Cristina from Spain and Inaki Urdangarin: Divorce is underway

Three months after Lecturas magazine published photos of Inaki Urdangarin, the husband of Spain’s Infanta Cristina, walking by the sea in the French Basque Country with another woman, the former handball player is no longer at all. He hides his romance with Ainoha Armentia.

The marriage of the second daughter of King Juan Carlos to Olympic medalist Inaki Urdangarin in October 1997 was seen as a true fairy tale. The newlyweds met at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. On their return to Barcelona, ​​where he played for the handball team FC Barcelona and where Infanta worked for the La Caixa Foundation, they began a romantic relationship. Inaki separates in his fiancee. The courtship did not take long and the celebration of their union in Barcelona was a day of great popular jubilation.

Then everything seemed to smile at the young couple. After the Sydney Olympics, Inaki Urdangarin, whose mother is from Antwerp, stopped competing and returned to marketing studies. Four children came to crown this union: Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Irene.

Inaki became a consultant through the Noos Foundation. Advise departments on sports projects. Meanwhile, the Urdangarin-Bourbons have left their apartment on the elegant rue de la Diagonale to settle on a spacious estate in the upscale Pedralbes neighborhood. There were countless bedrooms and living rooms on the property, which also had a pool. This purchase of more than 6 million euros excluding development work was a surprise. Then we imagined, wrongly, that King Juan Carlos put his hand in the wallet.

Inaki, his ideal son-in-law, continued his career ascent. It was set by the telephone company Telefonica in Washington. Once again, people questioned the apparent extraordinary abilities of the Infanta’s husband to appoint him to this position. The family moved to Washington, where they lived in a very luxurious villa, which was paid for by Inaki’s employer. The children were educated at the French Lycée.

November 2011, the Noos case was revealed. An elected representative from the Balearic Islands notes that the Noos Institute was paid for a service (a seminar) that did not actually take place. It’s the beginning of the end for Inaki who almost drags his wife and property with him. He is accused of embezzlement of public property for nearly 6 million euros. The court bans him from public life.

By the time justice was served in the case, Telefonica thanked Urdangarin, and the family returned to Barcelona where the situation quickly became unacceptable due to media pressure. When Inaki takes his sons to sports, he is insulted and mocked. It is a very difficult ordeal for the family and especially the four children who suffer from ridicule and harassment at school. Cristina from Spain chooses to stay away from the royal family, especially her unsupported father and brother. She is even advised to separate from her husband, which she refuses.

File instructions are also a moment of great unloading of their intimate lives using emails that are made public. We find out that Inaki is in fact greedy for money, does not hesitate to criticize relatives, especially over their body, and have an extramarital affair. And so we learn that he asked Corinna Larsen, a friend of King Juan Carlos, to find him a well-paid job.

A skilled PR expert, Corina has already offered him a position on the board of directors, but the rewards are not high enough according to Urdangarin. Corinna, who knows her job, tells her that this is an opportunity to seize her resume. The matter will remain there.

The couple find themselves in the dock. For hours on end, Infanta will explain like a record-breaker that she didn’t know that Noos’ bank card had been used to pay salsa lessons, a Japanese birthday buffet, and other clothing purchases for their children. They trusted her husband’s goodwill.

February 2017, Infanta evaded release and a fine of 265,000 euros. Inaki Urdangarin was sentenced to 6 years and 3 months in prison, the sentence was later revised to 5 years and 10 months. The family then settled in Geneva, where their anonymity was more assured. Inaki has not found a job since his contract in Washington expired. Infanta was still working on humanitarian projects for La Caixa and for the Aga Khan Network, great friends of King Juan Carlos.

June 2018, Inaki, who activated all the appeal procedures, entered Brieva prison. One can only imagine the personal drama that this situation represents for the protagonists and their children. Queen Sophie of Spain doubles her visits to Geneva, as does Infanta Elena who also goes to prison to meet her brother-in-law.

For his part, Inaki devotes himself to gymnastics exercises, reads (186 books) and receives visits from a chaplain. His stay in prison changed him. He is furious at not being supported by the court, because he was the lamp in a case that he overstepped. As the months went by, he took advantage of the permits until he was able to stay in a center where he worked as a volunteer, and then with his mother in Vitoria. It was in this city that he got a job in a law firm as part of his reintegration.

The family is slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel because Inaki will be able to be free in the spring of 2022. At Christmas 2021, Infanta and her husband meet to ski in the Pyrenees. We see them walking side by side in the streets of Vitoria or attending handball matches for their son Pablo. Infanta realizes that something has broken in Inaki but she bets in time on things to get back to the way they were. For Inaki, there will never be a turning back. He wants to move forward and build a new life.

This new stage has a name: appoint it. She is also married, mother of two and works in the same law firm. Since the fall of 2021, their relationship has strengthened, but it is the publication of photos in the press that gives impetus to Inaki’s plans.

For the Infanta, who still resides in Geneva with her daughter Irene, the blow is very hard. This new prank from her husband does not seem to be a passing fancy. The pressure of the media is unimaginable. Photographers and cameras in front of a law firm to see the lovers go out separately. Inaki and Cristina try to calm things down, and there will be no doubt about the divorce. In light of this situation, a press release a few days later specifies that the couple has decided to take a break in their marital status. Christina always bets on reconciliation, she is the only one who wants it.

Three months have passed. Christina, who had long waited for the spring of 2022 to rebuild a family life, made the decision to divorce. Negotiations are underway. There will be no turning back. Inaki and Inoha are no longer hiding. They go to yoga, restaurants, or arm walk.

Infanta Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin were supposed to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary this October.

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