Bordeaux, “knocks himself between his feet in front of the children”, between the hero and the crack, they crack

Next to Victor Hugo’s car park, restaurateurs complain about drug users (©

DealDrugs and lifestyle are more than rock and roll. Farm, the Place de la Ferme Richemont, in Bordeaux (Girond) He only has a name. There, the owner of Bistro du Vieux Marché, Yuan Martin, estimates “about 60%” his restaurant’s sales loss since the opposite sidewalk has become a concern for consumers and retailers.heroin Based on broke down.

With a scoop, “about fifty “satellites” revolve around it every day, the life of his lovely restaurant is no longer what it used to be.

In fact, in the surrounding streets Victor Hugo car parkThe merchants and the residents are angry because as we have seen: the screams, the roaming, the sniffing and strong drug injections In public places they distance themselves from their customers and spoil their daily lives.

“When clients see one or two people infected, they don’t come back.”

“You shouldn’t be surprised,” says Hugo, the waiter: “When, on a Sunday afternoon, a man pricks himself between his legs, and the father fixed on the porch has to hide it from his children, we understand that the family does not come back!” We want to believe That, really…

To continue: “I called the police seven times to come because a man was trying to. overdoseThey just brought me back to the fire department. I also had to call the police, while on duty, because a woman was being raped. We have a nice decor, a nice establishment, but when clients see one or two of them get bitten…”

The province rejected the Chamber of Consumption Project (SCMR)

Yuan Martin, owner of the foundation, shows humanity and an understanding of the unfortunate situation of these addicts, but only regrets the effect their proximity has on his work (see video interview). He is waiting for a reaction from the authorities.

A man brings cocaine to make crack
A man brings cocaine to make crack (©

It is from this side that he pinches the shoe: if he praises the quality of the relations he establishes with the county city council and the town hall, he regrets the rejection of the prefecture’s Chamber of Consumption with Less Risk (SCMR) project.

The opposition confirmed before Bordeaux City Council Dr. Isabelle Faure, Municipal Consultant for Prevention and Access to Care and Head of Emergency at Hospital Saint-Andre (Bordeaux).

Skinan, Subutex, Methadone

She tells us frankly: “If there is an article you condemn to do, look at the conservatism side. They refuse to talk about ‘crack’ because there are no ‘gravel’ in Bordeaux (as we find on ‘crack hill’ in Paris, editor’s note) but that’s because they don’t take in Consider the misuse of legal or illegal products. »*

However, as we immediately noted, the consumption and the transaction are “based on” the cocaine, heroin and the Skenean and Subotics deal.

“You should know, adds physician and municipal councilor Fore, that Skenan, Subutex, and Methadone can be injected but they are not ‘made for’ and therefore can be hazardous to tissues and that a ‘bad’ injection can deteriorate.”

In the past two years, there have been more deaths and more serious accidents. So I’m campaigning for the creation of what’s now called Stop Care Addiction (HSA) – formerly called Least Hazardous Consumption Chambers, called shoot roomsEditor’s Note – But for Conservative, there’s no business because he says, “Bordeaux doesn’t know crack. That’s actually not what we saw.”

“We are waiting for discussions”

They only see it through legality, not through misuse. The city council takes the issue from a health point of view: “We are awaiting discussions within a steering committee made up of the ARS, the City Hall and the county,” concludes Dr. Fore.

It is a very political topic. »

Actuary Obviously, he tried to gather the Gironde County’s point of view. However, after hearing the response over the phone: “It’s a very political subject. You journalists are making me laugh you’re asking us to talk during the standby!” (linked to the current election, editor’s note)”, we received, this Wednesday, April 20, an email from the office of Gironde State Ministerial Communications, Jeweler: “We will not answer on this.” To continue, then.

* Cocaine can be “formed” by a quick chemical process that is readily available and then smoked. The effect of psychotropic substances is the same as that of crack “pebbles”, with the difference that they are much more expensive (60 or 70 euros for a gram of cocaine compared to ten euros for a crack pebble).

** From morphine alternatives to opiate addiction including heroin.

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