Relationships: Expert Says ‘We Don’t Need Romantic Love in Our Lives’

  • Julia Brown
  • BBC News Brasil, Sao Paulo

photo credit, Getty Images

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The picture built around romance can vary greatly depending on the culture

In Western societies, love is often presented as a cliché of two halves coming together to feel complete. This story is often reproduced in literature, film, and television, but can be very harmful when brought to light in reality.

So thinks anthropologist Anna Machin, who has devoted nearly 20 years of her career to studying different ways of love.

According to the researcher from the University of Oxford, UK, overestimating romantic love – which exists between two partners or manifests itself in the emotional attraction to another person – can make us forget the importance of other types of love.

“We don’t need romantic love in our lives,” the academic says. “There are many other forms of love that can satisfy our needs.”

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