Connected hours for kids that reassure parents

Xplora is one of the few tech brands that offer kids connected watches. They differ from adult smartwatches by incorporating reassuring safety tools, without ignoring communications and physical activity monitoring.

What if kids also benefited from a connected watch? That’s the bet for Xplora, a Norwegian company that designs smartwatches designed primarily for children, but also for parents. The company therefore offers connected watches that combine the useful and the fun for the little ones, while incorporating some necessary safeguards to ensure their safety.

The Xplora catalog consists of two connected watches, with prices ranging from 119.99 to 169.99 euros. Features vary, but the brand ensures that all of its products are perfectly suitable for children.

Designed for kids, managed by parents

The Xplora watches that are connected at the end are very similar to those of adults. They also have activity sensors and a mobile network connection thanks to a nano SIM card. However, the manufacturer’s watches stand out above all in terms of the possibilities they offer. With Xplora, children can gain a foothold in the digital world through a device that offers youth-friendly uses.

For example, a connected watch can be activated from a smartphone of an adult. Once the nano SIM is in place, the child can then use their watch without the need for a phone. From there, it is possible to call, send and receive SMS, but Only for contacts authorized by the app (hence the parents). The Xplora watch is then transformed into a real wrist-worn communication device, an alternative to smartphones.

To protect your children, Xplora has integrated an SOS mode into its watches. Long press the power button will automatically access all emergency contacts until someone picks it up. The geolocation is also shared with parents via the mobile app for tracking.

Xplora: connected watches for kids that will reassure parents

Xplora also had a good idea of ​​integrating ‘School’ mode into their devices. From the app, parents can specify the periods of time during which the watch will not be able to receive notifications or calls. The App Store is also limited to the basics to reduce distractions.

A connected watch is required, we find the most practical function of this type of device: the monitoring of physical activity. In addition, the XGO2 and X5 Play models feature camera integration. Something to introduce children to the art of photography.

GoPlay: A good idea to generate physical activity

To pay our dear ones to put their noses out, Xplora had a good idea for rewarding physical activity. Sensors in the connected watch measure the number of steps taken per day. The higher the number, the more children will get Xplora coins. A concept that allows children to find a balance between physical activity and screen time.

This virtual currency is then used for two things:

  • Play exclusive mini games or buy baby products at auction;
  • But above all, he actively participated in Xplora campaigns.

Among the recent campaigns, UNICEF has made it possible to distribute drinking water to children who have hardly any access to it. The equivalent of two bottles of water was then distributed for 1,000 degrees. A total of 10 million water bottles were distributed through this campaign. We let you do the math to see how many steps have been taken.

Xplora ensures that the collected data is stored on European servers. It is only analyzed to improve future GoPlay campaigns.

Art paper like those of adult watches

But what are the ingredients hidden behind Xplora watches? Well, the same ones that are used in smart watches for adults. Xplora watches are equipped with custom processors from Qualcomm. This allows watches to work with a modified version of the WearOS interface, the official Google interface that can be found, for example, Samsung watches. It is suitable for use by children and includes some guarantees for parents.

Xplora: connected watches for kids that will reassure parents
Xplora X5 Play Watch

On the front is a 1.4-inch TFT screen, depending on the model. This is square in shape and naturally provides more display area. In terms of activity monitoring, Xplora watches can measure heart rate, sleep quality, and number of steps taken.

Above all, Xplora connected watches are designed for use without a smartphone. Thus, the Xplora XGO2 and X5 Play are equipped with microphones and speakers. This allows the wearer to make calls or send voice messages.

Finally, all Xplora watch models are water and dust resistant. It is at least IP67 certified, ensuring proper functioning of the watch after submersion to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Two models for all budgets

Xplora has two connected children’s watches in its catalog.

XGO2 at €119.99

Here, Xplora offers a completely independently connected watch model. XGO2 is capable of receiving a nano SIM card and thus can make calls and send messages without having to pair a smartphone. The 0.3 MP sensor on the front allows you to take pictures.

Xplora: connected watches for kids that will reassure parents

X5 play at the price of 169.99 euros

It’s the most advanced model from Xplora. The X5 Play benefits from a more generous battery, increased water resistance (IP68), but above all a better image sensor. The latter has 2 megapixels and allows you to take better quality photos.

Xplora: connected watches for kids that will reassure parents

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