The holidays are approaching: here’s the children’s programme!

Ask about the program! For parents and grandparents, planning a children’s vacation is sometimes a headache. Here are some ideas for young and old to enjoy!

Egg hunt rescue

On April 30, Secours populaire de l’Ariège organizes an egg hunt, from 1:30 pm to 5 pm in the Parc de Bouychères. The wings are striped with toys, not forgetting to look for eggs, and at the end have a snack and distribute Easter chocolates. Participation value: €2 per child, allowing everyone to celebrate Easter.

New games in the aquatic center

The sun is there (anyway, let’s hope you’re there for the holidays), and it’s enough for the idea of ​​jumping into the water! That’s OK: New games are coming, starting Saturday, at the Aquatic Center in Foix. In addition, animations with inflatable structures are planned at specific time intervals. Opening hours for the public: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12 noon to 8 pm; Wednesday and Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm; Sunday 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Payment.

Paajip continues his good recipes

Then there are of course the basics. Especially for teenagers. With a program that inspires: video games, laser games, climbing, tree climbing, modeling workshop, play day, picnic to Wallybee… Two work sites are also planned, a bike park and a skate town, as well as a preparation workshop for Voix R Street. Then a small stay by the sea and around the climb.

Les Francas for kids

For children aged 3-11, the solution is Les Francas! “Nature is here… and nowhere else!” It is the theme of these spring breaks at leisure centers without accommodations in Foix, Varilhes, Verniolle and Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat. At Foix, for the little ones, in the program: orientation, a walk in the toy library, creation of an ecological mural, insect control. For children aged 6-11 who will meet at ALSH fuxéen, the holidays promise to be vibrant, around a life-size game of goose, climbing trees in the Bouychères park, visiting the county gardens, land art … without forgetting the post Noon “I decide!” In other words, the desires of children are unleashed. Reception is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM. : 05 61 65 49 30. Price: according to income.

A little culture?

Why don’t we take advantage of the holidays to educate children and adults? Of course, public structures such as the Château de Foix, the media library, the game library or even the Parent-Children’s Center (0-4 years old) are open to the public. But Laurent Claeys, president of the Society of Friends of the Château du Labarre, also offers a visit to this little-known castle site. What to understand is the many traces visible in the stone. See you on Saturday 30th April at 10am on the bridge over the El Sis (in other words, the beautiful little bridge in the Labaré region). And on May 7 at 9 pm the Bergin 4tet jazz concert inside the castle walls (for the first time!) can be a great opportunity to combine a good musical moment with a rediscovery of the historical building (15 euros). Always to connect history with music, a recital of Renaissance music is given by the Florentina Choir on April 24 at 5 pm in Saint-Volusien Abbey. Admission: from 10 euros.

Shows all over the city

Nine days, ten presentations and two workshops open to all. After the very successful first edition last year, the conglomerate Pays de Foix-Varilhes is once again organizing its own mini-festival, “Move a Story”. Those interested will be able to attend free puppet shows, mime, story in song, thematic theatre, scenic reading, music show, visual theatre, or even participate in the workshops. Create postcards. From Montégut-Plantaurel to Varilhes via Foix or Saint-Pierre-de-Rivière. A complete and detailed program is available on the website of the game and media libraries of L’agglo Foix-Varilhes: Shows and workshops are available for children of all ages.

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