Inside Cassie Carli’s recent conversation with her sister as it is revealed that her ex-husband threw her phone out the window and refused to take DNA samples

Cassie Carly said she was happy and excited about her future a few days before she was found buried in a shallow grave, her sister says, as it was revealed she was ‘abused’ who got rid of her phone and refused a DNA test.

Cassie, 37, was found dead in a barn in Springville, Alabama on April 2, about 300 miles from where she was last seen alive in Navarre Beach, Florida on March 27.

Cassie (pictured with ex-Marcus Spaniello) was found dead in a barn in Springville, Alabama on April 2.Credit: Courtesy of the family
Ryan Carley (left) spoke to her sister on FaceTime the day before her disappearanceCredit: Courtesy of the family

On the night of her disappearance, Cassie left her home to meet her ex-boyfriend Marcus Spanevello – the father of her four-year-old daughter Saylor – for a babysitting swap in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant but she never came home. .

Spanivelo, 34, was arrested on the morning of April 2 in Lebanon, Tennessee, and charged with tampering with evidence, destroying evidence, and providing false missing person information in connection with Casey’s disappearance. Cassie’s body was found hours later.

An autopsy was performed on Casey’s remains on April 4, but the results have yet to be released pending the completion of the toxicology report, which could take several months.

Cassie’s younger sister, Ryan Carley, said her brother had been “in such a good place” before his death, expressing her happiness with his future in a phone call they shared hours before his disappearance.

Chilling words from her 4-year-old daughter before her mother was found dead and buried
ex mom

Ryan said she called Cassie on March 26 to ask how her first day at her new job as a waitress at the local military base went.

Ryan remembers, “Her first day was great, and she was telling me all about her trip to the thrift store, showing me all her clothes and telling me something she had found for my son.

“Casey was in a really good place and she seemed so happy,” she added. “She was brilliant.”

“Fear of EXS”

Ryan said that while Cassie had issues with Spaniflo, which she was said to have been “afraid of,” she said her sister was doing her best to stay away from him.

The couple have been in a bitter custody dispute for years. In August, Raeanne started a GoFundMe page to help Cassie with her growing legal bills.

One fundraising post, written by Cassie, described Spanvelo as a “master manipulator,” abuser, and narcissist.

Elaborating on her murdered sister’s allegations, Ryan alleged that Spanifelo was verbally and emotionally abusive toward Cassie throughout her pregnancy and after Saylor’s birth.

“The verbal abuse was particularly severe,” Ryan said. “He shamed her when she was pregnant, and not everything she did was right or good enough.

He called her stupid, said she knew nothing, said she would be the worst mother ever – just anything that humiliates her and makes her feel inferior to him.

“The emotional abuse was excessive,” she added.


Ryan thinks that Spanfilo may be “in love” with her sister and that her death may have been the result of “one of those”, if I can’t get you, no one can. ‘, she claimed.

She claims that Spanevelo tried to win back Cassie several times after their breakup, but that her brother was not interested in revisiting a romantic relationship with him.

“My sister was finally in the best place before she passed away and I got this job which I really enjoyed,” Ryan said before speculating, “And he might have thought, ‘Wow, you would never want me or let me do what I want, so I have to do something about it. . «»

Her fears of Spanevelo had reportedly grown so much in the weeks leading up to his death that she has now issued a frightening warning, telling them, “If anything were to happen to me, it was him.”

New cooling details

Court documents released on Wednesday revealed that Spanivelo admitted to obtaining Cassie’s phone on March 28, the day after her disappearance, but threw it out of his truck window.

When asked why he didn’t keep it to come back to later, he said he didn’t care about his belongings, so he chose to get rid of them, according to the affidavit.

Spanifilo also told deputies that he let her out of his truck and that was the last time he saw her, but that “reports that she was delivered have not been confirmed,” the affidavit said.

In text messages sent to Cassie’s family, Spanivelo claimed she asked him to drop her “at an undisclosed location in Destin,” but police again said the account could not be confirmed, WEAR-TV reports.

Spanivelo was photographed smiling in prison on Easter Sunday
Spanivelo was photographed smiling in prison on Easter SundayCredit: Santa Rosa County Jail
An autopsy was performed on Cassie's remains on April 4, but the results have yet to be made public.
An autopsy was performed on Cassie’s remains on April 4, but the results have yet to be made public.Credit: Facebook/@cassie.c.carli

Spanivelo was arrested in Tennessee and later extradited to Florida to face charges of tampering with evidence, providing false information to law enforcement, and obstruction of justice.

Investigators said that while in prison he refused to give a DNA sample, which is required by law. He was also later accused of refusing to provide a DNA sample.

In Wednesday’s affidavit, investigators also described how Spanifelo provided law enforcement with false information “by failing to disclose relevant information about where he had stopped on his way back.” In Panama City Beach with [redacted] later that night. »

The documents say police have received several reports that Spaniello threw Cassie’s phone out of her car window.

A guide told them on March 30: “Marcus spoke to someone and told him he had located him [the phone] in his truck and threw him out the window. »

Another person told investigators on March 31 that Spanivelo said he threw the thing away because he “had to throw it away,” the affidavit said.

‘Who’s getting?’

Earlier this month, Ryan told the US Sun that Cassie always tries to meet Spanevelo in public, usually at a local Walmart parking lot, but he recently changed his location at the last minute.

The night she disappeared, her father texted her in a panic, writing in a message, “Casey, I’m trying to call you. What’s going on?”

“I just panicked in case, call me as soon as you get this message,” read for a second.

Soon, a reply came from Cassie’s phone that her family did not believe she was the culprit.

“I’m sorry, the car was running and I broke my phone,” he said. “Marcus is working on it. I’ll stay with him tonight. He pays me some money to do things around his house.”

Explaining her family’s skepticism, Ryan said: “If she was in trouble you would never ask her for help, it was just crazy.”

“She was walking past the restaurant before asking him anything.”

conflicting claims

According to the affidavit, investigators first interviewed Spanevelo on March 29. He told officers that there was an “argument” between him and Casey, but declined to give further details.

He claimed they were “overdriven,” but agreed to take them to an unspecified location as he was on his way to where he was heading.

Spanefilo alleged that Cassie “jumped” and “gone up on her and left her” before returning to his home in Panama City Beach, Florida.

However, investigators say they were able to recover surveillance footage that contradicts his claims.

More charges are expected to be brought against Spanifilo in the coming weeks.

He has not yet been charged with murder, although police have indicated that the charge is pending and will likely be filed after Casey’s autopsy has been returned.

Spanivelo is expected to return to court on May 5.

Ryan told the US Sun that Cassie always tries to meet Spanevelo in public
Ryan told the US Sun that Cassie always tries to meet Spanevelo in publicCredit: Courtesy of the family
Ryan alleged that Spaniflo was verbally and emotionally abusive towards Cassie throughout her pregnancy and after Saylor's birth.
Ryan alleged that Spaniflo was verbally and emotionally abusive towards Cassie throughout her pregnancy and after Saylor’s birth.Credit: Facebook/@cassie.c.carli

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