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La Semaine de la Critique, a debut for many filmmakers, is back in its 61st edition. Today, this parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival reveals its selection for the 2022 edition.

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The Cannes parallel section is devoted to the first and second films that revealed major names in cinema, and La Semaine de la Critique returns in its 61st edition, which will take place in Cannes from May 18 to 26.

Today, Ava Kahen, the general delegate of this department, revealed her rich and promising program, in which we find especially Blanche Garden, Julianne Moore, Jesse Eisenberg, Donna Bay, Finn Wolfhard, Laurent Lafitte, Karim Leclau or Paul Mescal. Ordinary people star.

The jury of the 61st edition of Critics’ Week will be chaired by Kaouthar Ben Hania, a Tunisian filmmaker who studied at ACID and the Un Certain Regard department in Cannes and is known for her films Le Challat de Tunis, La Belle et la Meute or, again, The Man Who Sold His Skin.

To award the Critics’ Week Grand Prize, the French Touch Award, the Louis Roeder Foundation Prize for Suggestion and the Leitz Ciné Discovery Short Film Prize, the director will be accompanied by French-Greek actress and director Ariane Lapid, and Icelandic director Benedict. Erlingsson, Belgian cinematographer Benoît Debie and journalist and programmer Huh Moon yung, general delegate for the Busan Festival in South Korea.

Eleven feature films were selected, including 9 first and second films, and 10 short films. Signed by Belgian photographer Charlotte Abrameau, the high-end poster for this 61st edition of La Semaine de la Critique is a physical rendering of a photograph from Chloé Mazlo’s Sous le Ciel d’Alice, which was selected for the 2020 critically acclaimed Semaine de Semaine de la Critique.

Feature Films

Opening movie:

When You’re Done Saving the World by Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg’s first feature film to screen at Sundance, When You Finish Saving the World has been selected as the opening film for Critics’ Week.

Produced by Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things), this film is set over three decades and follows three members of a family: Nathan, a young man discovering paternity, Rachel, a student searching for her place in the world within his romance and Ziggy, a teenager searching On his origins…

In competition:

  • After the Sun by Charlotte Wells

Ordinary People star Paul Mescal stars in “After Sun” starring Charlotte Wells. This film tells how Sophie reflects on moments of shared joy and intimate nostalgia for the holidays she spent with her father twenty years ago. Memories, real and imagined, fill in the gaps between recordings with her miniDV, as she tries to reconcile the father she knew with the man she didn’t.

  • Dalva by Emmanuel Nicot

Simon Reith’s first feature film, Our Ceremonies tells the story of a brotherhood like no other. Royan, 2011. As summer approaches scorching days, two young brothers, Tony and Noé, play a game of death and chance…until the accident that will change their lives forever. Ten years later, and now young, they return to Ruyan and meet Cassandri, their childhood sweetheart. But the brothers have been keeping a secret all this time…

Private sessions:

The new film by Céline Defoe, who has already visited Cannes, brings together Blanche Jardin and Laurent Lafitte. Everyone has always loved Jane. Today, she hates herself. Heavy in debt, she has to go to Lisbon and put up for sale the apartment of her mother, who died a year ago. At the airport she bumps into Jean, an eccentric and somewhat intrusive high school friend.

After Ni Le Ciel Ni La Terre and Les Indes Galantes, Clément Cogitore returns with the Goutte d’Or, worn by creme le Clos. Ramses, 35, runs a fortune-telling training at the Goutte d’Or in Paris. A clever manipulator and a bit of a poet on the edges, he built a powerful consoling company. The arrival of children from the streets of Tangiers, despite the danger of being elusive, upsets the balance of his business and the entire neighborhood. Until the day when Ramses will have a real vision.

Final movie:

Under the guidance of Doona Bae, Next Sohee follows a high school student who chooses a hands-on apprenticeship. Hoping to get a good job, she started training in a call center, but she has to deal with the intense pressure of this greedy business. This situation is hard to bear for the high school student who dies because of it. Inspector Oh Yoo Jin, who has something in common with Sohee, is in charge of the case and begins tracing the traces of the causes of her death.

Dora movies

In competition:

  • manta ray by Anton Bialas
  • querdas by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren
  • It’s cute here by Robert Jonathan Quiers
  • On the throne of Xerxes by Evi Kalogiropoulou
  • swan in the middle by Iris Chassini
  • I didn’t make her love her by Ana Fernandez de Paco

Private sessions:

  • homely by Jan Gonzalez

Critics’ Week Pick Video:

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