Abe’s Agencies Launches in Metaverse

Export: This news is not an April Fool’s joke! Papa Agencies just announced its coming – in the future – to the metaverse. The agency explains online that it wants to develop a file “A new virtual real estate ecosystem based on WEB3 technologies.” Concretely, what does that mean for the company and its customers? Does this mean that all real estate actors will have to participate?

What is Web3 again?

We will accurately refer to Vincent’s definition in his article How will Web3 transform real estate? :

“The goal of Web3 is to recreate a new, more decentralized form of the Internet, particularly through the use of blockchain. According to the Web3 Foundation, the movement created by Gavin Wood, it aims for a fairer Internet, giving users control over their data, identity and destiny.

Needless to say – with integrityYou should read and re-read this article if you want to understand the challenges of this technology in your real estate business.

Delivering more services and more security across Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFT

In this title, we have summarized the 3 systems that make up Web3. As for parent agencies, this place in the metaverse will allow them to provide more services to their clients. According to its leaders, the goal is “Connecting the real world and the virtual world in order to give all players more transparency about the environment of the properties offered, easy and secure access to more information about goods and services, and by promoting decisions more accurately and faster.”

We can rightly say that we can offer the same transparency on existing websites. This is where you should look at it more broadly. Concretely, the web 3.0 platform that the online agency tends to design wants to provide real estate services and information in addition to its core offering: assistance in buying and selling property, investment solutions, real estate community development for shareholder exchange and ancillary services, relocation services, home staging, decoration, Renovation or even concierge services.

Metaverse: A Really Real Market?!

When we wrote our articles on the metaverse, NFTs, and Blockchain, we always had the impression that we were in a time period in between: half current, half future. Between Facebook and Instagram who want to launch their market for NFTs, Startup Everyrealm that specializes in the acquisition of virtual land via NFTs or Barnes made his first cryptocurrency sale In Miami, this transaction system is no longer a fantasy. Therefore, you, the real estate professionals, will have to position yourselves very quickly in this market.

Regarding parent agencies, this project should see the light of day by the end of 2022. 4 Fixed Cost Agency plans to raise funds through ICO (electronic currency fundraising):

  • Pre-sale: From 15 April 2022
  • First round from May 15 to June 15 2022
  • Second round from June 15 to July 15 2022
  • Third round: from 15 July to 15 September 2022

Whatever you think of the ambitions of Baba agencies, their future place in WEB3 is an opportunity for you to identify the opportunities that you can seize on this platform: development of a new transaction system, creation of a community, more participatory implementation of real estate projects … It is up to you to innovate in this direction!

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