Anyline Launches Tire Size Checking System for Websites to Simplify Online Tire Sale

Scanning tire sizes will take the guesswork out of buying tires online; Retailers can also take advantage of this technology to offer babysitting services

VIENNA, Austria–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Anyline, the market leader in mobile data capture, today launched a new feature to scan size and dimensional information onto the wall of any car, truck or truck tire. The scanner can be integrated into tire retailers’ websites and will facilitate the online tire buying process by allowing shoppers to scan their tires with their phone’s camera to find the correct size and specifications.

Online tire trading is one of the fastest growing revenue channels in the automotive industry, with the global market expected to grow by $7.6 billion between 2020 and 2024.1. However, due to the difficulty of accurate registration and online tire data entry, many consumers abandon their purchases for fear of buying the wrong tires for their car. By integrating tire volume surveying into their e-commerce site, tire retailers can reduce cart abandonment and increase online sales.

“Buying tires online is a real challenge for most consumers. Worldwide in the automotive sector, they need to know how to “decode” the data on the sidewall, including width, profile, towing and speed rating, and enter these data correctly to find the right tires for them.” at Anyline. But with a frame size scanner built into websites, consumers can simply capture the data with their phone’s camera and automatically enter that information in less than a second. This will help tire retailers improve the experience of their existing customers, while also attracting new customers who have not yet purchased tires online. »

Anyline’s tire sizing system can also be used by tire storage centers to record data needed to store and identify tires efficiently and accurately. Tire safety center operators can automate the process of collecting tire size and dimensional information by providing their employees’ mobile devices with a tire scanner, allowing them to operate faster while eliminating human error.

Tire size scanning is the latest innovation from a software company based in Vienna, Austria, which in 2021 launched the first mobile DOT tire scanner for the leading US tire retailer, Discount Tire.

About Anyline

Founded in Vienna, Austria in 2013, Anyline has established itself as the market leader in mobile data capture. Leveraging the latest applications of artificial intelligence, Anyline makes any mobile device capable of processing typed characters and barcodes in real time, even offline.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Anyline’s mobile scanning technology is used by leading aftermarket auto manufacturers and retailers to scan tire sidewall and vehicle data, including tire DOT codes, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), license plates, and codes. tape, using a standard portable device or TPMS equipped with a camera.

Anyline’s mobile data capture technology is CCPA and GDPR compliant to securely manage data collected on a user’s device. Thus it removes any risks related to data integrity breach. It is not only more accurate than manual data entry, but it is also twenty times more efficient. These scanning systems are trusted by major brands such as PepsiCo, Discount Tire, and IBM, as well as national governments and the United Nations. For more information, visit

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