Metaverse Customer Support – The world’s first to sell brands worldwide

Metaverse Customer Support: There is a new product that promises to help Metaverse companies with their customer service. It is hoped that this will help consumers navigate the buying process around the world.

Thinking of entering the metaverse with your business? Today, a company called Helpshift offers a product called Metashift. They say it’s the first and only customer support solution for Metaverse.

Metashift enables brands to provide comprehensive service and user support to their customers. The retailer can also get feedback from its customers. The software provides blockchain verification. In addition, there is global support for mobile experiences, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

According to Metashift, by 2024 the retail metaverse market could be worth $800 billion. By 2030, it is estimated at $2.5 billion. Game software and services will be the main driver. In fact, the gaming industry is at the fore in creating the building blocks for the Metaverse. It is closely followed by the fintech, mobile retail, and virtual entertainment industries.

Metaverse Customer Support: Good Experience

With turmoil comes danger. As brands move their business into the metaverse, they all have an interest in ensuring that their customers have a smooth journey. Businesses should also have a smooth journey. There will be new ways to interact with customers in these new virtual experiences. Companies will also have to verify the identity of users. and protect assets such as NFTs, blockchain tokens, and identity tokens.

But most importantly, companies need to ensure their customers have a great experience when purchasing items from the metaverse. In the ideal outcome, the client will love the process, spread the word, and come back.

Metashift wants to intervene at this point in the reverse trade. They want to lubricate the world’s experiences for buyers. Thanks to the new metaverse customer service offering, customers can get their questions answered and provide feedback. They can also talk to an agent without leaving the metaverse.

Metaverse customer support experience

Metashift claims that with Metaverse’s immersive customer support experience, companies can help reduce disruption. This is how quickly customers stop interacting with a business. Brands can increase customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and generate revenue.

Eric Vermillion is the CEO of Helpshift. “If your brand is curious about the new possibilities of the metaverse, you need a plan to engage with customers, collect and analyze feedback, and provide support in a way that meets the needs of the immersive environment. If you cannot adapt your user experiences to the metaverse, you risk losing millions of customers .Metaverse is an immersive and transformative evolution in how people interact and engage with brands online.However, to thrive, companies must prioritize user experience to avoid disruption and build enthusiastic fans.Users must have an easy way to leave feedback and get support in the world , without having to leave the Metaverse experience.

Keywords Studios is a video game service company. They think there is great potential in the metaverse. Peter Gerson is a senior executive. “We believe happy gamers are essential to game development because they spread the word. We value our partnership with Helpshift because we know they understand the importance of a seamless user experience and keeping users in the app.

Publish the system

Helpshift will roll out the new Metashift support solution in three phases:

-Phase 1: Free reports, feedback, errors and malfunctions. Companies can make sure that everything is working properly.

The second stage: Verify the blockchain. Here, Metashift will verify the ownership of assets (eg NFTs). Metashift will help brands deal with the SSI (Self-Sovereign Identities) that will come with their presence in the Metaverse.

Phase 3: VR Support – Here customers can interact with the support using VR.

According to Metashift, “As user experiences evolve to become more inclusive, brand support should also evolve. Users should not leave VR for help.

Brands can start using Metashift for free when it becomes freely available in early May. Here’s the waiting list.

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