adidas launches into the metaverse in partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club

The success of any sector can be measured by the number of major brands whose development strategy ends up dropping their bags there. However, reality is more useful to appreciate the hype in the market than its true strength once the euphoria dissipates. But its dynamics makes it possible to define “where to invest” with a certain accuracy in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with excess creativity. It is Adidas’ turn to enter the burgeoning universe of metaverses. This is with the help of the big names of this NFT digital bubble edition that is Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Is it necessary to specify that the largest profits are currently being generated in the metaverse sector? This comes after the Facebook giant announced that it will rebrand itself in the Meta in order to make its place in these virtual worlds under construction. And the cryptocurrency market, where the lowest project related to this field records a doubling of its price by hundreds of hundreds of increases. With the best example being SAND from The Sandbox and +530% in November, the price has gone from $0.76 to over $7.35 at the time of writing.

A crypto economy is revolutionizing everything, according to some observers. And whose explosion is largely based on bringing together many innovations in the cryptocurrency sector under one digital roof. The probable reason for the adidas brand’s recent announcement to enter this vortex is in order to capitalize on its current strong popularity. And this is in the company of iconic actors like the now famous Bored Ape Yacht club.

Adidas enters the world of metaverse

The first step in this virtual transformation initiated by the adidas brand took the form of the acquisition of digital land In the metaverse of the SandBox project. A purchase was announced on November 22 on Twitter. And immediately adidas shares it, referring to the term “AdiVerse” as obscure as it is promising. Because the latter has already become the proud owner of 144 pieces of this intangible universe for a modest sum of 400 ETH (more than $3 million). But this was just the first stone to something bigger.

Because a few days later, a new post – this time from Adidas – mentioned without further details a partnership with the Coinbase platform. A second step in a clearly structured communication strategy like a treasure hunt with strong virtual connotations. All accompanied by a mention of “maybe nothing significant” which did not fail to arouse many speculations about its true meaning.

Then go back to the radio silence, until this new series of posts appeared this weekend, again on Twitter. And entering this race are iconic representatives of the NFT scene such as Bored Ape Yacht Club. Or The Punks Comic in relation to historical CryptoPunks.

adidas partners with Bored Ape Yacht Club

A communication campaign is required, these new publications bring nothing to this news except new assumptions. But this time a notch higher with the addition of indispensable projects from the NFT token scene. Remember that guess bubble last summer that preceded the arrival of the current hurricane. And whose Bored Ape Yacht Club alone symbolizes success and almost incredible returns, which now amount to millions of dollars. This is a set of NFTs on sale at 0.08 ETH per unit (under $180) when they launch…

A post with others of the same type is simultaneously posted to .’s Twitter accounts Comic villains It is certain gmoney.eth. Both are related to this market of NFTs, but more specifically close to the historical CryptoPunk on top of all the successes in the sector. And the tension builds a bit to discover the end of this story. Even if there is no longer any possible doubt about Adidas’ ambitions. The latter is in the process of preparing for an introduction to millimeter communication in the booming sector of metaverses!

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