10 Things Only Comic Book Lovers Know About Their Relationship

For decades, the love affair between Batman and Catwoman has entertained comic book fans. The two met and broke up several times, their ambivalent nature constantly hampers their happiness, and fans are still wondering if these two can be happy together.

Over the years, Selena has been the closest thing to Bruce’s “true love.” However, their romance is full of lies, false promises and unspoken feelings. The general public knows a lot about a romantic relationship but is doomed to fail; However, many of the details are only known to old comic book fans.

They look more similar than you think

Batman and the cat are one of the most important relationships in Batman Comic books. Their best stories showcase them for finding common ground due to their striking similarities. Both are deeply flawed and hurt people who think they are better off on their own and who actively push those they care about away.

In most of his original stories, Batman inspires the criminal character of Catwoman. Both characters have varying mental issues, explored in the 1992 sequel to Tim Burton, Batman Returns. Ironically, the similarities between Batman and Catwoman are also the hurdle that separates them, with both admitting that their trust issues are too severe to allow for a healthy relationship.

complicated love life

In most versions of Bruce’s story, Selina Kyle is his main love interest. He also has a signature love story with Talia Al Ghoul. In fact, Bruce, Selena, and Talia make up one of the most popular love triangles in the comics. Batman has other relationships, including a romance with Wonder Woman, but Selena and Talia are his most common partners.

For her part, Selena has an equally narrow love life. She has two significant love interests in the comics alongside Batman: Slam Bradley, an undercover cop, and Eiko Hasewa, the heir to a Japanese crime family. At one point, she also had a short relationship with Nightwing, but the less talked about that particular story, the better.

They’ve been engaged multiple times

Throughout their history together, Batman and Catwoman have gone through several commitments. Some failed, but a few ended up getting married. The first time they became engaged was during the Golden Age, when she was under the false identity of Elva Barr, and Bruce was only dating her to confirm his suspicions that she was Catwoman. This particularly problematic story got worse, given that Bruce was dating Linda Page at the time.

In Earth-2, Bruce and Selina marry, have a daughter and live happily ever after until death do them part. in Tom King New birth Running in, Prime Earth Bruce and Selina become engaged and married, which leads to a bittersweet but satisfying ending.

Catwoman Could Be Batman’s First Fighter Enemy

Batman has a famous rogue gallery full of cool villains. Catwoman is one of his most frequent enemies, and she may be the first to ever fight. During Frank Miller’s primary story, Batman: 1 yearBruce Wayne first goes on a surveillance mission without his Batman costume.

While in Gotham’s red-light district, he meets teenage prostitute Holly Robinson and turns down her proposals. This leads to a fight where Dominatrix ends up fighting Selina Kyle. They impress each other with their abilities, but the fight ends when the police shoot him, and take him away.

Catwoman once stole Bruce’s Batmobile

by Tom King Batman run depicts the early days of the relationship between Batman and Catwoman in Annual Batman #2. In the story, Catwoman breaks into the Batcave, steals the Batmobile, drives through Gotham, and smashes it into a convenience store. This begins a cat-and-mouse game between her and Batman, culminating in a confession of love in her apartment.

Batman and Catwoman get to know each other through their many interactions in the story, and understand how similar they are. They help each other break down their walls, and get to a place where they enter into a committed and honest relationship.

heart of silence

Fans generally consider Silence One of the best Batman arcs of the 2000s. Honorary villain Hush returned in 2008 heart of silence Scenario, association with Tear Batman It happened. Batman targets again, focusing on those close to him. He kidnaps the catwoman, surgically removes her heart, and leaves her connected to a heart-lung machine.

As far as silly stories go, this is one of Batman’s worst culprits. However, it does allow for some exploration of Bruce’s notoriously damaged psyche. Selena recovers and Bruce reconfirms his love for her, but his need to get revenge on Hush once again provokes a rift between them.

Helen Wayne

Batman and the Cat have a daughter on Earth 2, Helena Wayne. She trains with her father to succeed him, even becoming one of many heroes to take on the mantle of Robin. Helena witnesses her father’s death when the building he was in explodes.

She ended up stuck in Prime Earth after entering the Boom Tube alongside Supergirl. There, she steals money from Wayne Enterprises and lives with Kara. She eventually took on the role of Huntress, becoming the first DC heroine to operate under that identity.

Fear brings them together

at The brave and bold #197, a dying Bruce Wayne begins writing his autobiography. He declares the chapter detailing his relationship with Selena to be the most important and tells how the two fell in love. During a battle against the Scarecrow, Batman is affected by the villain’s fear gas. He goes in search of Catwoman and asks for her help in tracking down the Scarecrow.

While investigating, Batman and Catwoman connect and realize that they are remarkably similar. They eventually confess their identities to each other and enter into a relationship. The story states that the two remained together until her death, and Bruce wrote in his autobiography how he remembers her “full of love and joy.”

Rooftops in place

during New birthAfter briefly renouncing the Catwoman character, Selena reprized the role and was arrested for the murder of two hundred terrorists. Batman gets involved, determined to prove his innocence. He managed to get her out of prison for one night to help her with one of her missions.

After completing the task, Batman and Catwoman spend one “final” night together, even having sex on the roof of a house. In the end, Pat discovers that the cat took responsibility for the murders to save her friend Holly Robinson. Selena’s loyalty to Holly prevents her from purging, but she knows that Batman will never rest until he proves his innocence.

From the first kiss to the last

kings Annual Batman #2 It shows readers a future in which Batman and Catwoman marry, have a child, Helena, and settle down. The story presents them as an elderly couple when they receive a fatal diagnosis. The case chronicles their last days together and explores Selena’s grief and resignation at his loss.

In a defining nod to Batman’s prevailing reputation, Bruce mentions in this story that there was likely a timeline in which Selena never married and was left single and lonely, obsessed with his mission. At the end of the issue, Bruce dies, surrounded by Selina and the other members of the Pat family. She said goodbye, saying, “Goodnight, Pat. I love you.” Then I found a note inside the Batmobile that read, “I love you too, Kat. From first kiss to last.” It’s a nice way to end the romance of Batman and the woman and it’s one of the few cases where their story ends with a definite end.

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