Review: The Dropout on Disney+: We were almost bored, but Amanda Seyfried is amazing

In January 2022, entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of fraud. The creator of medical startup Theranos is at the heart of The Dropout, the Disney+ mini-series available April 20. Eight captivating episodes, without being essential.

How to appoint leakage, Disney+ series about con artist Elizabeth Holmes, available Wednesday, April 20, 2022? Maybe like this: do or not. There is no attempt. ” Members star Wars Obviously, Yoda’s wise words had been grasped. But this quote not only inspired young Padawans: it also motivated young billionaire Elizabeth Holmes, to the point of pasting it on the walls of her successful company, Theranos.

Who is Elizabeth Holmes?

Back in 2003, with its foldable phones and Dido’s voice on all radios. The future entrepreneur just entered Stanford University to study biology and medicine, hoping to become the next Steve Jobs.

A year later, at only 19, she imagined a machine capable of diagnosing any disease. No needles or complicated blood tests: just one drop of blood and you’re done. An innovation that would lead to the rise and fall of a supposedly revolutionary empire: Theranos. With this company with devices that never worked, Elizabeth Holmes deceived many investors, journalists as well as many doctors for about 15 years.

Will you recover some scammers?

With an improbable storyline and a charismatic character as Elizabeth Holmes, it’s no wonder the imagination takes hold. Based on the podcast called ABC Audio, The Dropout is produced by Disney+. Unfortunately, the miniseries is not the first to reveal the successes and failures of scam artists in the twenty-first century.

In just a few months, the small screen has already developed the extraordinary adventures of scam artist Anna Delphi Anna’s creation On Netflix, or that of my Neumann husband, in the origin of the start of WeWork, with I crashed on Apple TV +. Fall in the same period leakageIn the early 2000s and 2010s, these two series were already recounting, with varying degrees of success, the ruthless performance of capitalism or the business of the tech world.

With Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes built a vast fraudulent company // Source: Beth Dubber / Hulu

leakage So just when we started getting tired of these rich people’s problems. The fierce female character, recurring lies, gullible investors, the astonishing fall-out at the discovery of deception, the overflowing ambitions of entrepreneurs… all the ingredients combine to bring us the same sauce, over and over again.

Queen Amanda Seyfried

However, the Disney+ mini-series has managed to hold its own. Of course, it is far from original and does not radically deviate from the codes of the genre. But her frenetic pace and ability to portray cold, sensitive characters with sympathy continue to capture our attention.

Elizabeth Meriwether, who was already at the helm of the sitcom new girlHere, he develops his dramatic qualities in creating these eight captivating episodes. The perception is discreet, and somewhat conventional, but the control is sufficient from a narrative point of view to keep us glued to our screen throughout the mini-series.

Leak on Disney+: We're almost bored, but Amanda Seyfried is amazing
Elizabeth Holmes is played by the wonderful actress Amanda Seyfried // Source: Beth Dubber / Hulu

I must say that leakage It has an amazing cast of characters and great actors to portray. Naveen Andrews (Lost), Stephen Fry (the hobbit) and William H. Macy (shameless) or Kate Burton (instinct anatomy) and thus give themselves the replica in a very high level distribution. With such compelling explanations, each protagonist takes on the scale necessary to move us or rebel us, as in the crushing fifth episode.

At the head of this wonderful representation is the formidable Amanda Seyfried, who was recently seen in mank by David Fincher or Twin Peaks: Back. With the role of Elizabeth Holmes, the actress brilliantly confirms the dramatic transformation of her career, after years of comedy. The actress is simply amazing, reproducing the facial expressions of a businessman with an alarming resemblance. The work on her voice, which has evolved over the course of the episodes, is particularly impressive. She gives the heartless crook just enough notches and duality of sympathy to point at the tip of her nose.

Melodies social network

Beating back and forth between Theranos’ buildings and Elizabeth Holmes’ declarations of justice in 2017, as her empire begins to crumble, leakage He bets mischievously on the astonishing transformation of this student with sweeping ambition, into a strategic entrepreneur with a net worth of $9 billion.

Leak on Disney+: We're almost bored, but Amanda Seyfried is amazing
The series in particular explores the toxic relationship between Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani // Source: Beth Dubber / Hulu

An unflattering picture, but one that allows the mini-series to skillfully deal with sexual orders in technology, entrepreneurship, finance, university, in short, the world in general. The narrative also takes time to talk about the toxic romance between Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani, with whom she has also collaborated in business. If the topic is not very original, it is still worth remembering, to show that patriarchy poisons all social circles, without exception.

leakage Far from being a perfect series, it suffers from lengths and sometimes boring classics. But this technological history is reminiscent of the great hours of film social network happily.


In 2003, Elizabeth Holmes unveiled her revolutionary idea: a single drop of blood for thousands of possible diagnoses, thanks to a state-of-the-art medical device. Nearly 15 years later, the businessman became one of the world’s youngest billionaires, before he suffered a dizzying meltdown. After being convicted of fraud last January, Elizabeth Holmes wows crowds leakageon Disney+. The mini-series accurately paints his picture and allows us to better understand one of the greatest frauds of the 21st century. The eight episodes don’t revolutionize the genre and severely lack spice, but it’s still worth a detour for Amanda Seyfried’s hallucinogenic performance (mank).

And if you prefer the satirical tone of Adam McKay (Vice, don’t look), know that he is also preparing his own version of the story: the movie bad blood Coming soon on Apple TV+ with Jennifer Lawrence (hunger Games) in the role of the golden crook.

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