HR & Metaverse: How can they be combined?

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, Metaverse can be described as the future of the Internet. Concretely, it is a parallel world that works thanks to Extended Reality, also called XR or Cross Reality. The latter combines virtual reality and augmented reality. Therefore, Metavers aims to replicate many shared virtual spaces, which can be accessed over the Internet. Individuals are replaced by avatars and thus can actually meet.

Multiple regions are affected by the Metaverse, whether games or artificial intelligence. But how can this new tool be put to good use in the professional world?

Virtual Reality: An Alternative for Candidates of the Future

On the candidate side, the VR mask is already being used by job seekers in order to visualize and even experience a job. This virtual experience then allows them to more easily choose the career opportunities that match them, and thus, an accurate candidate profile can be created. This way, everyone will be able to find tailored job offers. In this case, virtual reality is useful so that candidates can temporarily position themselves in the place of their potential future job, and thus represent an alternative to the activation and embodiment of the job description. On the other hand, Metaverse can also be useful on the business side. Indeed, this is an unprecedented opportunity to refresh the company’s image and attract more candidates. Companies can offer the opportunity to reinvent their work environment, and thus make it more attractive – to both existing employees and newcomers.

Optimal recruitment thanks to virtual exams

Thanks to the virtual interface, companies, especially HR professionals, will be able to improve their recruitment strategy. The goal is to improve the process, in order to recruit the ideal candidate for a vacant position. Thus, the development of virtual exams aims to more accurately assess the candidate’s skills. The idea then would be to put the candidate to the test in a practical situation, which can be faced in the course of his future work. In this way, the recruiters will be able to get a synthetic and clear analysis of the candidate.

A new approach to remote work

How to take advantage of cross-reality to develop a hybrid work environment? This will likely help prevent isolation related to remote work. The ideal would be to imitate the workplace completely, so that everyone can meet and exchange as is actually possible. Without moving from home. So employee engagement will remain the same and thus social bonds between colleagues can be maintained.

Metaverse can introduce a new dimension to work, without leaving home. Thus this can facilitate cooperation between colleagues and collaborators, when it is not possible to meet in the real world. This is exactly what Microsoft is offering, through its collaborative Mesh platform. This makes it possible to work virtually and share experiences anywhere and on any device with XR reality applications. This solution may be practical for companies, and it can dramatically change professional habits.

How can HR anticipate the arrival of Metavers?

This new universe is made possible by the realization of a computer embellished with artificial intelligence. The best way for HR professionals to understand all the issues is, on the one hand, to create greater synergy with professionals responsible for IT and innovation within their company, and on the other hand, to actively participate in the internal culture of innovation and digital transformation of their operations.

Affinity with the legal department is just as important, because if the future must mix office presence and telecommuting with the possibility of joining brainstorming sessions in the Metaverse, it is the legal structure that will allow to define its limits.

Although the Metaverse still has a long way to go before it becomes fully operational, many companies are beginning to anticipate the impending innovations. This immersive platform promises to reinvent the way we work, in terms of collaboration, communication or HR technology. So the Metaverse portends many changes in our daily professional life, but not only. Get ready to push the boundaries of reality!

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