In Breteuil, thanks to the Moov’Action Association, 47 children discovered the city of Vienne

Participate in Futuroscope for Youth © Le Réveil Normand

In the continuity of her work with children South Urdu ProvinceAnd Bertolian Moov’Action Society Organized a new holiday residence during spring break.

Encourage discovery

beganing of Brittwell (OR)This new edition has been released From 11 to 15 April 2022 towards Vienna.

Faced with strong demand from families for spring break and given the limited supply of accommodations in our sector, we wanted to offer the children of our lands a stay that combines a change of scenery, adventure and escape.

Gregory Gustaf, President of the Moov’Action Society

Hosted at the Hôtel des Pirates on Futuroscope, 47 children between the ages of 9 and 12 benefited from a rich and varied programme. For two days, the children visited the unmissable Futuroscope park. Explore the world, fly over the planet, share human exploits…

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Lots of exploration and exciting attractions that combine high technology with futuristic activities. The children also had the opportunity to look back in time during their one-day visit to Puys de Fou. An original experience full of grandiose performances, epic adventures and powerful emotions… A unique opportunity to introduce children to the history of the Vikings, Romans and Knights…

“We wanted this stay to be fun and educational, while encouraging children to enjoy cultural and scientific discovery,” adds Grégory Gustave.

The association also emphasized cohesion, mutual assistance and team spirit by offering a day at Game Parc, where children were able to discover new activities such as Goolfy and Laser Game.

enhance alertness

Health measures have recently been relaxed and a vaccination permit is no longer necessary, however, in accordance with the recommendations for the Mass Reception of Minors (ACM) with accommodation, the association maintained an enhanced health protocol and required all participants (adults and supervisors) to take a COVID test prior to departure.

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“We are aware that the tests are particularly unpleasant for children, but it seemed to us that it was necessary to take the maximum number of precautions to reduce any risk of caking during accommodation,” the union stated.

Le Puy du Fou, an unforgettable experience © Le Réveil Normand

Holidays for everyone

In all of her residencies, Moov’Action strives to send a large number of children from her lands who have never been to summer camp while promoting social diversity. To achieve this, the association is now approved by the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF) and regularly seeks co-financing to reduce residual costs for the most modest families.

47 children between the ages of 9 and 12 benefited from a rich and diverse programme. © Le Réveil Normand

Just like previous stays, the majority of kids were going to summer camp for the first time, and thanks to the generosity of our sponsors as well as VACAF rights to eligible families, we were able to offer this stay at a discounted rate. , all without any support.

Moov’Action Society

Upcoming projects

Moov’Action continues its business and is already working on planning for its next vacation. At the same time, the association plans to introduce a new accommodation this summer called “Learning Holidays” if the system is renewed.

“For more than two years, children have grown up in a particular health context and are finding it increasingly difficult to access summer camps for the hardest-hit families, and we are continuing our efforts to make it as accessible as possible,” the president insists.

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