Crépine Gandaho Amoussou supports children with low academic performance

Crépine Gandaho Amoussou, a Catholic woman committed to supporting children with poor academic performance / Crépine Gandaho Amoussou


Crépine Gandaho Amoussou, in his forties, is a certified philosophy teacher, human resource management specialist, educational psychology consultant, and chair of the Working Group for the Motivation and Intellectual Awakening of Learners (Gameia), a non-governmental organization. Married a ardent Catholic since 2011, through this NGO, she expresses her Christian commitment to serving children with learning disabilities in schools. painting.

The story of Crépine Gandaho Amoussou is the story of a woman from a spiritual family raised by a father who has a strong belief in God. “ My father was a traditional healer, but a man who believed in God. Although he was in his practices, we, his children, have all enrolled us in the catechism He testifies to Gandahu who was baptized when he was twelve years old.
I received my baccalaureate degree, in 2003 I enrolled at the University of Abomey Kalavi (UAC) with two degrees, respectively, in Philosophy and Law. In 2011, she married Théophile Amoussou at Chapelle St Jean-Eudes de Zogbadjè, near the university. “ Then he became my first support, she trusts. He supports and encourages me in all my initiatives “.

Gandahu then earned a master’s degree in 2015, then a Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching Secondary Education (CAPS), a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, and another degree in Philosophy to record the thesis.

As part of her research at Capes, she was interested in the causes of school failure: ” I tried to understand why, in the same class, there are very good learners and others so far behind Then you find out Low-performing students often don’t have a working method, don’t know how to do it and parents make big investments without big results Based on this diagnosis, he suggests a care and support program.

Contribute to improving school results

In defense of Capes’ thesis, Inspector Roukayatou Daouda Yessoufou recommends that the proposals in the document be shared with the general public in order to better support learners. Crépine publishes consecutively Effective working methods for any learner In 2016, How do you motivate learners with learning difficulties? In 2017 and Managing behaviors at home and in the classroom In 2020. The first work, as of 2020, by ministerial decree, was officially included in secondary education curricula across the country.

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Meanwhile, in 2018, Gandahu founded the Working Group for Stimulation and Mindfulness of Learners (Gameia), a non-governmental organization that provides support to children with learning difficulties. “ By founding this NGO, I had, among other goals, to contribute to improving school outcomes, motivate and empower learners, and promote female sexuality and education in civic values. “.
And to add: At the NGO level, we, at home and in colleges, offer curricular courses, supporting, following up and supporting low-level learners, but also for intermediate-level learners who want to become excellent In four years, the NGO has supported 244 homeschooled learners and visited 67 training colleges. But Gandahu says he owes all of these initiatives to God.

“This project’s intuition is inspired by God”

Intuition of this project I received in the parish of Jesus Eucharist in Cotonou. When I was crossing one day, I stopped and made the sign of the cross to meditate. This is where the inspiration for the subject of my first works came to me Gandahu testifies. She embodied her gratitude by dedicating each of the three books she published to the Eucharist Jesus. Moreover, she sees the work she does with her husband and the NGO team as a charity towards these children who are facing difficulties and her own way of expressing her belief with actions in the city.

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