Why are the children’s games at the Jardin de l’Enclos moving to Saint-Maximin?

What will happen to the children’s games at the Jardin de l’Enclos?

This question torments more than one, and some even organize themselves to participate in the discussion.

However, this appears to have been well settled and settled: by 15 October the installations must have disappeared from the site. Why and where?

To answer these questions we have to look at the recent history of the garden, which is a bit special and not always very straightforward.

At first, it was simple: it was occupied and maintained by the Dominicans, and access to the monastery and garden was not far from the public.

But in 1957, the religious left.

“At that time, the monastery and the garden were sold to a mixed economic company, ‘Le Clos’, where there were communities, with the private sector, Remembers Alain Deccanes, mayor of Saint-Maximin. It worked for several years, and made Saint-Maximin shine. Then things went downhill.”

More than two years waiting for the department

Time passed, and in 1998, when the municipality bought the majority of the shares to own the monastery and garden a few years earlier, the park was sold to the department.

For 700,000 francs (currently 157,000 euros, taking inflation into account, editor’s note). The mayor sighs.

For park maintenance, the county council passes an agreement with the municipality: Against the service, Saint-Maximin residents can continue to enjoy Enclos Park.

Another condition, according to the mayor: No work can be carried out without written permission from the department.

Agreement will not be honored.

“In July 2019, a few months before the elections, the municipality of Saint-Maximin decided to build a kindergarten,” Alan Deccanes says.

“Without consultation and without permission”, We specify for the provincial council, which in September requests the dismantling of the facilities.

No answer.

Then there were the elections, The Chief Justice continued. I found myself with this file in my hands. I wasn’t aware of all this history. In November 2020, I received a letter confirming the request.”

without necessarily hiding his desire to pull things off (‘It was confinement, it’s hard to move on’), the mayor now finds himself in a deadline: October 15.

“So we have to take apart the children’s toys.”

and reassembled elsewhere. Again, this is not easy.

A future towards Clos de Roques

But the conclusion is not far.

“In front of the sports park, Clos de Roques, there is a cemetery, which we will expand. There will be space until the deflection. This is where we will put the kindergarten.”

But he will not be alone. “We plan to install a city bike next door: a chassis for older children, for mountain bikes. Dirt track with wooden logs, a hundred-meter track. It doesn’t cost much, about 4000 euros.”

And it’s not over: “Next door, the pumptrack, which we used to call Skatepark.”

Just that.

If the kindergarten was quickly established there, then the rest of the project has not yet been connected.

“It won’t happen right away, but it is enshrined in the development plan. It will allow families who wait during football and rugby training to position themselves in this space.”

Useful small resolution: depending on the mayor, The department agreed to subsidize 50% of the cost of dismantling and installation works.

In any case, the same thing: the person who pays the bill is the taxpayer!


“At the beginning of the summer of 2021, we learned that stands, intended to receive the public during the municipal festivities, were erected within the wall of the Enclos Park without any request for permission. The new municipality, like the old one, behaves as if it owns the site and absolves itself of any request or agreement. Prior. This is a situation that must end.”
Var . County Council

What will the department do on site?

“At the core of the Department’s ‘sensitive landscape’ policy.”

This is where the Jardin de l’Enclos is located for its owner, the county council. very good. But what exactly is the “sensitive natural areas” policy?

Easy: It’s about “Promotion of landscapes, conservation of biodiversity and the natural environment, public awareness of the environment, rational development of tourism …”

from U.S ‘Great historical interest’, The site is ideal for participating in thematic circuits to discover the sensitive natural areas of the Var, one of the projects of the current majority of the provinces.

In this case, the theme will be “Delicate landscape gardens”.

Medieval garden monuments

But for that, you need a little polishing. This is why the management says “Preparing for a few months for a development project that wants to be consistent with the place’s past, its central location in the city and the prospects for mediation with the public.”

Which will not happen in a jiffy.

Because between the geographical radar excavation, which revealed a certain number of ancient buried items, and the historical and landscape study, conducted last month, it is a matter of not rushing.

Respecting the historical heritage of the place. A legacy based on the ruins of a large medieval garden, dating back to the 14th century, with medicinal herbs, vegetables, orchards and a water supply system, but also evidence of a 17th century garden.

New Garden for 2023

Evidence was also found for the presence of an ornate fountain and two large water tanks, as well as the presence of rural buildings, the first traces of which date back to the Middle Ages and will continue to develop until the nineteenth century.

Judging by the strength of these elements, the circle has begun “Landscape design phase of a typical walled garden from the end of the Middle Ages, the plans for which are due to be completed in the summer of 2022.” It will follow the actual development work “which is scheduled to be completed in 2023”.

So it will be necessary to be patient to discover the new Enclos park for free.

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