The importance of your company’s presence on the Internet

A company’s visual identity is essential to stand out from the competition and differentiate the minds of consumers. The importance of this element increases with the development of the Internet and the universal presence of digital in the purchasing process of Internet users. In order to understand its influence, a sociological study was conducted in France. 99% of kindergarten kids know the famous McDonald’s fast food logo. In order to make a name for yourself in your industry, it is necessary to have a relevant branding strategy and identity.

Stand out from the competition: create an impactful digital presence with your visual identity

What is a visual identity?

A visual identity brings together the colors and logos that your company is associated with. LR Health & Beauty, the German skincare brand, reflects the brand’s green and white image, echoing the natural products it promotes.
However, the visual identity goes further than that. Beyond logos and colors, it’s important to look at the pictograms, the typography, or even the layout.

For example, the Coca-Cola brand has a basic visual identity:

  • Red color
  • Specific print
  • world famous logo
  • A well-defined tone and communication, especially with the spirit of Christmas…

Create a cohesive visual brand identity

Visual identity is necessary to give indications to users about your values, your story, your presentation…
For example, the brand LR, which mainly sells aloe vera products, chose green as the dominant color. This refers to the botanical and naturalistic idea of ​​the show. They create cohesion between their message, products and communication.

On the contrary, Coca-Cola chooses red, the color of passion and impulsiveness. This is associated with warm events, and even festivities.
But, how do you stand out from the competition though web development for other companies? Teams developed strong digital connections. In addition, they worked on and adapted the profile of their clients. In fact, initially, the Coca-Cola brand targeted working-class and underprivileged communities. As an indication, in Mexico, this drink is cheaper than water.
Therefore, the goal of a charting charter is to incentivize an impulse purchase rather than a thoughtful one.

Making your visual identity starts with creating your website and it needs to be customized. Analyze your company’s personality as well as the messages to be conveyed.

  • What are your values?
  • What is the purpose of your presentation?
  • Do you have a logo or idea to communicate to your goal?

Whatever your goals, you should embrace a unique, tailored and personalized visual identity. It should be a reflection of your work and the basis of your drawing charter. Gentleview, a web agency in Lyon, puts its expertise at the service of companies that want to differentiate themselves from the competition and excite consumers’ minds. This visual strategy should apply to your physical communications (business cards, flyers, etc.) as well as to your digital strategy (social networks, websites, etc.).

Why Unique Design Improves Your Web Presence?

It is difficult to have a good view on the Internet. Competition is fierce there. All companies meet in the same place. To make a difference and make an impression, create a graphic charter that’s easy to read, looks fun and evokes emotion. By telling your story and your difference, your conversions and visits will increase.

But above all, you will retain consumers who will remember you as soon as the need arises.

To develop a brand image for your company, it is necessary to create a visual identity. This approach is convenient and strategic provided it is similar to your business. Feel free to invite professionals to develop your digital presence and achieve your goals.

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