on โ€œ Create anima ยป:

animal creation

Figure 2: Anime sound creation menu

You will then have to perform a file Usual KYC procedure. When your documents are verified, you will then be able to access your Anima.

KYC . Verification

Figure 3: KYC Verification

As of this writing, the solution works only on MetaMask, without a hardware wallet, but we are only at the beginning of the protocol and other digital wallets will be added. The team explained that ledger wallets will be supported soon.

data security

The other side of the anima, which is certainly the most important, is data security Thus regaining control.

First, it must be clarified that Synapses, the development of the anima protocol, He has no access to our decentralized information . In fact, they are numbered. with public keyFrom our wallet and can not be decrypted Only using the private keyIn a way that only we can access. This encrypted information is then stored on the decentralized storage network.

Anima is built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, but you don’t have to worry about potential gas fees, as it’s only about signatures, not transactions.

Deciphering Anima

Figure 4: Anima sound management menu

As we can see above, the data we provide is already encrypted and the only way to access it is to sign with our wallet.

Uncover your bare needs

In continuing this data security, Anima positions itself as a protective cover between our personal information and the various applications we are required to use. Thus, we do not disclose Only what is necessary .

To take a concrete example, token launchers (launchers) are closed to citizens of some countries. In this case, we are obligated to implement KYC by submitting our identification documents to prove that we reside in a country authorized by the platform.

With the anima, this is no longer mandatory, because Without the need to reveal our nationalitySigning our private key Authentication allowedThat we are not residing in such and such a country, because this verification has already taken place at the source.

Beyond the blockchain and cryptocurrency aspect, It is an innovation that can be exported to many fields. Restricting to certain countries is not really a prerogative of our ecosystem, one thinks, for example, of accessing Internet sites where the majority are required to access.

Conclusion about anima and its technology

In light of the code’s future release, Anima has also created affiliate links, encouraging users who have already decentralized their identity to share this newness with their network. This will create a number that will be considered During an upcoming airdrop .

As we’ve seen, Anima’s solution, powered by Synaps, is a real innovation. If it can be accepted by various players in the sector, it will provide real ease of use in the current KYC confrontation.

In addition, it can be one of the ambassadors of decentralized identity solutionsControl of our personal dataThis is the opposite of what has been done on the Internet so far.

Anima is above all a means of reconciling confidentiality and compliance to allow everyone to share only what is necessary.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Visit the Anima website to discover the protocol

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