10 Movies Not to Be Missed on Netflix

Space dreams of a child wanting to go to the moon, the morning anxiety of a woman, the wonderful motherhood of a man, the romantic relationship between a poet and his neighbor or between an android and a programmer: what are the nuggets? Should it be missed on the podium?

Apollo 10½ Written by Richard Linklater (2022)

The director’s third animated film using rotoscoping technology, Apollo 10½ It takes place in the heart of the United States at the end of the sixties. From a child’s perspective, we see the great events that marked this period: the Vietnam War, the birth of mass consumer society, the struggle for civil rights, hippie culture and above all the conquest of space. Stanley, a teenager whose father works for NASA, attends various space programs before being recruited by the US agency. In this Netflix movie, we find the author’s ability to boyhood For the childhood novel, its special time, and its charming relationship with reality.

120 bpm Written by Ruben Campello (2017)

If Robin Campello’s film has set us apart, it’s in part because of his ability to pull off very powerful and contradictory influences and influences. 120 bpm It carries with it the burden of mourning the death of AIDS patients and the neglect shown by public authorities, but this shrine also looks like a large dance floor. Because between two AGs from Act Up, the neighborhood grunts into existence with an insane force. They are reproduced in almost documentary style, and are counterbalanced by more dream-like scenes, such as a very beautiful love scene between two main characters, or this vision of the Seine in red.

Cleo from 5 to 7 by Agnes Varda (1962)

Released in 1962 and Agnès Varda’s second feature film, Cleo from 5 to 7 It follows, in real time, the Parisian wanderlust of Cléo (Corinne Marchand), the young singer awaiting the results of a medical examination. Haunted by death, the character will gradually open up to the world. Between new wave and realist cinema, the film is incredibly modern (experiments with narration, division into chapters, and real-time narration), but it is also a film that has received rare attention for its heroine. Ingenuity and intelligence Cleo from 5 to 7 Agnes Varda will earn one of the first women to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 15th Cannes Film Festival.

The most important event since man walked on the surface of the moon by Jack Demme (1973)

After a mysterious hormonal imbalance, Marco (Marcello Mastroianni) discovers he’s four months pregnant. His wife (Catherine Deneuve, at the time was in a relationship with the actor) and instantly found himself driven towards celebrity. If this non-musical film is considered one of Jack Demi’s failures, both commercially and artistically, seeing it again today is especially delicious to reverse the roles assigned to the genre this comedy offers.

Hippocrates by Thomas Lilty (2014)

Enjoys great documentary accuracy, Hippocrates It follows the somewhat chaotic path of an intern who has just landed in the emergency room (Vincent Lacoste) in his father’s service. To make the film, Thomas Lilly relied on his experience (as a general practitioner), personal anecdotes and near-field testimonies. Functional and inspiring, and thanks to an excellent cast (especially the secondary characters), Laylati presents a contrasting picture of a purified universe only on the surface, where romance and comedy continually emerge between the layers of the film’s cover.

we by Jordan Peele (2019)

A mixture between the myth of Plato’s cave and Alice in Wonderland, United States It opens in an amazing sequence. Little Adelaide is walking around in an amusement park there. She escapes her parents’ wakefulness for a moment and enters a disturbing Mirror Mansion where she will face a painful confrontation, meeting her husband. Years later, Adelaide started a family. For the holidays, she returns to the scene of her childhood trauma. Then her husband, who had become an adult like her, appeared this time at her door and dressed doppelgangers of her husband and two children. compared to Get out (2017), Bailey’s changed ideological interest. It is no longer a question of depicting the ambivalence between Obama’s America and Trump’s America, but it is about imagining the upheaval that the revolution of the poor against the rich classes would cause. the impossibility of living together (“there we are”) is the same, but the racist movie turned into a school movie.

ex machine by Alex Garland (2014)

Billed at the time of its release as a very young SF movie, Alex Garland’s first feature film retrospective revealed an actor and actress who became a staple in Hollywood: Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander. but also a filmmaker who has just been chosen for his third film, La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, men. at ex machineA programmer wins a competition that sends him to join the mysterious CEO of one of the most important technology companies. Living apart from the world, the latter entrusts the programmer with the Turing Test, with the aim of finding out whether the Android prototype he invented has a conscience.

Sorry to bother you By Potts Riley (2018)

The first Boots Riley movie is a farce, but it’s also one of the most realistic films Hollywood has ever produced about how capitalism works. It takes place in a world that we initially think belongs to us, before slipping into dystopian reality, light at first, like a small thickening of a line, to finally jump with both feet into a waking nightmare. We follow the journey of Cassius Green, a miserable telemarketer who rises in rank as the day he understands how to talk to white voice, A voice that makes him talk on the phone, the black guy who always picks it up, for the most persuasive salesman in the world. With his dark humor and visual mod, which evokes much of Michel Gondry as Spike Jr., Riley completely undoes the gears of socioeconomic, but also cultural, exploitation, where it all ends up being a recovery.

the missing daughter by Maggie Gyllenhaal (2021)

Maggie Gyllenhaal, known until then as an actress, was signed on to a somewhat curvy movie about motherhood, centering on his quadruple academic grandmother, on vacation on a Greek island (a cut-down role for the vibrant middle-aged Olivia Colman). If the film wins a screenplay award at the Venice Film Festival, Gyllenhaal shows his talent further in directing and directing the actors, as his film is about imbalances, petty struggles, vacationers, physical coexistence, and busy living beings: gangs of hooligans. Teens, lustful old buildings, crying children and women who don’t want to see themselves grow up – just the things that can’t be photographed other than listening to their breath, which the director was undoubtedly able to do. The psychological thriller is more fragile, but the failed vacation movie was a huge hit.

bright Star by Jane Campion (2009)

She had a romantic relationship between the poet John Keats and his neighbor Fanny Brown. bright Star He explores, as always with the New Zealand filmmaker, the effects of the confrontation between two worlds. From the friction between the abstract world of Keats and the concrete world of Brawne, Campion paints a sublime account of how to live in the world by allowing yourself to be penetrated by another. She was carried by two excellent actors (Ben Whishaw and Abby Cornish), bright Star Depends on what has been successful and will achieve piano lesson Based on dog strength : a cinema deeply rooted in nature and a triple dynamism (to the couple we must add Tom, Keats’ ailing younger brother), combining family relationships and romance. If Campion has always depicted the two faces of passion, the face of burning glorification but also the face of a cold fist, bright Star Undoubtedly his most romantic of films, Blue Rose (like the beds of hyacinths that give the film one of its most beautiful scenes), is the one who believes most in the transforming power of nature. ‘love.

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