Ghostwire Tokyo: Awards Guide

Ghost Wire Tokyo It was recently released and of course allows you to re-release one Platinum Cup To buy. So we summarize What you have to do for it And What you need to pay special attention to.

Ghostwire Tokyo has many awards

The set of prizes Consists of a total of 57 achievementsthat you can get. Here’s how to distribute it:

  • 1x turntable
  • 2 gold medals
  • 4x silver
  • 50 bronze

How long does platinum last? PowerPyx page gives Ghostwire Tokyo file Difficulty rating 3/10 and go Just under 35 to 45 hours need for. The good thing is Only one pass is required, where you can repeat everything and recover after the story. So you can follow the story at your own pace, then focus on the rewards.

Ghostwire Tokyo: The full list of awards in the guide

All Platinum, Gold, and Silver Awards at Ghostwire Tokyo

cup name the description
ghostwire: tokyoite (platinum) Get all the prizes.
Shibuya hero (He went) Complete the main story after moving 100% of the city’s ghosts.
avant-garde (He went) Get all items from the outfit list (except for bonus content).
Hello all (Capital) Move 100% of city ghosts.
wish to achieve (Capital) Complete all side missions.
Mosque (Capital) Get all the relics.
impact (Capital) Get all prayer beads.

50 Bronze Awards at Ghostwire Tokyo

cup name the description
Helping hand Move 25% of ghosts to the city.
savior Move 50% of ghosts to the city.
Solve the problem Complete a side mission.
pioneer Tori cleaning.
editor Clean every tori.
bounty hunter get leftovers.
body and soul Unlock all mental powers.
at the same wavelength Maximize your synergy level
like my jacket pocket Discover all the attractions.
echo of the past Receive an audio recording.
all the truth Get all audio recordings.
Thank you Yokai Get Magatama.
unite forces Get all the Magatama.
Spirituality on the side of the road Pray on the statue of Jizo.
pilgrim Pray for all Jizo statues.
on the fur Find all the lost tanuki.
gluttonous Eat and drink at least once.
DJ Akito Get all the music tracks.
mascot Get all spells.
wild mind Get as many katashiro as possible.
Visiting hours are over Beat all kinds of visitors.
heart broken Defeat the visitor by extracting his gem.
broken soul Defeat 50 visitors by extracting their hearts.
lump sum Defeat at least 5 visitors at the same time by extracting their hearts.
CRAZY DEAL Defeat at least 3 visitors at the same time by detonating a red ether crystal.
complete calm Defeat a total of 200 visitors with Rapid Obliterate.
achieve his goal Defeat a total of 50 visitors with a bow and arrow.
Aiming for the eyes Defeat a total of 20 visitors with head injuries.
I stopped! Defeat a total of 10 stunned visitors with amazing fast-erase magic.
shrub! Use a forest spell to hide and defeat 3 visitors.
completely without cover Defeat a total of 10 visitors by exposing and ripping their hearts apart using debuff magic.
blockmaster Make a total of 30 perfect templates.
On-line Align with KK a total of 10 times.
Shopping fun A total of 1,000,000 Meika was spent.
religious Put a total of 10,000 Meika into the Submission Boxes.
the beginning Complete Chapter 1.
Problems Complete Chapter 2.
Romantic relationship Complete Chapter 3.
distortion Complete Chapter 4.
Separation Complete Chapter Five.
Is mandatory Complete Chapter 6.
finish Complete the main story.
animal lovers pet an animal.
amateur photographer Use photo mode for the first time.
You won’t steal a ghost Successfully protect at least 3 Dissipation Cubes in a single battle.
Don’t worry Draw an omekoji “Daikyo”.
It’s better together than alone Paraphrase in KK after you separate it.
sniper Defeat a visitor with a bullet to the head from a distance of at least 40 yards.
I float! Stay in the air for at least 10 seconds while hunting and gliding.
Tsukimi color Look at the moon for at least 30 seconds.

You still have to be careful though for platinum!

Hyaki Yako events: During the match you can Big places in the game sometimes on special event In order to meet. This is amazing Hyaki Yako She is basically Ghost Marches, which starts a bigger battle when you get in there. You get it as a reward ghostswho are you last necessary for 100%.

But since then random events You must make your way to the Great Shibuya Crossroads quickly at regular intervals and I hope it will be easy for you in the end. You can use Parades to get some Battle prizes recovers.

Defeat Forlorn and Forsaken: You need both types of enemies Visiting hours are over. here they are Children in yellow or red jackets. she appear randomly And run away if you get too close. Because sometimes several hours She can even she see again You should take your chance to defeat them as quickly as possible.

point of no return: after class 4 You’ll already be asked if you really want to continue, because you’re so First of all, not to return to the upper world Could you. But don’t worry, because after the story you start all over again right before it point of no return and then you It is possible to complete all the side quests And Find collectibles.

By following these tips, you should be able to get platinum at Ghostwire Tokyo. If you want to know if you might like the game, check out our game . review pure:

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