The cast members who probably liked their partners the most

Wearing pink glasses has attracted many fiancé 90 days The cast members are from the struggling franchise, and these stars have gone through a lot because of their deep-rooted love for their partners. While the alumni of the franchise who were completely infatuated did not end up heartbroken, for most of them, their romance did not end well.

Not all actors are dedicated partners, and some are fiancé 90 days The stars are cold as ice. There were several cast members apart from others whose motives were questioned by viewers for being with their loved ones. It’s hard to make a relationship work without true passion and love, so it’s no surprise that it fell apart.

However, it can also hurt relationships when the partner is so deeply in love that they can’t be seen straight. It causes a lot of madness fiancé 90 days Cast members for ignoring red flags and ignoring logic. These stars of the franchise could not think clearly because of their intense love for their partners, which often led to heartbreak.

Michael Jensen

Obviously, Michael was shocked by his love for his Brazilian fiancée Juliana Custodio fiancé 90 days Season 7: Michael loved the budding supermodel, and despite their dramatic age and cultural differences, he pursued her. Many viewers suspected that Juliana used Michael only for his money and green card, and her friends and family also tried to warn her. But Michael didn’t listen and married Juliana anyway. Unfortunately, everyone seems to be right, Juliana left Michael after a few years, and Michael was heartbroken.

Nicole Navziger

Nicole was willing to direct caution into the wind for a man she wasn’t very interested in. Although she was not able to sponsor him for a K-1 visa, Nicole’s love for Azan Tifo led her to bring him to the United States. Nicole’s parents tried to convince her of reason, but Nicole just begged them to sign. As a co-sponsor of the call to prayer. The couple’s relationship lasted for two years fiancé 90 days seasons but she died in the end.

Molly Hopkins

Molly’s love interest in Dominican, Luis Mendes, was apparently out only to get a green card, but Molly was shocked by his infatuation. Louis definitely picked her up and Molly thought he had real feelings for her. This made Molly forget the awful way Louis and her children had treated her and her children, and how he would have chosen strange fights to torpedo their relationship. Louis even managed to convince Molly to secretly marry him at the beginning of the 90 days, and all because Molly wanted to believe in her love affair with Louis.

Eric Rosenbrook

fiancé 90 days Season 6 star Eric was so in love with his fiancée, Lida Margherita, that he basically let her tear his whole life apart. When Leda arrived in the United States, she explained that Eric needed to make it his number one priority. However, Eric already had children from a previous relationship, and they should have come first. Eric let Lida criticize him for paying child support and did nothing to interfere when Lida quarreled with his daughter. In the end, Leda received a restraining order against Eric’s daughter, and Eric’s love for her prevented him from standing up for his own flesh and blood.

Ashley Martson

There were several times in the relationship between Ashley and her ex-husband Jay Smith when Ashley came to her point and broke up with Jay. But for how much she loves him, Jay always manages to get her back. Somehow, Jay knew exactly how to pull Ashley’s heart strings and convince her to give up on divorce multiple times. It’s unfortunate that her feelings for Jay were so strong that Jay did not respect her and cheated on her for years before he finally broke up for good.

Ben Rathbone

Ben’s love for mahogany Rocca continues 90 days old: 90 days ago It was like a runaway train – a complete disaster. Friends and family were skeptical before Ben left for Peru, and with good reason. Ben’s infatuation with his internet love, Mahogany, completely clouded his judgment and ended up looking like an idiot. Mahogany threw Ben on several occasions and no matter how long Ben (which was plot) Peruvian 90 days ago It seems that the star has nothing to do with it.

Daniel Jabali

When Muhammad Jabali arrived in the United States, Danielle watched him through rose-colored glasses. She was thrilled that a man like Muhammad wanted to be with her and she ignored all his obvious red flags. Muhammad was cold and distant from Daniel and was not interested in a physical relationship with her. Danielle was so in love with Muhammad that it overshadowed her better judgment and she still makes the mistake of marrying him. To no one’s surprise, Muhammad divorced Danielle, she was absolutely crushed.

Kim Menzies

Other 90 days ago The season 5 star who was in love with their partner is Kim. She was a big fan of Sugaboye before Kim was just Osman Omar.”Ability. Viewers criticized Kim for constantly wearing Sojaboy shirts because it’s strange for someone to always wear clothes with their partner’s face on them. Although Kim was feeling in love with Usman, Usman still had the cute feel of old Zara. Kim was as she had hoped.

Jenny Lattis

for two seasons 90 Days Fate: The Other WayJenny ran into a field of red flags about to become Sumit Singh’s wife, and she may be one of the most dedicated actors in the cast. fiancé 90 days Excellence. The couple met when Sumit brought her out, but that didn’t stop Jenny from falling in love with him. Sumit also hid the fact that he is married, but then again, the other side The star Jenny stuck next to him. Against all odds, Jenny’s perseverance paid off, and the pair are still married and seem to be thriving together.

While some of these staff members have been able to build productive relationships, the vast majority have not. When there is an imbalance in love between the two partners, there must be problems, and these are fiancé 90 days The stars of the franchise have experienced firsthand how toxic this dynamic can be. Viewers can only hope that they have learned from their mistakes and that they won’t have that hard next time.

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