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Scott Disick’s relationship with Kourtney Kardashian has not been the most popular romantic relationship in the world of television. Take a look at dating history from Kourtney to Sofia Richie and more.

Scott Disick It was first introduced to the public over ten years ago keeping up with the Kardashians Like CourtneyHe is her serious boyfriend. Over the course of the series, viewers watched the ups and downs of their romance, and the two became parents! But there’s more to Scott’s love life than his relationship with the mother of his three children.

The Flip it like a Disick The host has continued to have a great and much publicized love life since the romantic part of his relationship with Kourtney ended. Over the years, fans have seen reality TV models and even Hollywood royalty. Now we take a full look at the women Scott has dated and hooked up with over the years!

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been together for nearly a decade [BACKGRID].

Kourtney and Scott met in 2006 at a party in Mexico. The two hit it off instantly and Scott quickly became part of the Kardashian family. Captured the early years of Scott and Kurt’s love story KUWTKThe show also allowed fans of the couple to see them take a big step!

Kurt gave birth to the couple’s first son, Disc MasonOn December 14, 2009. A few years later, Kourtney and Scott welcomed their second child, a daughter named PenelopeOn July 8, 2012, they finally welcomed their third child, a son ruling eraDecember 14, 2014! Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, being a father has become a top priority for Scott and Kourtney.

Sadly, Kourtney ended their forever romance in 2015 after years of trying to help Scott deal with his addiction issues. Of course, fans were hoping the two would work things out and eventually get back together, but a source close to the two shared an exclusive. Hollywood Live That their children are their main concern now. “They are happy to be friends and to show their families that they can get along. They both think it is good for the children to see them cooperate and do things together.

When Courtney was first involved with drummer blink-182 travis parker, Scott had some tension with him, but it seems that Scott and Travis have put their differences aside for the sake of their family, a source close to Kourtney revealed to Hollywood Live March 2022.. “Kourtney knows that Scott is of the opinion that Travis is not going anywhere and that he only wants the best for Kourtney and the kids. Kourtney has always hoped for a good relationship between Travis and Scott, so she is grateful to see Scott can put his differences aside for the sake of the kids.” , said the source.

Chloe Bartoli

Scott Disick and Chloe Bartoli
Scott Disick and Chloe Bartoli have been dating for years [BACKGRID].

Chloe Bartoli and Scott have been linked and suspended for several years. They were first linked in 2006 when Scott and Kourtney broke up. About 10 years later, Scott had a brief affair with the designer, who is seven years younger than him. In 2017, the two were seen snuggling up in Cannes at Scott’s birthday party. Outside of these outings, the two have never specifically indicated that their romance is serious.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne
Scott Disick and Bella Thorne were briefly linked in the summer of 2017, before explaining their status in an interview [MEGA].

Disney graduate Bella Thorne He was also briefly linked to Scott in 2017. The two were spotted together in Cannes as they got really close to Scott’s birthday party, but that was for any potential love affair between the two. Bella explained her relationship with Scott in an interview. “Scott is really cute, sweet, charming. I don’t drink and he drinks a lot. And she finished… I wasn’t depressed. I have to go,” she said. UK Complex in June 2017.

” We were [at Cannes] A day and a half before I was as if I booked my flight and left. I love to go out and have fun, I love to dance, but I don’t party like that and it was too much for me. I was like, “Wow, that’s not the way I live my life, brother.” »

Bella Banos

Scott and Bella rekindled their romance in 2021, after they were first linked in 2017. (ELIOT PRESS-MEGA-IMP FEATURES/BACKGRID)

2017 continued to baffle Scott fans when he was spotted with a model Bella Banos. The two, much like their previous potential flames, were simply related at the time. But after parting ways Sophie Ritchie In 2020, Scott was seen with Bella again in October. A source close to Scott said that despite their reunion in 2021 Hollywood Live He was still “dating” in December.

Sophie Ritchie

Scott Disick and Sophia Ricci
Scott Disick and Sophia Richie dated for three years [MEGA].

Scott’s longest-standing relationship came after his split from Kourtney in 2017, when he began a romance with the model and Lionel RichieSophia’s daughter. The couple began dating in the summer of 2017 and confirmed their relationship in September. Although the two were criticized for their 15-year age difference, they were able to stand up to scrutiny together.

Sophia has become an integral part of Scott’s life. She has even vacationed with Scott, Kourtney, and the ex-couple’s three children on various occasions. During the 2019 holidays, Sophia was able to spend some quality time with the little ones herself while she and Scott were in Aspen celebrating the New Year holidays.

However, their love was not meant to last. In May 2020, about three years after they started dating, Scott and Sophia went their separate ways. However, they kept in touch and seemed to reconcile over the summer, leading fans to believe the two are back together. Scott officially ended his romance with Sophia in August.

Amelia Hamlin

Amelia Hamlin, Scott Disick
Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin have been linked for the first time after Halloween 2020 [MEGA].

Two months after his official split from Sophia, Scott was seen partying with him Amelia Hamlindaughter Harry Hamlin And Lisa Rina, during Halloween. In November 2020, the couple began eating and seeing together, including a romantic walk on the beach. But it looks like they took a really big step when Scott and the model called in the New Year 2021 together while on a trip to Mexico.

The couple took their relationship to a higher level over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2021, when Amelia Scott flew to Miami. They went “Instagram Official” to a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner on Friday, February 12th. Scott hugged Amelia close to him as he put his arm around her on the table full of seafood, joking in one of the comments: “Why so serious? On Valentine’s Day the couple took a walk on the beach and lounging by the hotel pool, Amelia gently rubbing on sunscreen. on her man in the pictures.Sadly, Scott and Amelia weren’t supposed to be, and they ended up dating their part in September 2021.

Elizabeth Grace Lindley

Elizabeth and Scott were seen together after his split from Amelia. (Photo/NurPhoto/Shutterstock News Agency)

About a month after the relationship with Amelia ended, Scott was probably ready to get back together again! Spotted in a club with an influencer Elizabeth Grace Lindley 20, in West Hollywood on October 22. While an eyewitness said the two quickly moved from the club to a car, it is unclear if they were romantically involved, as it appears he hasn’t spent much time with him since then. .

Kristen Burke

Scott and Kristen have been spotted together a few times after their split from Amelia. (background)

Scott with Kristen Burke, The 25th, dating back to 2016, when the couple first started being rumored to be an item, appears to have had an on-off relationship over the years. Since breaking up with Amelia, it seems that Scott and Kristen have decided to spend time together. The couple have been spotted for dinner parties twice, including a trip to Nobu after Thanksgiving in November 2021.

Hana Cross

Hannah and Scott dined together in late 2021 and early 2022 (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Besides hanging out with Kristen, rumors are also starting to get around Scott Hanna Croce On November 23, 2021. The model was seen with him several times, and this reversal lasted some time. She was even seen having dinner with Scott in Malibu as recently as January 2022.

Holly Scarfoon

Holly and Scott began their romance in February and haven’t been shy about talking about their personal digital assistant. (best image/grid wallpaper)

Recently, Scott seemed to have had a romantic relationship with him Too hot to handle star Holly Scarfoon 23, around the end of February, after the pair were seen on a date in Malibu. Since the beginning of their romance, they have been seen many times and have not hesitated to show their PDA. A source close to Scott said although they seem to have a great connection Hollywood Live He does not intend to settle in March. “Scott doesn’t know what he wants right now. There’s a relationship with Holly, and it’s so easy to be around, but Scott loves being around any woman right now that can help him think about Kourtney and Travis,” the source said.

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