Amber Heard’s Lawyers Describe ‘The Beast’ in Johnny Depp’s Movie

FAIRFAX, US: Outbursts of ‘anger’ culminating in physical and sexual violence: Lawyers for Amber Heard on Tuesday described in a US court the hell the young actress, victim of her husband Johnny Depp, would have lived through, according to them to the “monster” with drugs and alcohol.

The ex-couple accused each other of defamation during this trial in Fairfax, near Washington, due to a column in the Washington Post in 2018. Amber Heard described herself as a “victim of domestic violence” bullied by society after breaking two years of silence. Previously.

Amber Heard “loved the side of Johnny we see in movies, charismatic, charming, generous, he’s the man she fell in love with,” her attorney, Elaine Breedhoft, told jurors.

“But unfortunately the monster appeared (…) when he was drinking or taking drugs,” she added, referring to a cocktail of alcohol, drugs, cocaine, ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Bredehoft explained to me that Johnny Depp had a “tremendous rage” that turned him into a “demon” who attacked “Amber Heard verbally, psychologically, physically and sexually.”

She recounted several scenes of violence, especially in March 2015 in Australia, where Johnny Depp was filming the fifth episode of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

makeup set

The lawyer, who intends to show the jury “horrific pictures” of the abuse, said the actress never parted with a cosmetic kit to mask the bruises on her face.

The 35-year-old actress did not mention in her column the name of Johnny Depp, 58, whom she married in 2015. But she did mention the domestic violence accusations she made against her husband in 2016.

The actress had her charges dropped as part of their divorce, which concluded with a major hit and an imminent $7 million hit in 2017.

After this forum was posted, the former “21 Jump Street” undercover police officer, who denied he ever hit his wife, filed a defamation complaint, seeking $50 million in damages.

The actress, in turn, had filed a defamation lawsuit asking for $100 million.

Johnny Depp’s attorney, Benjamin Chew, denounced him for “destructive words when they are false and are spoken publicly.”

“Amber Heard has forever changed the life and reputation of Mr. Depp, and you will hear him recount the horrific impact it has had on his life,” he told the jurors.

“old fat”

According to Benjamin Chew, Amber Heard accused her husband of violence in 2016 to get revenge on him after his decision to divorce.

Two years later, “in the wake of the MeToo movement” denouncing sexual violence and “before the release of Aquaman” in which she played, Amber Heard chose “to remind the world of these toxic allegations in a world-famous newspaper,” he asserted.

Johnny Depp’s sister, Kristi Dembrowski, described on the situation a toxic marital affair with a “always confrontational” young woman, who “much exaggerated” her husband’s alcohol and drug problems and called him “fat.”

“Dior is sophistication and elegance, not style,” she would have called during discussions over an advertising contract with the French perfumer, according to the witness.

The actor filed his lawsuit in Virginia, where the Washington Post is printed and where the legal framework is more favorable for defamation complaints than California, where the two actors reside.

The former spouses attend the trial, which is broadcast live on television, and which is supposed to last several weeks. The list of witnesses is worthy of great Hollywood films: billionaire Elon Musk, the companion of the actress after her divorce, actors James Franco and Paul Bettany, and actress Ellen Barkin.

In 2020, Johnny Depp had already lost a defamation lawsuit in London against The Sun newspaper publishing company after an article he presented as an abusive husband.

Then Amber Heard claimed that she was the victim of dozens of assaults committed by her husband. He admitted to taking a lot of drugs and alcohol, but said he had never laid hands on a woman.

After this setback, the actor’s career was covered and he was eliminated from several projects, including the sixth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

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