Binance sets up start-up incubator in Paris and hires ex-CEO of AMF

Binance strengthens its position in France

Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange platform The largest in the worldToday she announced that she will do so settled at F . stationThe largest university campus in the world is located in Paris.

This news is a continuation of the “Objectif Lune” program announced last November Changpeng Zhaothe CEO of Binance, was already planning an investment to develop both the R&D center, Blockchain startup accelerator Plus an online tutorial, all in France.

It was he himself who unveiled this new partnership with Station F, as part of Blockchain Week Summit in Paris Currently taking place in the capital. ” France is uniquely positioned to be the leader in this industry in Europe He said, noting at the same time that Binance already employs about 50 people in the country.

Objectif Lune also includes an envelope 100 million euros from Binance to France with the purpose of ” Making the country the heart of the European crypto community “.

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France as a European base

This new space to be located in the heart of the campus in Paris, It will support startups in the startup phase Thanks to the dedicated support of professionals already working in BNB Chain, NFT Labs or Binance Labs, Binance affiliates.

This will allow young companies to take advantage of the help of the largest stock exchange in the world to direct them to them Design, develop and improve their ideas and projects. In addition, Binance will provide its best partners to the most promising startups.

Startups, which will operate in sectors such as Blockchain, Web 3.0, or even the metaverseBinance will also take care of hosting them during their incubation period. from Meetings organized by Binance France with key players in the ecosystem She is also on the agenda.

to Roxanne VarzaDirector of Station F, the arrival of Binance on the campus will democratize the world of Blockchain and Web 3.0:

“We are very proud and excited to welcome the world’s leading player in the Web 3.0 economy to Station F. For anyone looking to gain a better understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we hope this venue will help them step into the world of Web 3.0.”

For Changpeng Zhao, this will be the new incubator dedicated to Web 3.0″ A starting platform for Europe ” Beside'” Creative and innovative base “.

A former AMF consultant joins the platform

Parallel to this capital announcement of Developing the cryptocurrency ecosystem in FranceIt seems that Stephanie Kabuciorasformer Deputy Director of Legal Affairs at the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), Join the ranks of Binance.

In fact, the latter Featured in Paris Blockchain Week Summit ScheduleShe is scheduled to speak today, Wednesday, April 13, as part of a round table on the subject. Leveraging Blockchain to Prevent Crime In this same plan, it is indicated that Ms. Capuciuras will speak on behalf of Binance.

Information supported by his LinkedIn profile, which refers to his activity as AMF’s Deputy Director of Legal Affairs From January 2020 to March 2022effectively indicating a change of position.

This would be a logical hiring for Binance, which has Always advocated for proper regulation of cryptocurrency. In addition, Changpeng Zhao indicated that he wanted to obtain status digital asset service provider (PSAN) til Issued by anything other than the Arab Monetary Fund.

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Sources: Terminal F, Blockchain Week Summit in Paris

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