In the face of the Internet, traditional classifieds have not said their last

In the eighteenth century, advertising played a major role in the development of trade relations. © Renaissance – Le Bissin

in the eighteenthAnd the horn small ads She played a vital role in the development of trade relations. Historian Claire Lise Gillard In his article Matrimonial Classifieds, “Colonial, 32, Dangerous, Good Condition…” he specifies that by opening newspapers to advertising, the ads are accused of making the press corrupt.

I’ve been posting ads in La Renaissance for 40 years

Marcel, former merchant

under the July propertyThe expenses of major newspapers increased significantly, and therefore the press could no longer do without the income generated by advertising. It was also thanks to these resources that the price of subscriptions was able to fall and thus expand access to information during the nineteenth century.And the century.

A hundred years later, in the 1980s, new technologies began to disturb our practices. The Matrimonial Classifieds From the newspaper in competition with Dating websites It is seen as more interactive and private.

On the business side, towards the end of the 2000s, sites like “Le bon coin” had established themselves as major players in the circular economy. We investigated and sought to understand why classified ads persisted in the Renaissance in recent years.

The Internet is not everything

Renaissance advertisements
Traditional classifieds never said their last words. © Renaissance – Le Bissin

Traditional classifieds haven’t said their last words and are still getting real attention. “I don’t own the internet, and I’ve been posting ads in La Renaissance for 40 years,” says Marcel, a former shop owner in the area.

Patrick is a retired doctor and antique enthusiast, who regularly posts ads in our newspaper to find his stuff and perfect his collection he started 55 years ago: “The internet is good for flea markets, but not for valuables, I have about ten calls a day, which allows me to reach a certain generation who can Le bon coin is a real chip for him.

local approach

For Jay, who is hoping to sell his pickup: “I’m happy to publish in the Renaissance, I don’t want to go online right now, and then let you sell in the area, it’s faster, more reassuring, and nicer.” Classified ads are still popular. The Internet is not everything, paper newspapers allow those who are not digitally versed to continue to connect, sell and search for things locally. A real approach to proximity, easy access, which remains in keeping with the times.

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Marriage Announcements

In the 19th century, marriage agencies flourished in Paris. Since the turn of the century, we’ve been seeing genuine newspaper reviews appearing listing locally available singles. For scholars Hannah Friedman and Claire-Liz Gillard in their article “The Underside of Classifieds: When Intimate Relationships Are Bargained on Page Four of the Newspapers (Third Republic): Marriage, Sexuality, Passion, or Hygiene Offers Theme of Requests.”

They speak of a true commodification of love that still allows historians and sociologists today to study the history of sexuality. In the 1980s, advertisements were a haven for gay encounters.

Today, if the number of marriage agencies is halved, advertisements continue to boom at the end of our newspaper. Lawrence, who runs her marriage agency, regularly uses paper ads as a supplement to her social media ads to reach another generation. “I am committed to putting people in a serious relationship, the ads in the newspaper allow me to reach other people, the elderly in particular. Nothing, the classified ads allow everyone to find a soul mate.

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