How to protect children

A few numbers to start with…

▪️ By the age of 12, nearly 1 in 3 kids have already been exposed to pornographic videos
▪️ One in two young men says they stumbled across it by chance
▪️ More than half think they saw their first porn at a very young age.

Step One: Activate Parental Controls

Marcus Spaceki (Unsplash)

To reduce the risks, the first thing to do is to activate parental controls.

There are three types:

1️⃣ The Basics: Parental Control for Phone Company

For free, they allow you to do the first filter by blocking content on:

  • cell phone : unsuitable sites (witch sites, dating, etc.), premium price numbers, etc.
  • computer : Sites not suitable for children. It is also possible to set the authorized screen time.
  • the television : To secure TV bundle purchases, video-on-demand and video games, and block access to adult content.
  • • Parental controls also allow you to act On a Wi-Fi connectionby limiting the hours of Internet access.

> to reach it, You just have to activate it.

2️⃣ More complete: parental control options

👉 Application Google FamilyLink (Free)

Google Family Link allows you to:

  • • Manage the apps your child has access to
  • • Screen time management
  • • Track mobile activities
  • • To make it discover applications recommended by teachers.

👉 Careers Device usage time (Free)

It can only be accessed if you and your child both have an iPhone. With this feature, you can (among other things):

  • • Schedule downtime without a screen
  • • Determine when to use certain applications
  • • Authorize their access (or not)
  • • Block inappropriate content

3️⃣ Best of all: apps like Xooloo Digital Coach or Qustodio

👉 Xooloo Digital Trainer (between €2.99 per month and €6.99 per month, at a preferential rate for Orange subscribers)

Xooloo Digital Coach is a training app. Its goal is to empower children To become independent in their digital lives By helping them to adopt responsible habits themselves.

  • • The app blocks offensive content
  • • Shows kids how much time each app spends on the screen
  • • Compare their uses with those of other children for better self-evaluation
  • • sends them notices to encourage, guide and warn them…
  • • Share this information with parents.

👉 Qustodio (from 42.95 euros per year)

Another interesting app, Qustodio offers parents the possibility to:

  • • Filter inappropriate content and applications
  • • Block access to certain content and applications during homework and lessons
  • • Limit screen time
  • • Monitor children’s activity
  • • Locate family members on the map
  • • Track their calls and SMS

> For more information on parental control, register for the free Orange workshop » Understand parental control and adoption” by clicking here.

Step 2: Discuss it with your child

Protect your children from horrific images
Annie Spratt (@Unsplash)

Parental control is not a perfect solution. Some content may slip through the cracks. And at a certain age, Kids know very well how to get around it…

That’s why it’s important to talk about shocking content beforehand. phrase to gain their trust?

If you see offensive content, come and tell me about it. Fear not, I will not punish you and delete your phone.

Discussing these contents will help the child take the right distance with him and reassure him.

To help you during the discussion, you can…

👉 Your help supports it. platform”I protect my baby It offers several resources, depending on the age of your child, to support and reassure him, reduce discomfort, open dialogue on the topic of sex and suggest solutions …
👉 The platform also provides a space for questions and answerseg “I caught my child watching a porn site. How do I tell him that?” response here.
👉 Al-Qaeda : Don’t blame your child create atmosphere trust and understanding And inform (“What these pictures show is not what adults do”).

3. Children’s Internet

Youtube Kids A protected space for kids
YouTube Kids

Many major web companies offer spaces that are known to be safe for children. for example…

👉 YouTube launched a space for kids in 2016, which filters content. But the system is far from wrong. YouTube Kids admits this themselves and states on their homepage that “no system is perfect, and inappropriate videos can slip through the loopholes”.

👉 Search engines also offer Kids Editions. google with Safe search for kids or Qwant with Qwant Junior Suitable for ages 6 to 13 years old.

Again, nothing beats dialogue!

For more information, here are some tips on this topic

👉 platform” I protect my baby It aims to help parents protect their children from Internet pornography and has many resources to help them discuss it and raise awareness.
👉Download the FFT guide By clicking here: The Internet, how to support and protect your child »
👉 Site ” my baby and screens” It lists several issues ranging from managing privacy settings to online extortion.
👉 UNAF . guideChildren and screens: controllers »With tips on how to limit screen time and protect your kids from inappropriate content.

Need advice or help? Contact e-childhood for free at 30 18From Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm

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