Mark Zuckerberg’s vision

The social network Facebook aims to highlight its future ambition: to build the metaverse. As a result, he announced that the group’s name would be changed to Meta during Facebook Connect 2021. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, developed this project several years ago.

Facebook is actively embarking on building the metaverse. Recently, Meta published an announcement of the recruitment of new talents for this project. During this campaign, more than 10,000 profiles will be recruited across Europe. This will extend over the next five years. Highly qualified engineers are in most demand. In any case, Facebook is betting a lot on the success of this technology.

In addition to the massive hiring of specialized personnel, this company has acquired several AR and VR companies. It supports this initiative with tens of billions of dollars. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems really excited about building the metaverse. But what kind of metaverse does Facebook want to build? What is Facebook’s metaverse vision?

Metaverse According to Facebook

Contrary to what some people think, metaverse is not a new term. For years, futurists have used it to describe how we might communicate in the coming years. Moreover, this word was not invented by Mark Zuckerberg either. In fact, he first appears in the works of Neal Stephenson. The science fiction novelist invokes this term in his famous book snow crash. In this writing, characters enter the metaverse through their avatars.

The combination of the prefix “meta” and the word “universe”, is used to describe A virtual world. This can be accessed through virtual reality technology. In recent years, the latter has gained particular popularity in the world of video games.

There is no very precise definition of what a metaverse is. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, describes it as The computing platform of the future For this company, it is a “collection of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who are not in the same physical space as you. You will be able to hang out with friends, work, play, learn, shop, create and more. “

The contribution of several companies will bring life to metavir, according to Facebook

Today, the word metaverse generally refers to Interconnected virtual worlds, where individual avatars can log in. By using virtual and augmented reality (AR) headsets, smart watches and smart glasses, one can move into this fantasy world.

Facebook Metaverse

Facebook designs it, and the metaverse isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. him alone, can’t build it. Moreover, the revival of this technology will not happen overnight. Many metaverse products will only be fully created in the next 10 to 15 years.

dead desires Expanding the idea of ​​the metaverse beyond an obscure concept And to the real thing. To do this, it aims to develop the tools to make it happen. At the moment, there is not yet a global metaverse that we can all get into.

How do you imagine meta metaverses?

The CEO of Meta clearly presented his vision for the Facebook metaverse during Connect Conference 2021 company. This Will integrate existing identification products Like Messenger and WhatsApp. but that is not all. It will include other items, just to mention virtual homesand offices and E-Commerce Opportunities For businesses and content creators.

metaverse headset

In the Meta Dream Metaverse, users will have Take control of virtual worlds. Using virtual reality, augmented reality, and current technological tools, this technology will bring together the physical and digital worlds.

it will be Huge expansion for HorizonNow known as Horizon Worlds. Created in 2019, this platform for creating games and virtual reality games can be accessed through Facebook’s Oculus VR headset. In 2021, a beta version of Horizon Workroom was added to this project. This allows remote teams to work together.

Different Facebook partners to build the metaverse

To create the metaverse, Facebook has developed several partnerships. to set up Digital Literacy Programs for YouthJoined digital wellness lab From Boston Children’s Hospital. With this Harvard Medical School affiliate, he will focus on improving understanding of how to promote digital literacy in young people.

On the other hand, Dr.. Louis Bernstein Will advise on Digital Literary Content Creation Developmentally appropriate for young people in the Metaverse region. As a reminder, this is the former Executive Vice President of Educational Research and Communication at Sesame Workshop.


In Europe and the Middle East, Meta will collaborate with non-profit governmental and cultural partners. Alte Nationalgalerie, a museum in Germany is one of them. With a comprehensive XR experience highlighting the work of illustrator Johann Erdmann Hammel, Meta will bridge the gap between the visual and virtual arts.

We can also cite Peres Center for Peace in Israel. This organization will bring startups and AR/VR developers together Unlocking opportunities for economic and social impact in Metaverse. This partnership will include a growth program for AR/VR startups in Israel, a socio-economic research project and a community center for developers.

A glimpse of what Facebook is building to realize the social potential of the metaverse in the future

During the Connect 21 conference, Facebook shared a glimpse of what it’s doing to advance virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. It was also an opportunity for him to give what he’s doing to contribute to building the metaverse.

Horizon Home

Horizon Home A Customizable social space. It allows you to invite friends into the virtual living room and watch videos before immersing yourself in a game. When launched on Oculus Quest 2 headphones, Horizon will serve as a personal space in the company’s growing metaverse. According to Facebook, there will be the ability to create and customize your own Horizon Home.


The real strength of Horizon Home lies in the virtual reality technology behind it. About A major upgrade to the existing home experience. Moreover, this tool acts as a gateway to the VR world of the meta and soon, the entire metaverse.

It should be noted that Horizon Home is the latest addition to Horizon. The latter is a social platform to interact with each other in the metaverse fictional universe. join Horizon worldsCurrently available in beta version, and Horizon Workroom.

Facebook Messenger in Virtual Reality

Facebook launched Virtual Reality version of its Messenger app. Thanks to this, we will be able to send quick messages to friends from within the VR headset. Now Facebook users will be able to connect to their Quest and Quest 2 headphones. Possibility to chat with loved ones on Facebook from these devicesthat is, even if you are not in virtual reality.


In addition, Facebook plans to bring in files Messenger voice calls to virtual reality. As a result, we can participate in a voice call with friends from any platform compatible with Messenger. This could make shared trips and excursions to VR destinations possible.

Project Cambria

The Cambria project can be defined as High-end virtual reality headset from Meta Which will feature the capabilities of mixed reality. According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech during Connect 2021, Cambria headphones will bring Unprecedented Features In current Oculus variants.


In fact, the machine will Incredibly Immersive Experiences, similar to what the Facebook metaverse promised. It will provide intuitive communication via facial expressions, mixed reality object reconstructions, as well as photorealistic avatars. We can also expect Full body tracking capabilities To better control and interact with the virtual environment.

This is a huge step up from Oculus headphones, despite several major developments between the Oculus Quest and Quest 2. It’s been over a year since the Quest 2 was launched, so it makes sense that the Meta is working on a new variant.

Meta Presence platform

release meta news Attendance Platform at Connect 2021. This aims to integrate all the development tools needed to create AR, MR and VR worlds for Meta Quest. In the future, designers and software developers can rely on pre-built Presence Platform tools and capabilities to power AI and ML authoring efforts.

One can almost define the attendance platform as a file Apple developer program for metaverse. Among its main features, access to transit technology stands out. Using the Mixed Reality API, developers can mix virtual objects with a real environment.

Facebook Connect

It is a fundamental technology at its core who superimposes black and white images generated by VR headsets in the world fact. The Presence Platform transit API will enable custom styling, custom tints, and more controls for developers.

Meta acquires many virtual reality companies

If ever there was a virtual meeting space where people work and play, it would be renovated by many companies over many years. Dead was quick to say he’s planning on it Become the dominant company, controlling the Facebook metaverse. To do this, he acquired several virtual reality companies.

In the menu there Imagine Optix. This company manufactures liquid crystal lenses for VR headsets. She was financially involved with Valve.

Last year, Meta also bought Skip Technologies. This London company converts photos and videos into 3D maps for augmented reality. In 2019, Meta purchased CTRL-Labs, which transmits electrical signals from the brain to a device via a wristband.

In 2016, Meta acquired Zurich eye, a company that developed inverted tracking. This eliminates the external position sensors of headphones like the Quest and Quest 2. Not to mention a list of major VR game studios like Beat Games, Sanzaru Games, Downpour Interactive, Big Box VR.

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