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Google has just released an urgent update to its Chrome browser to close a serious security vulnerability. Install it without delay to avoid any hacking risks!

For the third time since the beginning of 2022, Google has urgently released a patch for its Chrome browser. In fact, as it explains in its official press release, the publisher identified a critical zero-day flaw (sealed CVS-2022-1364) caused by a type confusion in the program’s V8 JavaScript engine that could allow arbitrary code execution – without further detail. No need to know more: just install version 100.0.4896.127 without delay to avoid any risk of hacking or malicious intent.

Updating Chrome is very simple, on desktop and mobile.

► If you are using the mobile version of Chrome, connect to the Internet (on 4G/5G or Wi-Fi), open the Play Store (on Android) or the App Store (on iOS), and search for Chrome in a search engine or among the apps already installed on your device, then press the . button Update.

► If you are using the desktop version, open Chrome, and click The three small vertical dots, in the banner at the top left. In the menu that appears, hover over it helpsat the bottom, to expand a submenu, then tap About Chromium.

► A new tab is opened in the active window. Then Chrome automatically checks for an update. If it finds a new version, it indicates it clearly in a message and immediately downloads it. Click the button to restart To close the browser, apply the update, and restart Chrome.

What is the latest version of Google Chrome?

Chrome, Google’s main web browser, has been available in version 100 since March 30, 2022. It’s a token for this flagship app, which has taken the opportunity to change its logo very slightly. The switch to three-digit numbering has raised some concerns about compatibility with some sites, but it seems there are no consequences in practice.

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If version 100 corrects about thirty security flaws, discovered mainly by independent security researchers, it includes some small new features that are not visible at first glance. Thus, websites can now revoke their access permissions to peripheral devices (USB or Bluetooth) when you no longer need them.

Technically speaking, Chrome 100 opens a new API – a dedicated developer API – intended for managing windows on a configuration with multiple screens – for example, for audio, image, or video creation apps that double secondary windows, to display a slideshow on a secondary screen with View notes on a laptop screen, to open financial applications with a dashboard consisting of several windows, to open medical images (X-ray, MRI, scanner …) in high resolution on a dedicated screen, etc. In addition, Chrome 100 introduces the Digital Goods API, which will allow web applications from the Play Store to directly support digital purchases, which will allow the installation of additional content from the App Store.

Finally, note that Chrome version 100 puts a limit on the data saver on Android, a function that reduces the amount of data used when connected to the Internet on a mobile network (3G, 4G, or 5G), but has lost interest in history. Volume is now included in phone plans.

Released in early March 2022, Chrome version 99 has come with new features and improvements. Parmi les principaux changes, signalons l’arrivée d’une nouvelle icône qui apparaît dans la barre d’outils en haut à droite lors d’un téléchargement : elle s’affiche en passbleu lorsque le au téetlélore chargeé commencement que is over. However, this function is deactivated by default, while Google is making some adjustments. In addition, Chrome 99 introduced Manifest V3, a controversial API that may significantly reduce the effectiveness of ad blockers. In fact, these anti-ad extensions will only be able to filter up to 30,000 sites at most, compared to the 100,000 sites in Manifest V2, the version currently in use. However, the transition will be gradual, since the already available ad blockers will only have to switch to Manifest V3 from 2023.

For the record, Chrome 97, released in January, fixed about 37 security flaws. The most important are the privacy and security settings in Chrome. It is now possible to erase all data stored by a website individually, which was not the case before. In addition, the display of web applications installed from the browser has been improved, bringing them closer to the classic applications known as “native” applications. On the display side, Chrome 97 knows how to support HDR, when the screen is compatible, and a specific zoom can now be set for each seating visit, on the mobile only version. Finally, a new keyboard API option allows sites to see which keyboard keys are being used, which is a serious security and privacy concern as noted by Apple and the Mozilla Foundation.

Chrome version 96, released in November 2021, also brought its share of new features. First, the HTTPS First feature. Clearly, when accessing a website, Chrome 96 prioritizes HTTPS (identifiable by the small padlock to the left of the address bar) to establish a secure connection, and failing that, automatically switches to classic HTTP mode, not secure. In addition, the desktop version (for PCs) of Chrome 96 has better organized and more accessible sharing functionality. By clicking on the Sharing Center right on the right of the address bar, one can choose between different actions (copy link, send to devices, generate QR code, send, save page under a name) or options to share the active tab On Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. And as usual, this version also fixes bugs and security flaws (about two dozen).

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What is google chrome?

Free, powerful, feature-rich, easy to use, and scalable with thousands of extensions, Google Chrome is the web browser of choice today. It is constantly improving with monthly updates. Install it for unlimited browsing!

Remember that Google Chrome is a web browser made by Google and based on the open source Chromium project. Google’s initial goal in developing Chrome was to provide Internet users with a new and faster browser that offers many innovations compared to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. In addition to performance issues, Google Chrome significantly distinguishes itself from its competitors by allocating user memory space and a unique process for each new window or tab, in order to ensure better stability and security.

Signing into your Google or Gmail account makes it easy to find your bookmarks and other information across different devices. Thanks to your profile, it is possible to fully customize Google Chrome so that you will find it in the same state in which you used it the last time you logged in.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 64 Bit

The latest version of Google Chrome for Windows 64-bit is version 97.0.4692.71 released on 06/24/2016.
This version is compatible with: Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 64 Bit
(Free – 79.7MB)

File name: standalonesetup64-95.0.4638.69.exe

Download Google Chrome for Windows 32 Bit

The latest version of Google Chrome for Windows 32-bit is version 100.0.4896.75 which was released on 03/03/2022.
This version is compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 32 Bit
(Free – 79.4MB)

File name: standalonesetup.exe, standalonesetup-100.0.4896.75.exe

Download Google Chrome for Windows Portable

The latest version of Google Chrome for Windows Portable is version 93.0.4577.63 released on 06/24/2016.
This version is compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Download Google Chrome for Windows Portable
(Freeware – 1.4 MB)

File Name: GoogleChromePortable_93.0.4577.63_online.paf.exe

Download Google Chrome for macOS

The latest version of Google Chrome for macOS is version 97.0.4692.71.
This version is compatible with: macOS Classic.

Download Google Chrome for macOS
(Free – 106.6MB)

File names: googlechrome.dmg, googlechrome-97.0.4692.71.dmg

Download Google Chrome for Android

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android is version 90.
This version is compatible with: Android.

Download Google Chrome for Android

Download Google Chrome for iOS

The latest version of Google Chrome for iOS is version 83.
This version is compatible with: iPhone, iPad.

Download Google Chrome for iOS

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